Update Notes: Thursday October 22, 2020

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    • Corrected the required expansion, stats, and minimum level to equip for the following The Shadow Odyssey items: Belittling Sabatons, Boots of Disparaging Days, Breastplate of the Burning Dead, Chainlink Coif of Pure Darkness, Charred Deep Forge Greaves, Charred Deep Forge Leggings, Charred Deep Forge Legplates, Chestplate of the Burning Dead, Cinder Step Boots, Darkened Flesh Skull Wrap, Darkened Gauntlets of Disdain, Darkflame Chestplate of the Black, Darkflame Links of Dismay, Darkflame Tunic of Decay, Darkness Imbued Barbute, Death Drenched Leggings, Death Drenched Shawl, Defiled Coif of the Befallen, Demonic Boots of Recovery, Demonic Footwraps of Recovery, Demonic Sabatons of Recovery, Fallen Knight's Spaulders, Feasting Flesh Legplates, Feasting Flesh Legwraps, Feasting Flesh Pants, Flame Licked Enforcer Coif, Flame Licked Enforcer Helm, Flame Licked Enforcer Skullcap, Flamelicked Sabatons, Fleshwrapped Bracers, Fleshwrapped Gloves, Fleshwrapped Leggings, Fleshwrapped Sandals, Frost Tempered Steel Sabatons, Frostbitten Chain Boots, Gauntlets of the Three, Glancing Bracers of Darklinks, Gloves of Perception, Helm of Impending Darkness, Legplates of Hardened Bone, Maledictive Barbute of the Deathknight, Master's Gauntlets, Preserved Tundra Leather Boots, Sabatons of Hardened Bone, Sandals of the Scholar, Singed Leather Boots, Skullcap of Bellowing Darkness, Spiked Bracers of Darkness, Spiked Gauntlets of Chill, Tunic of the Burning Dead, Vashotan Acolyte's Boots, Vashotan Acolyte's Chain Helm, Vashotan Battlepriest's Helm, Vashotan Battlepriest's Tonlets, Vashotan Neonate's Boots, Vashotan Neonate's Skullcap, Woven Links of the Dark.
    • Updated the following quest rewards to fall within appropriate progression: Blades of Torment, In Honor of the Fallen, Removing the Heads of State, Elemental Studies, Conquering the Elements, Knowledge Through Experimentation, Bringing It All Together, Knowledge through Necromancy, A Potion Remedy, Ruined Teleporter, More than Meets the Eye, Confusion is the Key, One Final Task, Plots Within Plots, Ramp Up the Adventure, Passing the Stones, Back to the Caves, Remnants of the Present, A Mineral to Guide By, Driven into the Flames!, Out of Her Element..., Hook, Line, and... Anchor?, Crystal Replacement, Seepage is Never Good, No More Barrier... Right?, Elemental Mystery, Barred No More, Kaedrin Ironforge's Trial

    • The Not So Nice Yet Accurate Prophecies of Beckah Stormsong - Lusiri A'Fahmi will now continue her conversation and offer this quest, even for those who completed "The Fallen Swords: Mystery in the Shadows".

    • Updated most encounter cast percentage based damage or heal abilities to no longer be modified by potency.
    • Ykesha's Inner Stronghold
      • a ykeshan guardian base hit points decreased to 3,089,145
      • a ykeshan conscript base hit points decreased to 2,893,167
      • Takla base hit points increased to 6,516,450
      • Ykulka base hit points increased to 7,489,054
      • an unstable minion base hit points decreased to 204,402
    • Tomb of the Mad Crusader
      • Captain Ikalus base hit points increased to 41,013,728
      • Senior Loyalist Tilas base hit points increased to 29,058,724
      • a thet disciple base hit points decreased to 277,898
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