Update Notes - September 13, 2022

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    • The first expansion for EverQuest II launches today on Varsoon! Return to the Island of Ro, the heart of the Dervish Empire, and the City of Maj'Dul, the jewel of the desert. Experience this land rich with magic, adventure, and intrigue! The warring courts of Maj’Dul, the machinations of the Djinn Master, the glory of the Shimmering Citadel, the mystery of the forgotten goddess, the horrors of the Silent City. It all awaits you across the Sea of Sand in the Desert of Flames.
    • The Fabled Kurn's Tower [x2 Raid]
      • Corrected a bug that could cause the stacking base population buff, Gleaming the Void, to increment if killed while under a control effect or killed shortly after a control effect is broken.
    • Castle Vacrul: Haunting Presence [Raid]
      • Lord Mayong Mistmoore will no longer apply the "Focused Strategy" incremented buff unless there are less than 20 players attempting to engage him.
      • Zoning into a new instance should now only require 1 player with access to enter.
    • General
      • Corrected an issue where the pet idle check would sometimes initialize too early.
      • The pet idle check should no longer be called while the owner is flying.
    • Shaman
      • Corrected an issue with Totemic Protection that caused it to use a percentage value and thus overrun the max integer and deal damage if the target of a heal was a charmed creature.
      • If the target of Totemic Protection is a pet, it will now use the caster's maximum health to calculate the max hit that the target could take.
    • Swashbuckler
      • Corrected a bug that prevented Reach from functioning in PVP combat.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented Elemental Manifestation from triggering effects.
    • Monolithic Gear reward bags are now spelled correctly.
    • Curated Pauldrons Wagered - Pauldron appearance is now shoulders, as intended.
    • Items found in Myths and Monoliths content are no longer unnecessarily designated Lore and should be properly transmutable.
    • Serialized Trade Restriction dates will will now be displayed on all items that have them, even if that item is naturally Heirloom or No-Trade on their own.
    • The Damage Rating has been corrected for the following weapons:
      • Nexona's Blade of Bounding
      • Fabled Incandescent Blade
      • Fabled Dragonhawk
      • Fabled Nightmare Wraps
      • Fabled Hammer of Swirling Constellations
      • Xygoz's Tooth
      • Fabled Skygazer Recurve
      • Silvered Scale Club
      • Fabled Claw of the Skygazer
    • Guide Quest: The Assemblage of Magics - Journal text typo fixed.
    • Void-Touched Medallions - Collection name typo fixed.
    • Void-Touched Crystals - Collection name typo fixed.
    • Soggy Heirlooms - Defeating Lord Sasil now updates the part to retrieve a Sasil family artifact.
    • The tradeskill quest "Doors to Somewhere" has had the requested amount of adamantine ore increased by 1 so that it matches the amount of adamantine ore used during the quest series.
    • Vetrovian Provisioner (Rush Order) no longer mentions boggling burgers in any way.
    • Increased the combat mitigation of level 80 players in PVP combat.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.