[UNREST] New Illusionist and Ranger seeking guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by CalmdownUK, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. CalmdownUK New Member

    Hi All

    We are an Illusionist and Ranger (Calmdown and Neverata), currently in our 50s. We started playing a week ago and we're leveling pretty hard, and looking for a home.

    I'm an experienced PvEer, PvPer, Raider, and gamer in general. Neverata is newer to MMOs although she has some experience and a pretty excellent teacher (that's me!). We've never played EQ2 before. We're looking for somewhere where we can get advice and a helping hand, find people to group with, and so on. We are *not* looking for handouts or freebies - we're perfectly fine levelling and finding stuff out on our own - but of course, that's not particularly optimal and having friends around and somewhere to hang out is always better :)

    We're looking to get into high level instancing and raiding as soon as we hit the required level and gear. We're happy to form and lead groups as well as join them.

    We're both GMT based but generally play later at night because we have a baby, so we're looking for a guild that is ideally EST based but any time zone could work.

    If you need some solid players and are willing to wait a while whilst we level, and put up with us as we ask lots of noob questions, please send Calmdown a tell in game or a PM on the forums here.

    Thanks for reading!

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