Update Notes: Tuesday February 11, 2020

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    • Xavi in Aurelian Coast should now allow tradeskillers to properly turn in all requisitions.

    • Fixed an issue where leaving a house was not properly displaying all linked houses in the selection window.

    • Pink Vesspyr Bloom - House item now stacks.
    • Frosted Marble Statue of the Sisterhood - House item now stacks.
    • Dark Marble Statue of the Sisterhood - House item now stacks.
    • The Grace of Norrath and Fount of Power buffs will prevent consumption of food or drink.
    • Dal'secur Haillet will no longer display armor listings that do not match the specific armor patterns in the characters inventory.

    • The appropriate mobs in the Solo and Heroic versions of the Sanctus Seru, and Fordel Midst dungeons now have a chance to drop Erollisi Love Loot (candies and love notes).
    • The Erollisi Day Overseer quests (AKA Smitten Pirate line) offered by Sister Marinah Highgleam should now be able to be repeated more consistently, while the event is active.


    • A Mercenary's rarity is now visible in the Mercenary Window.
    • Mousing over a mercenary in your list will now show a tooltip with more information about that mercenary.

    • Corrected an issue with daily and weekly mission quests not rotating as they should.

    • Ruins of Ssraeshza [Heroic and Solo]
      • Collision has been removed from the ramp wheel within The Python's Coil (after defeating Gorgorah the Shadowmanic) to prevent being dragged into the floor and into the unknown.
    • Pets should gain immunity against the effects of Mortal Feast in Planes of Prophecy and Chaos Descending solo zones.
    • The Venom of Ssraeshza [Heroic]
      • Rhag'Voreth's "Lashing" type damage has been reduced.
      • Rhag'Voreth's curse, Into the Grey, in challenge, can now be cured while swimming.
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