Update Notes: Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Kralet Penumbra
    Reduced the random chance to get multiple scouts in Kralet Penumbra encounters which will reduce the overall amount Dark Assault is being cast.

    Kralet Penumbra: Tepid Depths
    Reduced the damage on Mental Detonation and Aberrant Assault. Lowered spell dps on Mind-Rippers and Spell-Eaters.

    Maldura: Algorithm For Destruction [Agnostic]
    Electro-charged reinforcements now drop electro-charged batteries.
    X-O Arachmech now drops an X-Electro-charged battery.

    Maldura: Bhoughbh’s Folly [x2 Raid]
    When speaking to Bhoughbh to turn in his requested items the quest “G.W.A. Gnemlin With Attitude” should update for all members of the raid.

    Maldura: Forge of Ashes [Raid]
    Kyrus will no longer death touch players who are returning to collect their soul shard.
    The Forge Golem has been increased in difficulty.

    Penumbra: The Hive Mind [Raid]
    The Psionists have had their time limit fixed. They should end the encounter if not defeated within 25 mins.
    Players can no longer Drag the Well of Power.
    Sath’Oprusk’s Shambleshank ability should be much more deadly, if not handled properly.
    The Polliwog’s “Bring about a Plague” and “Bring about an Affliction” should now be correctly ensuring that the same target does not get the effect repeatedly without causing consequences.
    Deaths from the Polliwog’s adds should now count toward the Polliwog’s death limit.

    Ancient's Leather Mantle is now a proper shoulder item.
    Forge Fire Flask and Tri Leaf Clove may now be salvaged.
    Hunter's Trinket will now cast its effect.
    The damage reduction from Channeled Redirection will no longer stack with itself.
    Practiced Power will now correctly apply when equipped.

    You should no longer receive failure messages from timed quests after leaving Thalumbra unless the quests are active.
    Leech Liberator can now be completed.
    Angry rock eaters will now only notify the player they're actually angry at.
    The number of creatures required to complete Cathedral Sweep in Kralet Penumbra: Temple of the Ill-Seen has been reduced.
    Increased the number of mushroom caps that spawn in the water for Swimming For Shrooms.
    Corrected an issue with several timed quests in Thalumbra that prevented them from being repeated.
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Not open for further replies.