Update Notes: Thursday January 5, 2017

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  1. Bunji Developer

    • Added Resolve as a searchable stat on the broker.
    • Fixed a bug where switching your warder in the warder UI would not update the abilities displayed.
    • Fixed an issue where tool-tip information would not display correctly on some Deity abilities above rank 12.

    • Adds for Captain Vhankmin and Tabor'Zaai should now despawn when the encounter is defeated.

    Arcanna'se Spire: Order and Chaos [Raid]
    • Once Shanaira the Prestigious has been triggered, the phoenix statue can no longer be interacted with.
    • All achievements related to Shanaira the Prestigious have been reset.

    • Corrected an issue with the damage formula for Ethershadow Assassin that allowed it to hit for ludicrous amounts of damage.
    • Corrected the description of Awakened Enlightenment to display the correct Thaumaturgist enhancement to Withering. This is a display change only.
    • Removed the ability for some damage reflect abilities from to critically apply, including Bulwark of Rime, Faith, Illusory Barrier, and Divine Light.
    • Increased the AoE arc of Fusion to 120 degrees.
    • Increased the max number of targets of Fusion to 8.
    • Characters may now only benefit from in combat global reuse clearing effects once every 120 seconds.
    • Slightly reduced Swarm pet damage.

    • Word of The Kly will now display its activated effect.
    • Collectible item "Fraudulent Gem Pouch" is now spelled correctly.
    • Collectible item "Workman's Metallic Crumb" is now spelled correctly.
    • Polished Turtle Shell Buckler is now spelled correctly.
    • Nightmarish Goo-covered Axe is now spelled correctly.
    • Diamond Rod and Shard of Hate now have white adornment slots.

    • Ritual of Bone - The conversion between Osh and Nika will no longer end abruptly.
    • A Fated Confrontation will now update when returning to Lachlyn Cauldthorn.
    • Strashka <Solo and Advanced Solo Missions> in Obulus Frontier will now grant the mission, "Long Live the Emperor!" if you choose the "gimme all the quests!" dialogue option, but only if you qualify for that quest.
    • Awakening Bonds: Forks in the Road - Those who are already fighting corruption manifestations can no longer spawn additional manifestations by cleansing the jeweler's items again.
    • Curse of the Magic Thief - The Blackscale rune cube can now be found in a secondary location.
    • The Never Ending Mending of a Broken Land no longer has an 18 hour timer.
    • Curse of the Magic Thief - Sigil of Krakatus now also drops in an instance.

    • Dracurion stoneweavers and infiltrators will now adjust their health to compensate for the number of participants engaging The Iksar Hero.
    • Reduced the damage from several scripted abilities in public quests, public quest encounter hit points have been adjusted to compensate.

    Weapons placed in your Wardrobe that have Reforge Decorations or Experimented Effects on them will now keep their particle effect.

    Fixed an issue where entering / exiting the Battleground server would cause mercenary gear to vanish.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.