Update Notes: Thursday July 7, 2016

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    Veeshan's Peak, Chamber of Destiny, and Venril's Lair no longer require flagging to enter if on a non-TLE server.

    Stygian Threshold [Heroic] and [Agnostic]
    Killing either of the two fairies, Diurna or Nocturna, while they are casting their shield spell will no longer keep the remaining fairy invulnerable for the remainder of the fight.

    Maldura: District of Ash [All Versions]
    Gavitzle will always retreat regardless of the rate of damage inflicted upon him.

    Raid encounters in Kunark which were previously invulnerable can once again be damaged.

    Agnostic Zones
    Corrected an issue that gave some agnostic zones a much higher than intended experience point bonus.
    Corrected several issues with agnostic encounter difficulty that caused some encounters to die instantly, or be more difficult then intended.

    Reduced the amount of benefit swarm pets gain from potency, crit bonus, and fervor buffs.

    Four new charm recipes have been added to the Deepforge Advanced Jewelry recipe book.

    Ebik's Missing Parts - Ebik Wobblecog now offers his quest.
    Ritual of Bone - Dialogue between Osh and Nika should now progress normally.
    The quests, "Spirit Hunting" and "99 Bottles of Rum on the Wall," can now be removed from your quest journal by speaking with an escaped fabled spirit sitting atop a unicorn's rump getting drunk off of cheap Far Seas wine near Jerol in The Village of Shin.

    Tradable infusers may now be added into adornment depots.

    The guild hall amenity Scroll Depot is now classified as a depot in the amenity menu.
    Large guildhalls may now purchase a druid portal hireling without the added druid rings. The druid portal hireling with standing stone ring has been renamed to druid ring hireling.

    The Avatar of Growth should no longer heal for quite as much when a death occurs.
    Reduced the amount of potency and spell double attack chance that primary pets receive from buffs and owner stat sharing.
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