Un-nerf Dirge Mythical Buff

Discussion in 'Scouts' started by Medro, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Medro New Member

    Please un-nerf the dirge mythical. The current mythical buff does not scale at all and with high end inflated gear the buff is becoming completely irrelevant. The difference between a dirge with their epic and without the epic is almost negligible aside from raidwide CoB. That is rather sad considering this is our class defining epic weapon.

    The original Dirge Myth used to scale so well. It was great in RoK and kept up well with gear inflation in TSO and SF. At this point why bother with it. Dirge is only class with an optional epic. All the other scouts keep getting better but the dirge has gotten weaker over time since the Mythical Buff got nerfed. Dirges may still be wanted in raids for other buffs but the class has been extremely weak solo and if pretty much a free kill in PvP. Dirges used to be so much more than just a buff/rez bot. So please restore the Dirge mythical to its former glory.
  2. Jokirr Member

  3. Medro New Member


    I have seen Coercer do twice the parse of dirges. How is that fair considering how much utility they bring to raid? Dirge is exceptionally weak right now due to having nerfed mythical buff.
  4. Gorion Member

    Good dirges compete with good coercers and both bring plenty of utility. As much as I miss the original mythy, it was overpowered and needed to be addressed. Dirge class is fine without it and is in zero danger of losing raid spots.
  5. Reecez New Member

    Good Coercers can do 600-900k and same with Dirges.
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  6. Mae- Well-Known Member

    Only if they unnerf the illy mythical proc back to 3 procs per person instead of one.
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  7. Jokirr Member

    Dirges can beat coercers most of the time. Also what utility do i bring? PoM, CH...hate buffs?? Dirge brings the same stuff i do lolol.

    Like Gorion said it was overpowered and it was addressed.
  8. Jokirr Member

    Now that is an issue! and I agree it needs to go back to 3, coe prestige seemed to have helped but 3 triggers again would be fantastic :)
  9. Estred Well-Known Member

    +1 on the Illy one, CoE helped their regen but they don't compare to the raid-regen of coercers.

    Dirges were competing Assasins and other T2-T1 dps scouts including Brigands back in SF due to their Mythical. "unnerffing" to me just reads you want your parse-topping skill back. Dirges are not T1 DPS and are not meant to be. They should be on par with other Utility regardless of mage vs scout and they are I see equally geared Dirges/Troubs parse just as well as Illy/Coercers
  10. Medro New Member

    There is more to this game than just raiding. In solo and PvP dirges have real issues. In SF dirge was one of the best questing classes. Now questing is so slow on dirge and if I get two mobs on me it can be trouble quick because the first one won't be dead by the time fear wears off on the second one. Our solo dps has not kept up with the rest of the game even if high end raiders are happy with the status quo. The old mythical was really good because it worked well without a whole bunch of additional buffs from other classes. Dirges used to have everything they needed in one package.
  11. Mae- Well-Known Member

    You just described what it was like doing the signature line on my illy and troub. Welcome to being a utility class.
  12. Gorion Member

    If you're undergeared, the current mythical proc is very powerful, and way better than most other mythicals. It doesn't scale as well with better gear, but that doesn't seem to be your issue. Also, with the number of lifetaps dirges have now, in addition to VoN, it's one of the easiest classes to solo on. Add in a healer merc and I don't see how you could possibly die in solo content with appropriate gear.

    I can't speak towards pvp since I don't really care for it, but the mythical was nerfed way down while in pvp for a long time anyway because it was so gamebreaking.

    Either way, the old mythical isn't coming back. You're better off asking for other, more realistic changes.
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  13. Estred Well-Known Member

    Sadly yes Soloing a utility is slow, not easy and aggravating at times I solo'd an Illusionist from lvl 1-90 (not an easy task) but I did it. I then learned the class with some friends then pugs and now she is a raid-alt. This game has always been balanced around Grouping meaning some weakness will show Solo because we as classes are designed to flourish with the help of others even Tanks have their limits. The most "overpowered" soloer is an Inquis/Fury/Mystic basically the dps-healers because they can never die with the right setups.

    The signature line is also a Duo-Line all the Advanced Solo Zones are set up for 2 players to be in them and in some cases almost require some help. I guess here is my nasty side speaking "Be glad its not like the KoS line for the Mark of the Awakened or Prismatics where you needed a full group and even a RAID to finish your signature lines." Those days are long gone and while I personally miss them I won't spew my nostalgic love of older-content because I never played Pre-RoK at level... therefore my view is skewed.
  14. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    That´s what i was thinking, doing the questline from coe with my dirge. Even dps wise, a medium geared dirge can bring in some goodies and some dps (don´t forget the battlerezz on the dirge ^^).
  15. Errrorr Well-Known Member


    Dirge Myth was totally OP in its old form, compared to most other myths. Its still one of the better ones. 20% Flurry and Potency (Or even 25% I can't remember)? Pretty good compared to a troubs 15% Crit chance, or a monks 15% MA.
  16. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Should've been auto mod or weapon damage bonus instead of flurry.

    But no.
  17. Medro New Member

    I don't understand why people are saying the old buff was over powered. Dirges are not allowed to DPS? This makes no sense especially when we have DPS healers and DPS tanks. Shadowknights and Brawlers could always parse high. This was true even back in SF before there was a reckless stance. A good mystic or inquisitor could also really tear things up and even saw occasional fury back in the day that could really parse. Dirges are the only one who really got slammed on with nerfs though.

    You guys ever question why there might be a dirge shortage in EQ2? Is this concept too hard to comprehend that maybe people don't want play a class that is just for buffs and rezing and serves no purpose outside of raid. The current game balance has pigeon holed the dirge into the most narrow role imaginable. You say they have a guaranteed raid slot but who is going to play them. If someone offered me a raid position on my dirge I would say: "no thanks. I will stick to my swashbuckler."
  18. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    No one is saying dirges aren't allowed to DPS, they are saying they aren't allowed to DPS more than classes that have SIGNIFICANTLY less utility than dirges. Dirges were doing exactly that before the nerf which is very bad for balance.You are wasting your time if you want dirges to do much more DPS than they are now. You would have better luck asking for new secondary stances for scouts, mages and priests.
  19. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    This thread is amusing because I could hit top 3 on TSO parses and I frequently topped SF parses before joining Equilibrium. And even in Equilibrium when I was still playing a dirge I could hit top 3 on a few fights, including hardmode Vaclaz.

    The dirge mythical most definitely needed to be nerfed. And it would be just as OP now. But it still should've been auto mod or wdb instead of flurry.

    As far as being useless outside of raids, dirges are still one of the best solo classes.
  20. Medro New Member

    So what, you got top 3 on the parse with a dirge who cares.

    You don't even play Dirge anymore Buffrat. Why is that? I think your actions in class choice speak louder than your words. Hypocrite much how come you stopped playing dirge and picked up another class as your main? Dirge not good enough for you since the nerf. It is OK to admit it. You are not the only one who made that choice. Not every dirge was parsing top 3 in TSO but a lot of old time players gave up on dirge and moved on to bigger and better things.

    There is a real point to what I am saying here. The current dirge is an extremely weak class that can't DPS and gets out parsed by healers and tanks. This is in addition to the other point of the class being terrible at questing and can't solo or PvP. Players themselves are abandoning the class that is why there is a dirge shortage on every server. Guilds are recruiting but nobody is apping. Dirges just are NOT balanced anymore with where other classes are at in the current game.

    The original dirge myth buff was nice but not over powered. If a few bad DPS players get out parsed by a really good dirge it is not the end of the world. What is really bad though is that guilds can't find enough dirges to fill the slots because many players including yourself have abandoned the class.

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