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  1. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    • The EverQuest II client and server architecture have been updated to 64-bit with this update.
    • Tickets for Drunder, Highhold and Skyshrine Capital Guildhalls now list their house item limits when examining the tickets on the Marketplace.
    • Deeds for a "blood-written contract" and "a Skyblade Skiff deed of ownership" now list the house item limits when examining the deeds.
    • Mistmoore's Bone Braided Bracelet - Item name is now spelled correctly.
    • Mystmyr Bone Braided Bracelet - Item name has now been changed to not share the same name with another item.
    • Gear purchased using Copper Jubilation Medals can no longer be sold to merchants in exchange for Platinum.
    • Corrected a typo that incorrectly stated that the Tradable Tradeskill Level 120 Boost granted the Level 120 Heroic Character Boost, rather than the Visions of Vetrovia: Tradeskill Level 120 Boost.
    • The Potion of Crafting Progress is now Heirloom on all servers.
    The following Public Quest zones may now be started with a minimum of 2 characters and no longer require maximum participation to update the "Doctor's Orders" quests for Dr. Arcana:
    • Eryslai, Winds of Twilight
    • Awuidor, the Dark Fathoms
    • Aurelian Coast's Runestone Isle
    • The Blinding's Prismatic Depths
    • Off to the Ossuary - The Cave of Illboding Dark is available once again for those on Varsoon server.
    • The Prince and I - The Thexian Hideaway is available once again for those on Varsoon server.
    • New house item doors have new sounds that match the make and style of the door.
    • The Spectral Tethering Chains for "Piercing the Darkness: Marketplace of Horrors Part I" has had a small typo fix to the item description.
    • Inheriting Family: Side Salad - Vinegar needed for this tradeskill quest is once again available from Merchant Murgina in the Feerott.
    • The Dusty Blue Stone - Aristide Calais should no longer spawn under the floor of the tower.
    • Drodo's Goodies - Augin Drodo should no longer spawn under the Bobick docks.
    • Displaced and Discouraged - Belka Thunderheart should no longer spawn underground.
    • Blood for Blood - The Qeynos Guard Barracks: Ceremonial Chamber are now set to level 80 for those on the Kael Drakkel server.
    Corrected an issue that prevented several tradeskill merchants from selling fuels on a time-locked server.
    Corrected the final product on the following recipes:
    • Enhanced Plate Ulteran Forceful Gloves
    • Enhanced Chain Crushbone Fighter Bracers
    • Enhanced Cloth Crushbone Fighter Wrist Wraps
    • Enhanced Leather Crushbone Fighter Wrist Wraps
    • Enhanced Plate Crushbone Fighter Vambraces
    • Enhanced Plate Deep Forge Miracle Mantle
    • Enhanced Leather Erudin Brawler Leggings
    • Enhanced Fens of Nathsar Miracle Symbol
    • Enhanced Charasis Calm Mind Cudgel
    • The Stonebrunt Highlands
      • Razim Othologold should no longer fall below Quel'ule.
    • Withered Lands
      • A collectible no longer has a chance to spawn in unreachable spots in Mourning Lowlands.
    • Frostfang Sea
      • Gerta Frostbeard of New Halas has restocked her bar with your requested provisions. No need to only drink goldenswill stout now!
    • Greater Faydark
      • Kalamar Vesinger should no longer fall below Joleena's Restaurant in Kelethin.
    • Mahngavi Wastes
      • Jungle Shrubs should no longer have a chance to spawn on tree trunks.
    • Nektropos Castle: The Return
      • Fixed a bug that could prevent The Cursed Remains of Deirdra, Jenni, Crysta, Melanie, Sheila Everling from spawning.
    • Players who have been made looter in a group or raid now have access to the "/readycheck" command.
  2. Caith Developer

    • The maximum value of all crafted products is now half of the value of the fuels required to craft them. In cases where more than a single recipe creates the product, the lowest value is applied.
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