<Unholy Mercenaries> on Skyfire - Progression Raiding

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  1. Carynn Well-Known Member

    <Unholy Mercenaries> is recruiting the following raiders:


    We're a progression raid guild on Skyfire. We raid M/W 8p-10p CST. We're currently doing level 95 content. We have an FCC licensed DJ. We like friendly trolls.

    No dkp. No attendance policy. No real class restrictions. No one under 18, as this isn't Fortnite.

    DM me if interested!
  2. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Remember when raiding was always fun and no one cared if you didn't know what you were doing? Remember when you weren't required to have certain resolve and potency stats to be able to raid? Remember the feeling of logging in to raid just to raid and not spend hours grinding things to do so?

    You're in luck! <Unholy Mercenaries> is progression raiding level 95 content on Skyfire and the only requirement we have is that you're over 18. Bodies are needed to do content, but we don't try hard. We raid Monday & Wednesday, 8-10p CT. No DKP, no attendance policy. PL/Experts/Adorns provided for raiders.

    DM me if you're interested!
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