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    The Channeler Epic Quest is now available for all level 95 Channelers.

    Vesspyr Isles
    Zaszae's Armor Exchange in the Falinpol area of Vesspyr Isles will allow you to convert any Cryptic, Arcane, or Potent armor that has not been upgraded with a gemstone into a Token specific to that tier and slot. Seven of these tokens can then be used to purchase a piece of armor from Zaszae.
    Anex and Onerind Fe'Dhar in Vesspyr Isles no longer turn toward players hailing them.

    Accursed Sanctum (Raid)
    The tomes unlocked around the zone should be available again after the player using the ability leaves the zone.
    The Legionnaires should more predictably cast their respective curses.
    The legionnaire curses now persist through death.

    Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice
    Kigara and Kelana should no longer summon players when they are able to chase them.
    Derig's adds have had their health reduced but also must now be killed in a timely manner.
    Fireshots in the Grendish encounter have had their outgoing damage reduced and now hover closer to the ground.
    Winter Juggernauts in the Grendish encounter must now be killed in a timely manner.

    When Grendish is defeated the door to the second wing should be opened!

    Icy Keep (Frostfell)
    Vrewwx should no longer gate progression if killed.

    Dragon Alternate Advancements that prevent the death of the caster no longer gain additional triggers from Time Warp.

    All mercenaries can now be resummoned after 60 seconds from when they were last suspended. This includes normal and rare mercenaries.

    The following armor pieces can now be converted using Champion's Conversion Charm:
    Champion's Wurmhide Tunic of Finesse
    Champion's Voidplate Spaulders of Reflexes

    Rune: Health and Ethereal Rune: Health will now grant a stamina bonus instead of Hit Points.
    TempleNecrovatis now correctly set as a ceiling house item.
    SwingingTempleLampis now correctly set as a ceiling house item.
    Collectables from the Poisoned Blue collection have been renamed to be more broker friendly.

    In Gnip Gnopp's Gizmo Shop - breaking the boards now has sound support.
    Frostfell Soup Tureen - Is now spelled correctly.
    Cheery chest in Timorous Deep now respawns at the same rate as the others.
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