Update Notes - August 17, 2022

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    • Corrected a stacking issue that was preventing deity pets from granting both Fervor and Fervor Overcap at the same time from the Pet of the Gods alternate advancement on the ones that should.
    • Reduced the damage of Devastation Fist in PvP combat.
    • The "Fabled Veeshan's Peak: Third Wing Complete" achievement no longer requires flawless kills for Silverwing and Phara Dar.
    • The "Fabled Veeshan's Peak: Clear!" achievement no longer requires flawless kills for Silverwing and Phara Dar.
    • All Visions of Vetrovia spellscrolls that can be transmuted will now return the correct products.
    • Fixed an issue where an expendable entering your inventory may not display correct information, like cooldown timers, until you zone, etc.
    • Kyrcel D'Lan's Chain Hauberk of Fortitude - Item name typo fixed.
    • Most Legends of Norrath loot is now Heirloom.
    • Corrected an issue that caused some variables to be displayed in chat, instead of the data that the variable represents, such as when a guild rally banner is placed in the world.
    • Energy Inverters are no longer Stack Lore.
    • Tynnonium PvP adornments now require level 76 minimum to use.
    • Corrected a stacking issue with Steam Powered Resolve.
    • The following Dashing items that are dropped by Maitre d' Rixrir in Sebilis are no longer set Appearance Only and will benefit from their assigned stats:
      • Dashing Gloves
      • Dashing Pantaloons
      • Dashing Shouldercuffs
      • Dashing Tunic
    • The following appearance-only Dashing items have been renamed to Formal Dashing and will no longer erroneously display stats:
      • Formal Dashing Gloves
      • Formal Dashing Pantaloons
      • Formal Dashing Shouldercuffs
      • Formal Dashing Tunic
    • The following items found in Veeshan's Peak have been adjusted to have the expected adornment slots available:
      • Quickened Pulse of Power
      • Fabled Soulshattering Band
      • Fabled Eye of Ashenclaw
      • Fabled Mark of Scaled Rage
      • Fabled Ring of Dark Intent
      • Fabled Mark of Scaled Devotion
      • Fabled Negative Energy Channeler
      • Twists of Khalan
      • Fabled Ring of the Skygazer
      • Signet of the Silver Scale
      • Silvered Link of the Dragon Lords
      • Dar Dragonslayer's Medal
      • Fabled Ring of Scale General's Cloak
      • Fabled Ring of Scale Elder's Cloak
    • Shell or High Water - Binn is now present for players on Tarinax.
    • Beach Party Brawl - Kippy is now present for players on Tarinax.
    • Sacraments of the Deep - Collection pieces can now be properly seen and gathered on Tarinax.
    • Terrors Run Deep - Using pearls of Awuidor to access the deep will now also acknowledge update steps for obtaining the pearls.
    • Terrors Run Deep - Defeating the Deepest Devourer should consistently update the quest now.
    • The recipe for Immobilizing Lunge XI (Ancient) now accepts the proper grandmaster ability as the primary ingredient.
    Savage Weald
    • A typo in the Cral Legi faction description has been fixed.
    The Fabled Kurn's Tower: Breaching the Void [Heroic II]
    • Yynzik the Scornridden's spell reflect buffs should now be immune to Ability Doublecast and can now also be dispelled with Veilwalker's Energy Inverters.
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