Unique Raid Zones.. what happened?

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-xpraetorianx, Jun 22, 2012.

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    So.. I was thinking back recently and started to wonder a bit. What happened to raid specific zones that were unique in and of themselves? Not a redo of a similar heroic zone with the same layout and nearly the same named mobs.
    Seems with recent expansions the norm has been to take an already created zone and just rehash it into a raid zone. What happened to the uniqueness and thrill of going into a raid zone and actually exploring it because you didn't already know the layout?
    I understand it may be do to the fact of time and resources and I get that. But, I can't be the only one that thinks back to these things. I started playing this game when it first came out and caught the raiding bug with the first level 50's on my server. So i have been around as far as EQ2 goes (been through EVERY raid zone). I know theres alot of players out there back from even eq1 raiding...
    A few expansions ago soe was talking about the "power of the reveal" when it came to game design during fan faire and creating unique experiences for each type of player. This was only 2-3 years but doesnt seem to have translated well with new developers and people leaving and/or getting new roles...ect.ect. Sure unique experiences have come in the form of gameplay but not really uniqueness in "where" you choose to play.
    Don't get me wrong though as I am enjoying raid content for the most part right now.. but when you take a step back and compare it to past efforts it doesnt really have that "new car smell" lately if you know what i mean.
    Maybe this will strike up some conversations about old raid zones people really liked and maybe thinking back to some of the more unique zones not copied from other zones that people really enjoyed.
    For me, there were a few.. I really enjoyed alot of the T5 raid zones because it felt like you werent supposed to be there. Some of the zones you had to fight through heroic mobs to get to and it was a journey to get there. There wasnt just this "portal" to go somewhere that was safe from harm. Veeshan's Peak felt like an EPIC march towards a goal.. the same with Emerald Halls...
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    While I agree with you, it's not recent. Most T5-T6 raid zones were rehash of heroic zones.
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    xpraetorianx wrote:
    You're right, and you've answered your own question. Yes, unique raid zones are awesome. But they take a ton of development time for a relatively small percentage of the playerbase. Also, it's been expressed that only top-end raiders experience the storyline of EQ2 and other players only hear tidbits about it.
    If Rise of Kunark came out now, then Veeshan's Peak would be the only raid zone, and it would be split into 3 areas which would be the 3 heroic instances. The bosses would be the same between the zones, with just different buff packages.
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    Ragnaphore wrote:
    T7 as well. Only unique raid zone in DoF was Djinn Master, KoS had Lycuem and Deathtoll, EoF had Throne and MMIS, TSO had ZSI and YIS, and SF had Tox Lair. Everything else was rehash. I don't consider EoF's EH unique due to its very similar layout of of art assets from Lesser Faydark. Literally the samething. Though, same can be said for MMIS and Lycuem.
    Feldon, RoK was pretty much a raid oriented progression expansion pack. The group content for it sucked, while the raid and solo content was the core aspect of the expansion. Only rehashes from that were PR and Korsha raid layout wise.
    To the OP, rehashes have always been common in EQ2. Probably because using the engine is a complete chore to make new maps. Eh I don't know. I just get that feeling from it.

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