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    Maybe its because of the custom UI I am using, but I can't seem to find how to unhide my pet rat. Is there a command I can type in for this? I appreciate the help.
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    Typing /pet hide will hide the pet. once hidden typing /pet hide again will unhide it.
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    Thank you both for the help.
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    Since there are the two commands, I wanted to add some clarification.
    /pet hide
    This is a temporary hiding of the pet. Should the pet spell become uncast in any way, (such as your dying) it will stop hiding the pet.
    /pet options - click the shroud/hood on the window that pops up (small = on, large = off).
    This is a permanent hiding of the pet. To un-hide the pet once it has been hidden in this manner, you need to remove the hide toggle from the /pet options again.
    The /pet options command became a god-send (Sony-send?) for those who use buff pets, such as the god pets. In raids and in groups often buff pets just get in the way. They block the view, they died to the foe's aoe attacks, (supposedly fixed so they don't now), and when the healer clicks or presses the F# key to select you, if they did it twice, they got the pet instead.
    At first, Sony added the /pet hide command, but as noted above, any disruption to your spell would remove the /pet hide command, resulting in one more recast activity that was likely to be forgotten, especially when the raid or group was learning a new zone and dying a lot as a result.
    With the /pet options hide toggle being permanent, many choose instead to set it and forget it, and appreciate not having to remember to add one more activity to the mass of buffs and such in preparing for a hunt.
    I hope this helps explain the difference.
    ~ Cerilynn

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