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  1. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    • Stat bonuses from Heroic Focus should be retained across zone lines (for those zones where it qualifies).
    • Heroic Focus, from the Heroic Onslaught white adornment, now persists through death, and resets the duration to 4 hours from Buried Takish'Hiz: Empire of Antiquity [Heroic III] boss kills.
    • Titanious, Essence of Reviviscence will now drop four pieces of gear when defeated. Gear items dropped by Titanious, Essence of Reviviscence have been increased in power.
    • Corrected a bug that prevented Di'Zok Minion's Runes from being stackable.
    • Di'Zok Minion's poisons have had a typo in their name corrected.
    • Poppet's Rubber Ball of Ferocity - Item description spelling typo has been fixed.
    • The following Raid missions will now reward Empire of Antiquity Crate [Tier 12] instead of Renewal Crate [Tier 12] to adventurers who have NOT completed either Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] or Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid]:
      • Renewal of Ro I [Raid]
      • Renewal of Ro II [Raid]
      • Renewal of Ro III [Raid]
      • Renewal of Ro IV [Raid]
      • Renewal of Ro V [Raid]
    • The following items have been updated to reflect their intended progression:
      • Signet of the League Arcanists
      • Signet of the League Guardians
      • Bracelet of the Freethinking
      • Ring of the Freethinking
      • Wrist-band of the Freethinking
    • The following items can now be obtained as an additional drop from the boss encounters in Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum and from Contested Mayong Mistmoore:
      • Band of the Coven
      • Bejeweled Steel Wristlet
      • Black Silk Breeches
      • Black Silk Doublet
      • Black Silk Gloves
      • Black Silk Sleeves
      • Crumbled Shale Spaulders
      • Dark Kindred Hoop
      • Darkmetal Breastplate
      • Darkmetal Gauntlets
      • Darkmetal Legplates
      • Darkmetal Pauldrons
      • Fanged Lupine Hoop
      • Fine Steel Breastplate
      • Fine Steel Halberd
      • Redhaze Chain Gauntlets
      • Redhaze Chain Leggings
      • Redhaze Chain Shoulders
      • Redhaze Chain Tunic
      • Sash of the Spurned
      • Signet of the League Arcanists
      • Signet of the League Guardians
      • Twice-Traded Beads
    • The following items can now be obtained as an additional drop from boss encounters in Throne of New Tunaria:
      • Bangle of Polished Marble
      • Crystal Gift
      • Fae Wing Cloak
      • King's Tear
      • Ring of Tunarian Might
    • The following items can now be obtained as an additional drop from boss encounters in Freethinker Hideout:
      • Band of the Freethinking
      • Belt of the Freethinking
      • Bracelet of Binding Energy
      • Bracelet of the Freethinking
      • Bracers of Brawling
      • Bracers of Subjugation
      • Bracers of the Wise
      • Cap of the Dark Winds
      • Chaos-etched Mantle
      • Dark Stompers
      • Dreamer's Sash
      • Folded Steel Skewer
      • Gauntlets of the Pious
      • Gloves of Sagacity
      • Ring of the Freethinking
      • Shadow Strider Helm
      • Shoulderpads of the Wicked
      • Tower Shield of Strife
      • Wand of the Wicked
      • Wrist-band of the Freethinking
    • The following Medal rewards have been increased in power:
      • Conqueror of Renewal Greaves
      • Conqueror of Renewal Legguards
      • Conqueror of Renewal Legwraps
      • Conqueror of Renewal Pantaloons
      • Imperial Barbute of Antiquity
      • Imperial Bascinet of Antiquity
      • Imperial Cap of Antiquity
      • Imperial Helmet of Antiquity
      • Marauder's Masterful Tear
      • Unbounded Bracers of Titanious
      • Unbounded Cuffs of Titanious
      • Unbounded Wristbrace of Titanious
      • Unbounded Wristguards of Titanious
    • Mercenary Battalion buffs will now start granting bonuses on mercenaries that are unlocked to hire anywhere at rank 2. Contribution is still calculated from rank 5, 10, 20.
    • Corrected character owned mercenary exporting to census.
    • Player Mercenaries have undergone a full AI revamp. Mercenaries will now base how quickly they can react to combat based off of the rarity of the mercenary, and the mercenary's level, and in some cases the mercenary's class. For example, a healer is going to be faster reacting to healing needs.
    • Mercenaries now display all of their abilities on the mercenary tab.
    • Mercenaries will now attempt to cancel casting of abilities to cast certain high priority abilities, such as death prevents or resurrect spells. Mercenaries will only attempt to cancel an ability once every few seconds.
    • Mercenaries love their employer. Or at least want to continue getting paid by them, so will prioritize certain abilities onto the employer over others in the group, such as resurrect abilities.
    • Mercenaries with buffs, heals, and resurrect abilities should now more reliably use those heals while still actively engaging in mayhem.
    • Nothin' But Artifacts - There are now more faience amphorae, faience vases, and potsherd ostraca at any one time, and a higher chance they will spawn in areas populated with solo mobs in the Elddar Exchange.
    • Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil - The unnecessary and confusing reward item named ""Obulus Frontier" Access" has been removed.
    • Daily Desert: The Sacred Gift [Signature] - Quest journal text fix. Journal now correctly identifies the zone as "Buried Takish'Hiz".
    • Restoration and Reclamation - There are now more shattered Elddar artifacts at any one time, and a higher chance they will spawn in areas populated with solo mobs in the Elddar Exchange.
    • Epic Spell Quests should now update more frequently in raids.
    • Upper tier Artisan's Amalgamation recipes should now work as intended.
    • Crafting multiples of the Druid Ring Betting Tiles or Tower Stacked Betting Tiles no longer tells you that you are making tileses, precious!
    • The crafting instance for "Shipyard Services" now has a lockout timer of 90 minutes, to match the other Far Seas tradeskill mission instances.
    Buried Takish'Hiz: Empire of Antiquity [Contested]
    • Cure Curse should no longer be stuck in reuse during the encounter with Hakri Heartwood.
    • Entering the zone now places you off of the exit portal, making leaving the zone from said exit portal much easier.
    • Falling through the floor of Sanctum Arcanum, particularly by the lifts, will port you to the sanctum's entrance.
    • Hakri Heartwood's Burning Sensation ability now correctly applies to targets within range.
    • Fixed an errant cure message with one of Kragstag the Craggy's curses.
    • Detrimental state effects (fear, stifle, etc.) cast by the new thifling solo boss encounters within The Elddar Exchange will no longer affect mercenaries.
    • Bulbrusk the Bulbuous' mushroom adds have reduced health as more are spawned throughout the encounter.
    • Creatures that spawn in the Chamber of Reviviscence have had their respawn timers extended.
    • A new collection has been added for those who have completed the Spirits of Takish'Hiz collection.
    • Heroic blue and green shinies can now only be seen by the group that defeated the boss encounter that spawned them, should they meet other requirements for seeing them.
    Buried Takish'Hiz: Foundation of Knowledge [Heroic III]
    • The Key to Knowledge and The Delving Departed's adds have reduced health and respawn less often.
    Renewal of Ro Raids
    • Raid bosses across all raid zones have had their maximum health lowered based on average kill times.
    Takish Badlands: The Boundless Gulf [Raid]
    • Kiori should now heal and remove her invulnerability when one of her hatchlings are killed.
    • Freihdy Fuhngi should now spawn more often while the Huhmuhngus Fuhngus Amuhngus is engaged.
    Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid]
    • Taking the travel carpet from Scythe's boss area should no longer end where aggro creatures spawn nearby.
    Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid]
    • Chum puddle adds in the Lockmaw encounter should now spawn less often.
    Loping Plains
    • Golgumoth will now respawn after being exterminated.
    • Chog the Drooler should no longer respawn under the world.
    • The Pumpkin Headed Horseman will no longer allow those not engaged with him to manipulate his pumpkins.
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  2. Gninja Developer

    • The "Arcane Expertise I" raid rune should now drop at 100% from Nirag the Boundless.
    • The "Elemental Expertise I" raid rune should now drop at 100% from Beckut, the Mad Zealot.
    • The "Noxious Expertise I" raid rune should now drop at 100% from Scythe Rotgut.
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  3. Chrol Developer

    • All purple shiny pieces for the "Unburied Booty" collection are now no trade.
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