Update Notes: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Fixed an issue where NPC death animations would not play correctly.

    Harrow's End
    Fixed an issue that was caused by players reviving before the encounter tried to teleport them out of the room. Drinal should now teleport players who are far away from him when he begins his fight instead of teleporting players after the encounter resets.

    Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted and Royal Palace ofErudin
    Respawning NPCs in these zones will no longer give out XP, treasure loot, or corpse loot.

    Wurmbone’s End [Advanced Solo]
    Necromunger Garrkk’s adds come much slower and move much slower, so they are easier to avoid until they dissolve.

    Vasty Deep
    When fighting the Queen, mercenaries should now get the buff from Delanus.

    Throne of Fear [Advanced Solo]
    Baelon's Health has been increased.

    Altar of Abhorrence
    Baroddas and Baelon should no longer drop their chest high up in the air. Instead it should spawn on a nearby player.

    Fixed a bug where some spells would proc off multiattacks when they should not.

    Protective Aura no longer makes a player stand up when sitting.

    Zek's Hoop of Concentrated Convergence effect should now stack with all other effects.
    Tokens found in Chains of Eternity heroic dungeons should now only consume the token being examined rather than consuming all tokens on person or in the shared bank.

    Obol Plains
    Soul Provider: You are no longer personally required to kill the two Rallosian taskmasters guarding the enslaved Wayward before freeing them.

    Romantic Flower Petals collection - spawn points have been moved further away from interactive doors in Qeynos.
    Hearts a'Flutter - The Essence of Erollisi primary spawn regions in Antonica and Commonlands have been adjusted in an effort to lower the chance that the essences will spawn under boulders or behind the scoreboard.
    Shard of Love: Weeding Corruption & Shard of Love: Seeding Corruption - Players of all level ranges now have the same chance of obtaining Love Loot (candies and love notes).

    Vitality will now be consumed while doing a Dungeon Maker dungeon.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.