Update Notes: Thursday March 9, 2017

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  1. Bunji Developer

    • Corrected an issue with expert zone encounter mitigation where it was not applying the full mitigation package for some encounters.

    • Corrected an issue that caused all players zoning into the Crypt of Dalnir: The Kly Stronghold [Expert-Raid] and Arcanna'se Spire: Order and Chaos [Expert-Raid] to be put into their own instance.
    • Xalgoz should no longer cast his heals during the few seconds he is looking for a new target.
    • Boss progression in expert raid zones have become a bit more strict. For example, the first boss needs to be defeated before raiders can fight second boss, etc.

    Crypt of Dalnir: The Kly Stronghold [Raid]
    • Danariun, the Crypt Keeper should now correctly apply his buff "Gathering of Bones" in both normal and expert versions of the encounter.

    Ward of Elements
    • Captain Grush will now properly take full elemental and arcane damage when using his corresponding resistance buffs.

    Crypt of Dalnir: Ritual Chamber [All Versions]
    • Glacial Freeze should no longer cause Rector Droz'Kzar to remain immune to damage for the duration of the fight.

    Arcanna'se Spire: Vessel of the Sorceress [Expert Event]
    • The Armor of Sul should have buffs appropriate for an expert-level zone.

    Kaesora: Tomb of the Venerated [Expert Event]
    • Chatizad and Zannaska now walk the walk and talk the... they still don't talk. They also have proper buffs for an expert-level zone.

    Lost City of Torsis: The Shrouded Temple [Event Heroic & Expert Event]
    • The Mist Reaver's ability, Power Overload, now correctly converts the cost of its targets' spells from power to health.

    Crypt of Dalnir: Wizard's Den [All Versions]
    • Nazkra's Legion's Sacrifice will now lay waste to groups who allow it to reach 50 increments.

    • A number of Ward of Elements related quests in Lavastorm have had their rewards updated with proper stats and level requirements.
    • Shields and symbols sold by Awnya N'Kval in Lavastorm now list the correct item in their purchase price.
    • Mitigation values on the Lava Lotus set from Ward of Elements have been adjusted up slightly to match the set's place in gear progression.
    • A number of items in Kurn's Tower, Ward of Elements, and Emperor's Atheneum have been set to the correct Legendary or Fabled tag.
    • Corrected an issue with expert armor patterns that prevented the contents from being granted.
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