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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Xorlin, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. Xorlin New Member

    We’re some former end game raiders from some great past guilds who are coming together to play on the new Varsoon server. Our team plays quite a bit, so we are looking for others who do the same. We're looking for like minded, knowledgeable, passionate individuals who would like to experience the full range of raid content.

    We like to have fun, joke around, and be merry as long as we get the job done. If this sounds like the kind of guild you want to join in, we'd love to have ya. Feel free to visit us on our Discord and just say “Hi”. https://discord.gg/vjQpd23ZTn

    Our class interests right now:

    We're considering any class if you are confident you could be a good fit for our raid force. Send a Tell to Xorlin, Choatly, Norgoz, or Jaylah in the game.

    Raid times:
    Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday (optional) 9:30pm EDT.
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  2. Xorlin New Member

    Classes updated.
  3. Kombatalist New Member

    Good luck Xorlin!

    I can only imagine a guild leader that doesn't know Fusion is an AoE will only accomplish great things!
  4. Xolve New Member

    Missed opportunity to name the guild <ALL THE BATS>
  5. Lexxah Member

    I look forward to your beta Vox kills.
  6. Xorlin New Member

    It's an AoE? Lies!!!
  7. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Good luck on Varsoon.

    also your discord link has expired.
  8. Xorlin New Member

    Hey Zenji! Thanks for the heads up on the link. I fixed it. Are you playing at all on Varsoon?
  9. Xorlin New Member

  10. Xorlin New Member


    We have a solid core right now (minus a couple questionable spots). However, we're always considering anyone that can make our raid times and that knows and plays their class well.
  11. Xorlin New Member

    Updated classes

    We are playing some in beta for fun.
  12. Laalon2 Active Member

    Your raid times fit what I'd be looking for, so I'm interested. I will have a dirge and can play it well, but I'd prefer Swash if you need that? Either way, can send me a message here, or I'll jump on the discord later, and maybe talk to someone in game in beta.
  13. Xorlin New Member