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Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Kazooooooooooo, Feb 1, 2021.

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    Heck yeah! Can't wait, hopefully we get set date to look forward to so I can stop checking the forums every two hours lmao
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    How often does Kander's Candor post? Every 2 weeks? When will the next one hit so we can get more PvP info? :cool:
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  3. Formal New Member

    it appears there isn't a set time of release for each episode. they appear to be released randomly
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  4. Siren Well-Known Member

    Discord says Kander's Candor releases every 3 weeks or so, so looking forward to more specific PvP TL server info then! :cool:

    Also, Dreamweaver set up a new Discord Channel: It's called "PvP-server-to-be-named-later." :p
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  5. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    Still banned :(
  6. Dpsfactor New Member

    Unfortunately alot of us seasonal players were banned from discord for voicing our frustrations (understandably) but in my honest opinion i feel as if the biggest issue would be getting pvp gear to work right. Im not against similar gear to og naggy pvp gear, would be especially helpful to those who cant pull a raid boss everytime their lockouts are up or everytime a contested is up, having a stat like toughness wouldnt be a bad thing as long as it would scale properly. I remember on og naggy a full set of pvp gear made you virtually unkillable unless the other person also had a full set, maybe if it were just scaled down a bit it would work better
  7. Siren Well-Known Member

    Caith works on the PvP server all alone. He has said many times over the past few years he cannot and will not keep 2 separate kinds of gear (PvP and PvE) going. No dice on PvP gear, period.

    Peeps, get over this already! Sheesh! Not happening. Waste of typing.
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  8. SevenShadows Member

    It's happening guys!!! woot!!!! Many times throughout the stream they say they the company is re-investing back into EQ and EQ2. I think big positive changes are on the horizon for the game. Here is a link to the Feb 19th podcast.


    They start talking about PVP server around 19 mins in, but make sure to listen to the whole thing. Lots of positive vibes are flowing. Here's a few takes.

    "it begins with a P and ends with a P and has a letter in the middle"

    "it is coming, we are working on it right now, but it is coming and its coming sooner rather than later"

    "we should have specifics for that very soon, in fact I will make it a goal to have more actual specifics for the next installment (podcast), so stay tuned."

    "and for all you guys out there that are like (don't waste your time on it) We like it, we know there's a lot of players that like it, we enjoy playing it, we enjoy watching people play it, so it's happening, GET OVER IT" <---yaaaasssss!!!!

    See you guys in game

    Can't wait :)
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  10. Freaknik New Member

    Can't express how excited I am for this. Shout out to the one dude workin on this server by himself. You are literally my hero.
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  11. Fearborn New Member

    Hey guys, just dropping in to join the discussion, read this thread in isolation and get some of my thoughts across.
    For background I played on Nagafen for years with a close group of friends, probably clocking up a total of 60k+ kills and lots and lots of time invested across multiple classes.
    Early EQ2 PvP was (for me) the ultimate in gaming experiences and a time I look back on very fondly. It sparked my journey into the games industry where I have worked for 4 different game companies including Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends. I don't speak with as deep knowledge of EQ2 as some of you, because for me, PvE was always a means to an end for PvP. My highest level character is 100.
    I have had both max level toons and also low level locked toons. I played mainly on Nagafen (original server) then Deathtoll. A few points I would make:

    1) PvE on a PvP server is the tool used to put players out into the environment. Needed to stimulate open world PvP.
    Questing, levelling, gaining aa and item hunting should always be required as it puts the population out into the environment in a non-artificial way. I could never stand PvP events, PQ's, battlegrounds etc as they felt very artificial. Put good rare drops on open world mobs and these act as hotspots for PvP. Remove fast travel options such as bells (i might even go as far as to say bird towers), as these just remove players from PvP risk. Running from Thundering Steppes docks to Antonica was always a thrill. Getting ganked inside crafting instances in Freeport made the whole experience far more exciting. Waiting for wizard spire always resulted in PvP opportunities.
    Remove guild halls and basically have no pvp immunity. If you are in the game you are exposed to pvp. I would also slow down the levelling rate to prevent players rushing to max level, thereby reducing the lifespan of any new PvP server.

    2) Harvesting and mastercrafted gear importance
    Mastercrafted gear was always very strong on Nagafen at low levels. This was good because it created a reason to go out and harvest, adding to chances of PvP encounters. It also created a robust economy as most PvPers had multiple characters all needing to be geared up. Harvesting was a good source of income, and worth doing.

    3) Quested items and mob drops importance
    Some of the best low-level PvP encounters could be in Stormhold, Fallen Gate, Wailing Caves, RoV, Vermin's Snye, The Caves, Graveyard etc. Good quested items and rare mobs drops were always worth getting out for. Instanced dugeons basically just pulled players out of the world and reduced chances for PvP. Open world content is king.

    4) PvP gear, titles and writs etc
    I'm of mixed opinion on these. When new PvP gear was introduced in Kunark, it was a good time for PvP but it certainly felt like it signalled the beginning of a decline. Some of the Kylong Plains PvP was excellent, some of it was terrible. The PvP gear gave the opportunity for non-raiders to compete against raiders to a certain degree, it also gave a good incentive to get fully geared up and keep PvPing. The gear started to get out of hand when battlegrounds became the main source of PvP (i.e. fake PvP). Battlegrounds could be fun but any rewards earned in battlegrounds should not be utilizable in open-world PvP.
    With PvP titles it's always going to be hard to balance and find a solution everyone likes. I would potentially go along the lines of having x% of players in each title band, based on fame, so that hiding from PvP to preserve titles would just result in a steady decay as other players increased their fame beyond you, it would encourage more activity rather than fame hugging and looking to snipe other titled players.
    It always felt to me that tokens was a better approach than writs, as writs just encouraged zerg PvP and meaningless huge group brawls, like an orgy of writ exchanging.

    5) Leaderboards and character profiles
    I used these all the time to see which players were better geared than me, which items I wanted to farm, what builds they were using, aa lines, guilds etc. I found a ton of different items players were using just by digging into their profiles, and seeing where they could be earned, which quests or mobs etc.

    6) Player-led incentives rather than content led incentives.
    Some of the biggest sports in the world, and many of the biggest video games in the world are significantly led by the teams, the players and the interactions between the teams and the players. Football rules rarely change, but the teams and the personalities change and that is what makes it interesting, season after season. That is why people keep watching.
    EQ2 PvP at it's best was all about rivalries between players and guilds, it drove so much value. In a sense it was aspirational play, like looking at your favourite football player and wanting to be more like them or admiring their play. These notorieties were far more value than PvP titles as a motivator.
    Seeing full groups of (e.g.) Onyx holding off a raid of opponents was always a sight to behold. There are hundreds of players names that I remember fighting against. PvP is about building those real alliances and rivalries.

    7) Getting the word out
    I would like to see a big drive to try and reach out to ex EQ2 PvPers to make a drive to get them back onto a consolidated PvP server. Starting point would be a mail to current subscribers, more social media content, probably a specific landing page dedicated to updating players on a new pvp server. I would also spend some money and run some ads targeting players old and new in order to reach the critical mass of players needed to keep a PvP server running. I have no illusions that this is an old game, but I do feel that there would be enough players to make a good server stay active and fun for a significant amount of time.
    I would like to see incentives for video content creators, Twitch streamers etc. It's hard to build this kind of content around an old game but its certainly possible. An example would be some of the continued popularity of very old games like Runescape that still has a lot of active players and content creators.

    8) Flying mounts and Mercs
    The two biggest factors in killing off any PvP server. Flying mounts were a disaster and ruined open-world PvP. I cried when flying mounts came into Nagafen.

    9) Game progression and spreading the playerbase
    I would not go past RoK for a PvP server probably, though have not thought a great deal about this. One of the downsides of MMO's is that as a game continues to develop the number of possible zones increases while the number of players decreases. This is often artificially managed but the inevitable result is a game that feels emptier over time. The more expansions that are enabled the emptier it feels. Up to RoK there is enough diversity and capabilities in each class to make for great PvP without needing anything else. There were some clear balance issues but most of these can be ironed out.

    I will stop there, apologies for the disorganised lines of thought.
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  13. Drew575 Active Member

    see u guys in 5 months
  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    Awwww. Kander said they were trying for Q1. The next Kander's Candor is only due out with the 1st details in a few more weeks. So that's almost a month right there! I bet we'll have a beta server up within a couple months. :)

    Think of it as time to scope out contested bosses again, try out classes with more of an eye for PvP again, etc.
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  15. SevenShadows Member

    This is Great they are actually discussing this with us, Jump into the Discord to share your opinions :) [IMG][IMG]
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  16. Drew575 Active Member

    KOS or EOF not vanilla. Scouts too OP in vanilla and mages too squishy/slow cast speed. start it at KOS just like they did at the begining... lvl 70 cap 50 AA. FFA PVP just like before unless there is an abundance of population that can sustain 2 way faction...if someone could transcribe my message via discord since I'm banned thanks
  17. SevenShadows Member

    Send PM message to dreamweaver#9505 for unban, lots of folks getting unbanned for discussion. (fingers crossed for ya man) I posted for ya.
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  18. Drew575 Active Member

    hey thanks man
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  19. SevenShadows Member

    Few more posts to add to the what we know so far pile. Edit: Nothing is concrete or set in stone yet, things are still being discussed.
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  20. Siren Well-Known Member

    That's really nice of you, Seven! Glad to see everyone back in Discord.

    Now we just need Feldon back in there, not because he'd PvP :p but because he created the darned Discord in the first place! Plus, he's done so much for the community with EQ2Wire over the years, too.
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