Up to date Wizard Guide anywhere?

Discussion in 'Wizard' started by ARCHIVED-CyclopsSlayer, Oct 13, 2011.

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    While the stickies above provide good info, the fact that the basic Wiz Guide above hasn't been updated in almost 3 years leaves a leveling Wiz with many many unanswered questions. I have gotten to L60 fairly easily so far, mostly by personal testing and guessing, and almost certainly not the best routes.
    Does anyone know of current up to date info out there? EQ2 Flames seems to only have info relevant to fully geared level 90's, and not a dribble for the leveling Wiz. And sadly these official forums almost seem to be in worse shape.
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    There was a great write up for SF I thought there was a sticky thread here. Daray I believe is the name of the poster. If you find a good one for a raid wizard you could use a similar set up just move a few points to survivability.
    We need a good post for DOV wizards.
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    Shudder the thought of someone actually examing the spells and abilities that they have, the AA's that affect them and try to prioritize for themselves what to do, should be even easier as there is a good spec and an excellent guide that is on flames. The info you need is there you just need to read it and understand it by applying where you can and adding what you gain along the way AA endlines/new spells and the like.
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    Lempo@Everfrost wrote:
    ok, nowhere did i suggest hand-holding. What I was hoping for was one of the know all, say nothing, Wizards to actually break the code of silence and to recommend things like AA priorities, skill rotation suggestions, tactics, etc... Other classes seem to be able to do that without the world ending.

    Or to be more precise, make such suggestions with current up to date data. No one seems to group in EQ2 so learning non-solo tacttics is gonna to wait until I join and likely foul up one of the pug public raids.
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    Llyan@Crushbone wrote:
  6. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    Llyan@Crushbone wrote:
    The guide that you are bashing on flames is bar-none the best info you are going to get. You just are not willing to read it and try to understand it because you are convinced that it is only good for 90/300 raiders. Spell priority, situational examples and all are provided in that guide, you need to have an understanding of what they do by using them and priortizing them based on your AA's, anything short of doing that then you are suggesting hand holding without actually saying it. Your "Know all, say nothing... break the code of silence" is a shining example of your contempt for the very people you are asking help from. I'm not a wizard, I have a lock but there is great info in that guide for locks as well, you just are not willing to read it because to apply it you will actually have to do some legwork on your own.
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    The most up to date one I can give you is:
    You wear cloth armor.
    You want intelligence items.
    You want ad3 or master spells.
    You want to find a good casting order with a few hours of playing with your spells.
    You want to actually look at your AA trees, and pick some that will best improve your role whether that be solo, group or raid.
    You may want to look at eq2 wiki to choose a pet that will help your wizard.
    etc etc.
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    Llyan@Crushbone wrote:
    its those posts that dont actually ask any questions...specific ones, you know? it just looks like you rafed it to 90 and now wants to learn the basics
    see,if you had come up with "i tried that castorder 'X Y Z A D G E' but ended up cutting my parse to the half...i dont understand that" or "i looked at the AA specs at 'ABC' but i found them somewhat strange, because ...." <- this would show youve actually tried for yourself in the first place
    those post above READS like "give me all on silver platter"...and while this may work on certain classes, you dont have to make the wiz-community more exclusive than it is
    its just one of the most played classes....wiz is the SK of the DDs, nearly everybody has one...and only few are actually putting some hearts in it...and at some point its getting tedious for them to answer the same questions over and over again
    you dont need a grp to figure out the most dmg-potentials on spells....what works on training dummies most likely works in grps also...only to a larger scale
    what you fail to realize is, that gear and AAs can outdate, sure....but techniques that help you finding your most effective spells + rotations, AAs never do... and theyre there
    and on top of that, you provide none to nothing about yourself....what do you want to achieve? what are your corner stats? how can i suggest you priorities without this? on what basis? and in which environment? there is no win-button on any class, and there is no guide that applies to ALL toons within a class
    and now, personally: you didnt even put some effort in your post here....for ME, you are just like those many others that want to master this class with the least work...and this never works, past present and future
    PS: im not actually a wiz, i play one yes...but its not my main....just for the case you think of me being in that "secret inner circle of trust"
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    just go to Flames. I put all my work there and never even really check this forum but for once a month.
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    Well honestly I have the same issue as the original poster.
    The game has changed so much since the last time I played that when I logged into my Inquisitor, I was clueless until I came to the official forums and read for a bit. And while that answers some good questions I had (how to solo effectively), the guides only really told me "what to do", not why I should do it.
    I couldn't find (and I honestly might have missed it, and if that's the case, by all means, please point me towards it) a post that showed, mathematically, that AA combination "X" should be superior to "Y" if you are using gear "Z" equipped with adornments "A, B, and C".
    And that's honestly the kinds of things I want to see; I want it proven to me mathematically that such-and-such combination is superior.
    Coming from the high-end World of Warcraft community, that kind of thing is commonplace there, but it doesn't appear to be so here. I got to EQ2Flames by asking the most progressed guild on my server (Permafrost), "What's the EverQuest 2 version of Elitist Jerks' forums for WOW?" The answer was EQ2Flames.
    One of the hallmarks of a good guide, in any game, is that there's a condensed section for new players/returning players that allows them to "jump back in", and then a more in-depth section with formulae and perhaps a link to an Excel spreadsheet or something of that nature.
    It could be that the raiding / hardcore EQ2 community is just so small that there's not enough mathematically-inclined people to allow for that kind of analysis? I don't know, but I hope that's not the case. I hope all the really good, in-depth information just has yet to be presented.
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    Rathadin wrote:
    Use the search function on flames, all math is there to be found. Besides, it is not very hard math to figure out for "mathematically-inclined people".
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    Rotchi@Everfrost wrote:
    He is not a "mathematically inclined" person himself and wouldn't understand it beyond the numbers at the end being higher or lower if he had it presented as he is saying.
    The numers are there on each piece of gear and each adornment, it isn't good enough that people like Sac post the knowledge they have on flames they have people that call them "elitist jerks" and worse because they are not laying the onfo out in whatever format the person desires it in. It wouldn't matter if he did, there are so many different situations and many times you have to be able to adjust on the fly. Players not willing to put some time in to learn the mechanics of the class where when you do, and you learn them through and through it begins to become an instant response.
    What is the WoW version of the pathetic little child forum that have to have it easy mode or no mode?
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    I know this thread was started in 2004, but is there an updated Wizard's leveling thread with AA for 2011?
  14. ARCHIVED-Mentin Guest

    The EQ2 wizard community is discussing such matters on EQ2Flames.