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    The Fabled Sanctum of the Scaleborn

    The Fabled Den of the Devourer
    The Fabled Halls of Fate
    The Fabled Vaults of El'Arad

    The Fabled Laboratory of Lord Vyemm
    The Fabled Mutagenic Outcast
    The Fabled Three Princes

    Updated sorting order of the Guild Event Filters in the guild window.
    A “Reset All” button has been added to the Persistent Instances tab of the Zones window.

    City Sages now have the book "Order of the Frozen Wastes" available.

    Vesspyr Isles
    The stat gains from “Ethereal Ties” is now only applied to players that are within Vesspyr Isles.
    Killing Draazak will now remove the "Ethereal Ties" buff gained from spawning Draazak.
    You can no longer add items to trigger Draazak if you have anyone in your raid that has killed him in the last week.

    Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice
    The teleporter after Andreis the Culler should now put players in the correct location.
    Executioner adds in the Derig encounter should no longer stick around once they have been killed.
    Standardized the maximum amount of time between waves in the Commanders ring event.
    Aerakyn commanders have had their health adjusted.
    Waves in the Commanders ring event should spawn immediately after the previous wave has been defeated or the maximum amount of time has elapsed.
    The Commanders ring event should no longer reset if it kills a player without attempting to defeat the rest of the raid force.
    Caden and Keplin no longer heal up after one of them has been slain.
    Added a description text for the spell "Dragoon’s Teamwork".
    Rarthek will no longer hit players with Razor Swift Claws if they have Armor Crack currently on them.
    Kigara and Kelana should no longer keep their damage shields once the other has been slain.
    The Winter Juggernaut that spawns on the first platform in the Grendish encounter should have the same amount of health as the other Winter Juggernauts in the encounter.
    Andreis the Culler should no longer summon sacrifices of bone more than intended.
    Andreis the Culler’s “Bone Rot” spell now has an updated description.

    The Alternate Advancement "Berserk" has been renamed to "Forced Berserk."

    Updated icons on all item upgraders.
    Increased the base mitigation values on all Energized and Mystical armor sets by 4%.
    Added a Fractured Potent Conversion Stone that will convert any Potent item with 3 or more filled gem slots to a single Fractured Red Gemstone.
    A Fractured Red Gemstone is now available from the etyma merchant in Vesspyr Isles; this item can be used to upgrade any of your energized raid armor.
    Corrected an issue where attempting to reforge or restore the reforging on an item in an appearance slot would result in a "No such item" error.

    Around Their Necks - Journal now says, "Return the dragon scales to someone in theVillageofAlivan".
    CampDefense- Deleting the quest now removes "a pile of driftwood" from the player's inventory.
    A Mind of My Own - Quest journal now specifies "Yapsnarl kobold" as the targets for the Bowl of Terratrodder Chuck.
    Passage to the Isle of Zek - Quest journal now specifies "...using the world bell at the Steppes dock."
    To Speak as a Dragon - Provided map markers for appropriate quest steps.
    Down the Drain... - Provided map markers for appropriate quest steps.
    Strange Occurrences - Provided map markers for appropriate quest steps.
    The Spread of Undeath - Provided map markers for appropriate quest steps.
    Spreading the Cure - Provided map markers for appropriate quest steps.
    Once in Life as Well in Undeath - Provided map markers for appropriate quest steps.
    GriffinFeathers - Rewards the tailored canvas sash, as intended.
    Retrieve the Supplies - Map quest marker has been adjusted for the correct mist grinnin.
    Call a Priest! - Quest icons are now only on the possessed citizens of "Big Bend: Sanctum of Spirits" as intended.
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