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    Set Access now works with storage containers for the purpose of withdrawing items from the containers. Deposit remains open to all.
    Storage containers will now show the minimum level to use an item instead of the item level if there is one specified.
    You can now use the Deposit All button on depots to deposit every valid component from your bags.
    The maximum number of different resources that you can store in a Guild Harvest Depot has been increased from 200 to 1000.
    The maximum number of items in a single depot stack has been increased from 20,000 to 99,999.
    Several new Depots have been added as guild amenities! Check the “Depot” tab in your guildhall amenity list for details.

    Avatars should drop the rare mount Cevern Vastspan again.

    Sleeper's Tomb: Unearthed
    The fragments used to spawn the various Eidolons should now be fabled instead of treasured.

    Obol Plains
    Larissa Balatore <Banker> and Darius Barone <Broker> should no longer disappear or become un-targetable in Cardin Ward.

    Harrow's End [Raid]
    Oligar of the Dead's statue should no longer despawn while the encounter is still active.
    Corrected an issue where Drinal would sometimes not drop items in his chest correctly.
    Corrected an issue where Drinal would not use his abilities for the first half of the fight.
    Drinal’s chest should now spawn near the exit object at the top of his lift instead of spawning at his feet.
    Gehein adds that spawn during the Drinal encounter should no longer be grayed out.

    Wurmbone Crag/Wurmbone’s End [Solo]
    Vicious Gutting has had its reuse increased to 45 seconds from 22 seconds and it no longer dazes target. Monsters should now use it half as often.

    The Tame Insect Warder spell is no longer Fabled, and should be able to be scribed by anyone who completes the quest. Shady Swashbuckler has the spell for anyone who might have finished the quest but wasn't able to get the spell.

    T10 white adornments now have a level requirement of 90 instead of 91.
    The names on some armor sold by Drinal's Steward have been slightly changed depending on the classes that can wear them.
    Reforging and repairing costs have lowered for all gear sold by Drinal's Steward.
    Choosing to be sent to The Fearcreep via the Drinalian Whisper Column will now properly send you to The Fearcreep.

    The level 95, Gorowyn, version of A Gigglegibber’s Work Is Never Done (by a Gigglegibber) should now properly complete in Gorowyn.

    There are now blue feathers to tell you when a group member needs the respective mobs for a quest they are tracking.
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