Update Notes: Tuesday December 6, 2016

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  1. Bunji Developer

    • The method for gaining available ascension experience has changed! Based on feedback, you now gain available ascension experience similar to how vitality is gained, about 20,000 per hour online or offline. Additionally, you can acquire items that further increase that amount instantly, up to a maximum of 7,000,000. Members get a 20% bonus to all guided ascension experience earned, the guild buff for level 200+ guilds grants a 10% bonus and you get a 100% bonus for each ascension class of level 10.
    • Guided Ascension scrolls now directly modify the amount of guided ascension experience the character has available.
    • All characters that have at least one level of ascension have been granted four Guided Ascension scrolls to address the loss of Guided Ascension experience some characters experienced with the spell buffs.

    • Shady Swashbuckler is now offering Dread's Visage of Greenmist or Fear's Visage of Greenmist to those who have completed "Kunark Ascending: A Chosen Weapon" but have since lost the weapon.

    Crypt of Dalnir: Baron's Workshop
    • The junction box lever should no longer get small characters stuck on it after being pulled.

    Lost City of Torsis: The Spectral Market [Heroic]
    • Neh'Ashiir should now be heroic instead of epic X2. This only applies to the non-challenge version of the zone.

    Lost City of Torsis: Reaver's Remnants [Heroic]
    • Ongnissim the Unseen has had his health reduced to more manageable levels.

    • Converge and Boon of the Damned no longer share the same spell slot, and can now both benefit the same target.
    • Swarthy Deception may now be cast on raid or group friends, and will stack with from multiple casters.
    • Enhance: Reinforcement will now improve duration as well as reuse speed.
    • Hateful Respite will now trigger its threat component instantly, and the threat component is applied over time.

    • Twark Teleport Totem now takes you slightly behind Glibnox's platform rather than on top of it.
    • one of the possible spawn locations of chokidai droppings is no longer inaccessible.
    • Far Seas Harvest Technique will now grant a small bonus to rare harvest chance.
    • Characters without the Far Seas Harvest Technique ability will no longer be able to see shadeweave buds.
    • Far Seas Salvager now grants a chance to double salvage.

    • Guided Ascension scrolls may now be claimed every 22 hours from your Ascension Master.
    • Guided Ascension scrolls are now no-value.
    • Undead Monster Tome - Item is no longer Lore.
    • The Obulus Frontier Garden is now no-value.
    • Wands will no longer lie to you about needing to be 65535 meters away to fire.
    • Multiple items in Shard of Hate have been updated to offer better progression for tank classes.

    • A Mist Call - Advisor Vrizsril no longer acts on a loop, spawning and then running down the hall.
    • Find Sethis Kai - Sethis Kai should no longer find himself in the river below.
    • Shade of the First Brood - Herald of Ganak should no longer drop below his observing point above the Field of Bone.

    Fixed a bug where characters who had wardrobe items would not export properly to census.
  2. Caith Developer

    • Corrected the issue with Dread's Visage of Greenmist being marked no-zone.
    • Smoothed out the potency progression of raid accessories.

    • All old ascension scrolls have been reverted back to granting 1,000,000 Guided Ascension xp, new scrolls from the masters grant 500,000.
  3. Caith Developer

    Some notes that were missed in this mornings patch notes.

    • Shoulder the Burden will now grants both a group and single target version.
    • Coerced Protection will grant further protection to Possessed Essence.
    • Personae Wall will grant further protection to Personae Reflection.
    • Removed the stance restriction from spells granted by Litany of Combat.
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