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  1. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    EverQuest II: Myths and Monoliths is going live!

    Emerging from the fog of time and memory comes the fabled dungeons of Veeshan's Peak and Kurn's Tower, now with heightened challenges and new glorious rewards!

    Return to the dragon stronghold of Veeshan's Peak, to experience the pivotal confrontation against the Ring of Scale. You and your raid force will test your skills and determination against such fearsome foes as Druushk, Hoshkar, Xygoz, Silverwing, Phara Dar, and even the mighty Trakanon!

    Relive that infamous moment when Kurn's Tower, the dreaded iksar monument of torment, was revealed to have been a Void anchor upon Norrath! Face invigorated foes and new challenges as you advance upwards through the monolith of pain and oblivion.

    • Added infinite loop checking to the client. If the main client loop isn't updated within a set time (default 20 secs) it assumes the client is hung and will force a crash. If you use a custom UI / scripts that may need more time, you can add this control to your EQ2.ini and increase the timeout:
      • cl_infinite_loop_monitor_timeout_ms 20000 (default 20 seconds, min is 6000 or 6 seconds)
    • Updated summoned pets to go through their combat AI more efficiently.
    • Thadampos will now sell a Monolithic Mercenary Infusion to level 125 subscribers.
    • Corrected a bug that prevented Personae Reflection from benefiting from proc buffs such as Synergism.
    • Kael Drakkel:
      • The "Rumble and Grumble" achievement for killing the Windstalker Rumbler will now work on all future kills of the encounter.
      • The "Acrimonius" achievement on the Kael Drakkel server should now be awarded for future kills of Acrimoniad.
    • Vah Shir Heritage armor, weapons, and the Vah Shir Heritage Mount Choice Pack may now be purchased from Arabella F'arquharson.
    • Blazeshade Trotter - Minimum level to use has been set to 30, matching the description.
    • Snow Drifter's Flying Carpet - Minimum level to use has been correctly set to 85, matching the description.
    • Corrected an issue that caused the Drowned Caverns to drop items that were not updated for current progression.
    • Corrected an issue with Steam Powered Metabolism that granted the effect of clearing the reuse of Divine Arbitration to Swashbucklers instead of Templars.
    • The Adjustable Training Monkey now has a toggle that allows you to make it immune to double cast and multi attacks, and a toggle that makes it auto-cure itself after receiving any hostile ability hit, to allow for more precise testing.
    • Demersal Mythic Bludgeon can now be transmuted as normal.
    • Demersal Mythic Baton can now be transmuted as normal and no longer erroneously requires ammo to use.
    • An heirloom bag containing Dyrraga's Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum Coin adornments is now offered by the gratified merchant within The Merchant's Den [Heroic II] if your character has already purchased and equipped the four adornments.
    • The following items no longer have adornments automatically attached:
      • Skysight Wanderer Gauntlets
      • Skysight Wanderer Woven Gloves
      • Skysight Wanderer Fingerless Gloves
      • Skysight Wanderer Plate Gloves
    • Corpseolynne has received one last shipment of powerful gear for adventurers
    • Older items sold by Corpseolynne have had their price in Obol Obscura adjusted
    • New pvp writs are now available in Kylong Plains on Tarinax. See the Priest of Discord for new rewards.
    • Plane of Magic
      • Pride Pakiat, House Vahla, House Yrzu repeatable quests now grant even higher faction amounts, thus noticeably reducing the amount of quests required to complete.
      • The Introduction - Quest journal edited to help alleviate possible confusion between two steps.
    • Beauty's Only Skin Deep - The Sealed Timeworn Scroll will now respawn in the Tower of Frozen Shadow as intended, if and when the zone has to be restarted.
    • The Overseer Quartermaster has performed a bit of inventory juggling!
      • Some tinkering and adorning books from Vetrovia have been added.
      • Empyral and Shadowed recipe books volumes 10-16 have been added (and prices slashed on the Empyral/Shadowed books that were already available).
      • A set of Ornamental Vacrul Plate armor has been added.
      • Season 1 accessories have been removed.
      • Season 1 armor and weapons have had their prices slashed.
    • The three loyalty merchants have added new stock! Visit them in Qeynos and Freeport to check out their new wares.
      • The Loyalty Housing Merchant has added "Seeds of Vengeance Reproduction", "Replica Wanted Poster", "Replica Terraporter, Replica: Ilfanul and Replica: Ravinus."
      • The Loyalty Merchant has added an Armored Bear Mount.
      • The Loyalty Outfitter has added eight new "Unwavering" gear crates containing appearance gear.
    • Kaladim Server
      • A Pre Server Merge Transfer Token will be granted to all players on the Kaladim server.
    • Tarinax Server
      • A Level 70 adventure boost will be added to all characters below adventure level 70 upon login.
    • A new tradeskill quest series has been added for level 60 and higher crafters. Players can find Dora Wicket on Whisperwind Isle in the Barren Sky to start the series. This series will open the door to the ability for crafters to purchase their level 60-69 advanced recipe books, as well as an additional reward.
    • Duffin Brandywine, lesser-known twin of the famous dockworking hungry halfling Duggin Brandywine, needs some harvesting help out in Vetrovia. Those who have completed the "Were is the Messenger" crafting signature line can find him located in Renfry's Basement, where he will reward your efforts with some Forlorn-themed dishes.
    • Elemental fragments (cold, disease, etc) will now fit in your harvest depots.
    • Removed the description line from most tradeskill recipes, as many are no longer reflecting the current or correct recipe or crafted item name.
    • Distillation and dilution recipes for Chaos Descending and Luclin transmuting materials have been added to guildhall recipe vendors.
    • Added available character slot info to the character select UI.
    • Shattered Lands Raids
      • Adjusted global raid buff packages for the removal of the damage reduction benefit.
      • Removed damage reduction from global raid buff packages.
    • The Sinking Sands
      • The Docks Carpet can now be seen all the time.
    • The Merchant's Den [Heroic II]
      • The minimum duration has been reduced to 18 hours.
    • The Merchant's Den [Solo & Heroic I]
      • The minimum duration has been reduced to 90 minutes.
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    Patch Notes have been updated!
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