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Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Spextasy, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. Spextasy Well-Known Member

  2. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    One suggestion I might make, though, with all respect: there are times when RL ambushes even an organizer (it's happened ;->), so you might want to think about getting a second in command, just in case? With, perhaps, additional Trustee access or a peek at the swapper-swappee lists or whatever, but not necessarily Complete and Total Power? ;->

    Perhaps Aneylee herself, since she has oodles of past XP on these? :)

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  3. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    I always had a Back-Up person with trustee when I ran them.
  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Awesome! :D

    It's just been so long, I don't remember... ;->

    We miss you! :)

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  5. Llieam Active Member

    Glad to see your getting things organized, not that you were that organized to begin with =P

    Hope you can have fun and continue to work on projects and we will see your work again!

    Try not to put a dead warehouses in every project you have please.

    Welcome back,

  6. Misstake Active Member

    I apologize as this may come across harsh and I do not mean it to be, but I am a very logical person. You were out of the game and while you may have created them, with help from another person who does not play anymore, you left and someone had to continue. If you were to leave a job, you could not just walk back in and take it over. It is not fair to the other person.

    Also the GnG does not really exist anymore since it was included in the SEHS (Summer Event House Swap) which incorporates Tinkerfest, Oceansfull, and Scorched Sky. While I appreciate that you want to take over just the words "take over" is not what the community is about. Aney has been doing an excellent job. Have you even discussed with her if she wants to not do them anymore since she has been for over 2 years now? Also since your "creations" are still continuing why not create another swap or contest and handle those?

    It is not that I did not like you as a host, as you did just fine. But I cannot and WILL not support someone coming in and being rude to someone who stepped up to not just 1 swap but 3 and has been putting everything they have into them. I like to think that our decorating community is better than just pushing people out. I do understand RL happens but in-game continues.
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  7. Xxtacii Member

    I will support Aneylee and all those that have stepped up in the following years to keep the Homeshow community together. Even if this was discussed before hand and those that have been keeping them going have come to the agreement of who is leading what, that post was very rude.

    The amount of energy, gaming and irl sacrifices that Aneylee, Maryjane, Warehouse, Brewmyst and DK have done to keep these going is under appreciated. Saying this even though we all are extremely grateful for everything they have done (and continue to do). They each, individually need recognition and thanks, not just "those decorators".

    Thank you guys for everything you do!!
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  8. Iskatawna Member

    I have to agree with both Misstake and Xxtacii, I felt a bit taken aback from this post that was put out there! I for one will no longer do any house swap that you decide to "take over" as you said. Aney and DK and Maryjane and Wharehouse and Brewmyst and several other wonderful caring decorators have poured their heart and soul into these swaps since you just left because of "RL" situations.

    These swaps have run smoothly, houses are done on time, no drama, no one walks into a house and finds it empty because the person/persons running the swap neglected to check and see if any progress had been made, doing so in time to be sure the decorators to the rescue squad could fix the problem.

    This Homeshow of decorators is a family, and we have each other's backs. That is what has made it beautiful and special to me. I know I am not alone in the way I feel about this. For the efforts of the ones who stepped up and took over on a moment's notice and did so well, to be completely disregarded for their efforts, regardless of whether that was the way it was intended, is just disrespectful! Respect is deserved here for all of them!
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  9. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    I agree with Misstake, Xxtacii, Iskatawna. I think discussions with those who took over the event should have been done before posting that all the events will be just be taken over. Making sure new hosts even want to hand them back to you. It wasn't like you wouldn't be able to do one event and then rest of them you could go back to hosting. It has been two years. One event was changed cuz there were more holidays added to the game. I had an event that I couldn't run anymore and someone (Ratbill) asked if he could run while I was away. I was very happy and made it clear that it would be his event, could run it any way he desired, and I wouldn't be taking it away when I came back.
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  10. Xxtacii Member

    Well.. let me just start by picking this apart.

    With that being said, here is a general synopsis of my plans regarding my house swaps, deco raids, and video tours, so that everyone is aware of the situation. :)
    Everyone is now aware of the situation, we are just hoping you are.

    RE : Video Tours

    At this time, I have no plans to resume doing video tours ..blah blah blah
    Not sure who is asking you, but pretty sure no one is begging, so it shouldn't require it's own RE:

    RE : Deco Raids

    As much as it breaks my heart, since I created the Deco Raids, and had much pride in bringing everyone together for them, I will not be able to resume leadership of the Deco Raids, not even on Maj'Dul. As I work weekends now, and never have a Saturday off, I am not even able to attend them, let alone lead them. I am very sad about it, as I miss the fun and shenanigans, and seeing everyone's fabulous new homes each month, and mostly miss my Deco Raid friends (even Warehouse!)...much like the Video Tours, I just no longer have the time or the opportunity to host them these days. I do hope they continue as they have been, so that people are having fun and showcasing all their spectacular work! I would also like to thank those decorators that have continued to host them in my absence, and kept them going.
    Didn't realize you were the soul creator in the making of the deco raids. I will make sure those others that were there during this time are made aware.

    RE : House Swaps
    Namely the ones that I created : HHE, GNG, and ToT.

    I WILL be resuming the organizing of these 3 swaps. (And possibly either a new swap or possibly contest to be announced in detail at a later date.)

    Look for an official announcement regarding the sign-ups and dates for the HHE2020 sometime in late December. (I hope to give folks a little break to recuperate, and explore the expansion between the end of SSHHS19 and the start of HHE2020.) So BOLO for that announcement thread!
    I would also like to extend a huge thank you to Aneylee for keeping these going while I was out of game. I would have been extremely sad if everyone had just stopped doing them, and let them disappear. And I am eternally grateful that someone kept them going in my absence. :D
    No... this WILL NOT be happening. (did I bold the words correctly?) Not only did you NEVER talk to anyone else about running these swaps, you were rude, aggressive and just a plain *ahem* Not nice person.

    I am very, very, very happy to be back in game and cannot WAIT to start contributing to the decorating community once again! :) <---- Just wanted to know if this is where you meant to put the middle finger to everyone that kept the decorating community alive while you left?
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  11. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    You wanna say she was being rude by creating the post.... How bout you're being 1000% more rude by "picking it apart" and making your own comments on it. That.. is totally uncalled for. But she's the rude one.. makes sense
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  12. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    For the record... Shanette never LEFT THE GAME!!! Whatever you people were told that happened in the situation of two years ago is just word of mouth. Ya'll don't know what happened and what went down. You guys keep making it seem as if it was a conscience decision to just abandon the decorating community and then someone just came in a saved the day.. whoopdie doo. When she was forced out of being able to play, by not having a computer, or for the matter, a roof over her head, there was never a discussion, message, nothing about someone continuing the swaps THAT SHE CREATED.

    Oh and I've heard the stories about you people thinking I'm the bad guy and everything that happened was my fault as well, and that's fine. I really don't care. But I will not stand by idle while ya'll belittle what Spex has done for the community over the years just because you're taking someone's side in a situation you know nothing about.

    Hey Xxtacii… enjoy picking this one apart.
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  13. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    No one "helped" me create those 3 swaps. You're either misremembering or someone lied to you. Which wouldn't be surprising since she lied about every single other thing involving me. Which you all clearly believed, since not once has anyone bothered to get my side of anything, just sided with a compulsively lying psychopath, regardless of any of it being any of your business to begin with.

    Lol You mean like she asked if I cared or would mind if she started hosting them 2 years ago when I was forced to take time off? Oh, wait. That never happened. For all she knew I had already asked someone else to step up and do them in my absence.
    Lol No need to worry about it anymore. I'll be doing what I should have done when I originally returned to the game and withdrawing from the decorating community completely. Knowing how people's opinions have been poisoned, and how the "Homeshow Community" has each others' backs but only for certain people. Y'all can have all of it. The swaps, the deco raids, everything.

    I'll finish the homes I signed up for in the SSHHS and then I'm done. Because my heart has been broken and I can't stand knowing you all believed whatever lies were spewed about me to the point that you've all turned against me so harshly.
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  14. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    Oh P.S. since we're all being petulant about things, Not once did I say I was going to "take over" anything. As you all kept putting in quotes like I said it all aggressively. Maybe you should try reading it again, only read it in context. I was not trying to be rude, or aggressive, or anything of the sort. I was trying to be enthusiastic about getting back into contributing to the community like I used to. But sure, let's "pick it apart" and be snarky about how I like to bold certain words for emphasis, like we're in a Mean Girls Club full of 12 year olds. That's not rude, or aggressive or *ahem* just not plain nice, at all. :rolleyes:
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  15. Misstake Active Member

    I see you said this but in your original post you said "I would also like to extend a huge thank you to Aneylee for keeping these going while I was out of game. I would have been extremely sad if everyone had just stopped doing them, and let them disappear. And I am eternally grateful that someone kept them going in my absence. :D"

    In my post I am not taking sides. I understand whether by your choice or not you were not in-game. I am not saying you walked out on the decorating community and I apologize if that is how I came across. However what I stated was more your wording. I, for one, am very glad that Aney did step up and continue to do them as I play this game FOR the swaps. They are definitely the best part of this game. I was more upset that you decided that you would just push aside someone to take it back.

    I understand that you want to get back into things and pick up from where you left off which is great, but I was just trying to convey that people did step up to fill your shoes because what you created was amazing and we wanted them to continue, but I did find it rude that after 2 years you were just go to come back and not even talk to the people who stepped up.

    Homeshow is a family and we strive to really help each other out in every way we can. One thing we do though is TALK to someone. The people who stepped up deserve that respect. As I stated I have no issue with you hosting. I joined all the time when you did. It is not about taking side but trying to make sure that respect is given where deserved.
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  16. Misstake Active Member

    The "taking over" was based on the fact that you stated " I WILL be resuming the organizing of these 3 swaps. (And possibly either a new swap or possibly contest to be announced in detail at a later date.)" It would have been different if you had said you would like to or were hoping to, but you said "I WILL" and made sure that will was capped and in red so it was emphasized.
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  17. Misstake Active Member

    For the record when I stated she left the game it was the truth. I was not implying she left by choice or made a conscious decision to do it. To me the why was not the issue. And it has nothing to do with word of mouth but the fact that she was not on the game.

    Also you seem upset and so does Shan about someone taking it over, yet in the original post she was happy that it did not just not continue. She should be ecstatic about the fact that she created quite a few things that survived whether she was on the game or not because of how much the ideas rocked.
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  18. Iskatawna Member

    Exactly! I felt the caps were to emphasize a point and be sure we all knew you intended to take these back regardless of anyone's feeling about it. If that wasn't how you meant it to sound I apologize for the misconception. I don't believe anyone is choosing sides. When I pointed out that the decorators were a family & had each others backs, that included you & the swaps that someone stepped up & continued to run. Like Misstake pointed out however, communication is key. Regardless of what you decide to do... in game or out.. I wish you the best.. nothing more.
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  19. Sennae Member

    Welcome back, Shanette. I was so happy to see you had returned, your humor and creativity were missed.

    As for the rest.. Wow.. just wow. Did any of you talk to Shanette about your concerns over how her post could be misconstrued before ripping into her and making her feel unwelcome? As a couple of you said above.. communication is key.
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  20. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    Then it's simply a matter of reading out of context or missing my overall point. The emphasis on "I WILL" was supposed to convey enthusiasm because the 2 previous things, I had listed, I said I sadly wouldn't be able to do any longer, and wanted to express my happiness that I would be able to resume this one thing that I loved doing so much. I did not intend to come across as aggressive, rude or mean at all. I apologize if Aneylee or anyone, for that matter, saw it that way.

    I am happy that the swaps were kept going in my absence. What I am upset about is that now everyone is attacking me for wishing to host them again, so that I can feel involved in the decorating community once more, because I didn't give Aneylee the "courtesy and respect" of asking her permission, or whatever, when I was never given the same courtesy to begin with. Also I'm being read the riot act about communication, when that is a 2-way street. What was stopping Aneylee from asking me if I had any desire to resume hosting these swaps? She certainly had time to ask me to decorate a house for one of them with a week left to go, because someone had a RL emergency and needed to step away from from the project. And I did that gladly. Even though I went into it knowing I would not be receiving a home in return. Do you know why I did that? Because I didn't want Baeletha to walk into an empty home on reveal day, and because Aneylee was already busy with her own home to decorate for it. That's having someone's back.

    And I would do it again. For my friends.

    I apologize for whatever miscommunication there is.

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