Update Notes: Thursday, August 6, 2015

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Fixed a display issue where starting equipment was not showing correctly during character create.
    Fixed an issue where some nameplates would show incorrect names.

    Time-Locked Servers
    Fixed an issue where the house item edit mode wheel was not responding.

    Time-Locked PvP
    PvP kills will now reduce faction with city guards.
    Guards in city zones will now assist citizens in PvP if that citizen is attacked while in proximity of the guard.

    PvP General
    Guards in City Zones will now come to players’ aid in PvP combat more often. If a guard, in a city zone, AKA carnage flag zone, witnesses any hostile act against a player of his or her city faction they will assist that player.
    NOTE: Guards in non-city zones such as Antonica and Commonlands are not affected. Only in city zones like Halas and Darklight Woods.

    Fixed a bug where all of your tradeskill abilities would be greyed out when you start tradeskilling.
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