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    • Added a potential fix for players who are unable to summon certain mounts.
    • The Tolan's Darkwood Mount Infusion is now available to all adventuring level 125 members from Thadampos, the Currency Merchant in Svarni Expanse.
    • The Dwarven Battlerage items are now available from the Heritage Merchant.

    • Quests / Achievements
      • The achievement "Zok it to Me" can now be earned by those who completed the Di'zokian language.
      • The achievement description for "Vexed with Thex" has been updated to indicate that it is for the quested earning of the language, not the vendor-purchased version.
      • The raid achievements for "Terminally Exiled" and "The Crows Aren't Scared" should now mention the correct zones.
      • The raid achievement for "Bringer of Blight" should now be in the Echoes of Faydwer category instead of the Shattered Lands category.
      • Crafters who completed Raffik's level 80 tradeskill quest "Air Fare" will now receive credit for the Piratical Philanthropist achievement.
      • A Source of Malediction - Players on Kael Drakkel should now be able to loot the Journal of the Dread Exarch from Dread Exarch Mordek in Befallen: Necrotic Asylum, no matter the zone level.
      • Craftsman Errands - Accessing "Nektropos Castle: Craftsman Errands" is now possible on Kael Drakkel.
      • Outfitter Errands - Accessing "Nest of the Great Egg: Outfitter Errands" is now possible on Kael Drakkel.
      • Scholar Errands - Accessing "The Library of Light: Scholar Errands" is now possible on Kael Drakkel.
      • The "That's Not Mjolnir" achievement should now complete for those who completed The Stormhammer signature line but did not receive the achievement.
    • Tradeskills
      • Tradeskill apprentices, realizing that they are time-traveling, have returned to their future timeline and are no longer visible.
      • The level 111-120 Weaponsmith "Pledge of the Blade (Rush Order)" no longer requests a recipe that you cannot create until level 116.

    • Itemization
      • Quest and Collection rewards in Skyshrine and the Withered Lands have been adjusted.

    • General
      • The Estate of Unrest, and the Shard of Fear are now available.
    • Quests
      • Echoes of Faydwer PVP Writs are now available from the Wraith of Discord.
      • PVP Writs can no longer be shared.

    • Miragul's Madness
      • Increased the size of the piece of ivory and golden flask so they're a bit easier to spot.
      • The doors to Solvag the Voracious will remain unlocked after attacking him.
      • The placement areas for the Twin Shards of The Master have been increased.
      • The icy floor will no longer appear during the encounter with Lord Frost.
    • Miragul's Madness [Heroic]
      • Slippadeedoodah no longer has a ba,jil,lio,nee,doo,dah combat mitigation.
      • Castle Vacrul: Caverns of the Forsaken [Heroic I & II]
      • Sypheria the Shackled will no longer port group members repeatedly if she heals through specific health percentages.
    • Nightmares of Old [Heroic]
      • Krinas Bledso's Frenzied Blades spell has been reduced in damage.
      • Aga-Yagaba's Mind Prison Cages should now despawn when destroyed.
    • Svarni Expanse: Carrion Crag [All Versions]
      • High Shikari Olyxa should remain within 5 meters of her most hated target throughout the fight.

    • Personal stash (depot) items on the marketplace now list their improved storage sizes when you examine them.

    • Corrected a bug that prevented players on a Lore and Legend server from entering the Cauldron Cove.

    • The Battle of Storm Gorge
      • The Order of Rime should more reliably enter combat during the stage, "Slay the Elite Rime Death Squads!"

    • Mechanized Thurgadin Distillery - Item can now be created using blueprints.
    • Super Mechanized Thurgadin Distillery - Item can now be created using blueprints.

    • Trueshot's Heavy Shortbow - Item is now a proper crossbow, matching the icon, name, and stats.
    • Nightwalker's Belt of Stalking - Item has been renamed due two items sharing the same name.
    • Enhanced Cloth Freeport Aggressive Coif - Icon fixed, art is now the proper helm piece.
    • Cloth Freeport Aggressive Coif - Icon fixed.
    • Enhanced Chain Freeport Aggressive Coif - Icon fixed, art is now the proper helm piece.
    • Enhanced Cloth Freeport Aggressive Coif - Icon fixed.
    • The Brewcrew Buccaneer armor pieces, Brewday Reveler's Hat, Brewday Reveler's Finery, and Cloak of the Duke of Below have been set to appearance only.
    • The crafted "Waxed Leather Pouch" has had the allowable classes changed to match the other pouches, allowing only those classes to equip it that use thrown weapons.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented several mount barding overseer rewards on the Lore and Legend server from applying their effects.

    • Paladin
      • Removed the prose from Faith that erroneously referenced damage reflection.
    • Shadowknight
      • Moved the prose text on Malevolent Tormenting to the ability effect.
      • Corrected a bug with Malevolent Tormenting that prevented it from applying to higher tiers of Death March.
    • Beastlord
      • Beastlord pets no longer have a level 18 minimum to trigger weakness effect.
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