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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Dolgrin, May 18, 2018.

  1. Dolgrin Active Member

    Can we have update notes on server side changes hitting live on Wendsdays/Thursdays, please?
    And yes, for the doubtfully ones here the servers can be patched without downtime.

    Thanks in Advance.
  2. Gninja Developer

    The only changes that can be made outside of an update are zone configurations (i.e. how many players allowed in zone, etc.) and if we push files to one zone but those changes are not permanent until they are part of an update. Can you be more specific about what you are talking about with "server side changes" what changed?
  3. Thand Active Member

    what i would like to see is the current patch notes displayed in game
  4. Dolgrin Active Member

    First off all, thanks for the clarification.

    I guessed that only script changes can hot deployed.
    BTW, good job. Implementing hot deployment is not an easy task.

    I mentioned the stealth changed to heroic encounters the day before i wrote the orignal message.
    One or two weeks before there were some changes to the examine window.

    It does not matter what was changed, but is important that something was changed.

    For example:
    The examine window changes seems to be bugged and the error is currently live and not resolved.
    Without notification, it was very hard to figure out what happend.
    I am using the default UI with EQ2 maps.
    Open the first examine window on item a with right click examine opens a window.
    Using examine right click on item B does not open a new window.
    Close all open windows.
    I can't open a new examine window until i click on item b and say close examin.

    Without any hints, that something was changed, it was a pain, to reproduce this behavior.

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