Update Notes - October 25, 2022

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    • The achievement, Udder Contempt for Trophies, is no longer hidden, and is listed in your journal's Achievement tab within Dungeons > Planes of Prophecy.
    • Corrected a bug that prevented the Renewal of Ro Gift: 100% Experience and Vitality Potion, Renewal of Ro Gift: Character Slot Item, Renewal of Ro Gift: Level 120 Heroic Character Boost, Renewal of Ro Gift: Tradable Tradeskill Level 120 Boost from being claimed on qualified accounts.
    • The recipes for Fervent Faith VII (Ancient), Fanatical Healing XII (Ancient), Favor of the Wild X (Ancient), and Forest Spirit X (Ancient) now ask for correct ingredients.
    • Desert of Flames hunters mission's unlock on the Varsoon server.
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