Update Notes: Tuesday April 9, 2019

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  1. Bunji Developer

    • Kabcar Trapitsa <Sootfoot Family Favor Vendor> has been reminded how much the Drakota Bone Trophy, Lava Blossom, and Lava Crystal are worth. He is willing to sell them, once more!

    Sundered Frontier
    • Hua Mein house items can once again be purchased from Ra'di in the Hua Mein village.

    • Pets can once again be purchased from Mulka the Skinner.

    The Anchorage
    • Roped Stage Curtain, Stage Curtain, Stage Hanging Curtain Top, and Mischievous Drooping Curtains have had their status cost removed to purchase.
    • Researchers who were incorrectly displaying their ranks as "Rank II" should now show their correct rank.

    Awuidor: The Adumbral Depths [Contested Raid]
    • Spawn timers have been reworked to prevent timers from becoming stuck if someone remains within the zone for long periods of time. Please use /bug for any issues encountered.
    • The Conch shell for the Kraken encounter can no longer be interacted with from outside of the Kraken encounter.

    Eryslai: Empyrean Steppes [Raid]
    • The Avatars of Air should no longer check for the balancing of their health during their encounter.

    • Increased the harvesting stats granted by Brightfire, Essence of Arcanna'se to 80.
    • Corrected an issue that caused item leveling to not apply to all primary attributes evenly.
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