Update Notes - May 31, 2022

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    • Corrected the stats that were missing from Beloxx, the Undying on a Time-Locked server.
    • Bloodmetal Infusion will now grant Potency, instead of Potency Overcap, as Potency has no cap.
    • Collection pieces "Bad Blood" Romance Novel, "To Serve Pygmies" and "How to Fight Fire with Fire" have been renamed to: Bad Blood (Romance Novel), To Serve Pygmies (Novel) and Treatise: How to Fight Fire With Fire. This is to allow them to be searched for properly on the broker (which apparently dislikes double quotes).

    • "The Blackwater Mask" - Havras has learned that there is no need for a space BEFORE a period at the end of a sentence.
    • "The Scrivener's Tale: Animating the Inanimate" - progress text in the journal now properly spells the Woodworking table.
    • "Court of Truth: In the Name of Love" - Ayala is now able to more properly say the word "minutes".

    • The Merchant's Den [Heroic II]
      • Challenge Arachlord Dyrraga's Silk Road and Behind the Schemes will only drain power.
    • Lore & Legends Server
      • Nektropos Castle: The Return - The ghosts of Jenni, Deirdra, Alana, Melanie, and Crysta Everling are now defeated by the cursed guardian, accurately reflecting the history of events.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.