Uber Summoner DPS

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Vogie, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Daray Well-Known Member

    Please make the casting of numerous swarm pets not lag the raid out. Particularly painful when Veta is resetting his every 30s.

    Or just delete his hammer.
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  2. Ratitz Active Member

    Or make the hammer equip-able by all classes but necromancers.
  3. Dotuming Active Member

    We have been noticing a lot of lag as well in raids since another summoner got a reset item. They usually blame me but now i just blame the necro with 50 swarms running amok.

    Suggestion! What you could do is for conjies get rid of the earthen communion pet and compensate the other 2. Then get rid of 2 of the 3 fishies from aqueous swarm and just call it...um aqueous fishy...or dat fish?

    Then from necros you could get rid of 10 or 11 of the 12 from undead horde and just call it a couple of dead guys with bad attitudes?
    Do the same with blighted horde and go down to 1...you could call it Stinky guy..or Decomposing corpse guy!
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  4. sycla Active Member

    If they do that they will have to make the swarm immune to all damage for the 6 secs its up
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  5. Stimps Member

    Maybe I can put blighted horde back on my hotbar?
  6. Entropy Well-Known Member

    I believe they're already looking into combining swarms into one entity in raid zones. Should see during xpac beta.
  7. Caith Developer

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  8. Kandder New Member

    Just caught patch notes! Thats the first time I have seen a correction like this in such a short period of time. Im looking forward to seeing the adjustments after servers come back up. Really hated seeing Dev Strike out parse my main class lore lol. Thanks DB!
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  10. Mrmacky Active Member

    Id be willing to change my heartbound target to you after this patch
    You wanna come over for some brunch? :D
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  11. Stimps Member

    So our spells are operating at 42% efficiency?
  12. Veta Well-Known Member

    30%, I was fairly close in my post on page 2, being off by 3.3%. /Highfive_self (#variance op)
  13. Mrmacky Active Member

  14. Sebekian New Member

    It's pretty clear that the devs favor Summoners over Sorcerers, and have for a long time now. It's almost like they want to phase out the wizards and warlocks or something and want them all to play pet classes like summoners and beastlords. I've never understood the concept of making more difficult classes to play with pretty much 0 utility and making them have to struggle to keep up with classes that have a good bit of utility and are easy to play. Look at the landscape of pet classes, excluding the Channeler, they're all the most powerful classes in the game. Sorcerers have had to struggle for 2-3 years now to keep up with Summoners but nobody ever listens to us, Using Daray as a guideline for wizard balance isn't a good choice because everyone knows he's exceptional/is not the average case for wizards.. Summoners have their damage balanced and within 2-3 weeks it's turned over again to make them more powerful than others... Favoritism should not be present in a game that people pay money to play but when one archetype (Sorcerers) is basically ignored for 1-2 years and the other sees changes within a month, something is clearly unbalanced/another archetype is being favored. Every class in raid needs to have a proper role or they're not going to be desired/will have a tough time getting into good guilds.

    Shaman (pet class): Most powerful healer
    Beastlord (pet class): Most powerful dps potential
    Summoners (pet class): Easy classes to play with a limited amount of spells and a few pets that do insane amounts of damage. When a summoner casts 3 spells and dpses as much as other classes in raid, that's a bit much.

    I don't know why the people at Daybreak favor pet classes over the rest but I'm still hoping maybe they'll show some love to the rest of us and balance things for once instead of ignoring the rest of us.

    Wizard of Sovin NaiZ
  15. Mrmacky Active Member

    Im only casting 3 spells thursday
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  16. Sebekian New Member

    Go for it, you probably will still do fairly well just doing that, my issue isn't with you Macky, nor is it an attack on you in any form. I consider you a friend and know you're an excellent player. My issue is that Sorcerers are difficult to play and in general don't have the DPS output that they should for the amount of effort that is required to try to line everything up absolutely perfectly all the time.

    I play both Summoner classes also in heroic instances, pretty much every day, they're really fun to play and I like them, but I can tell you from a playing standpoint, they are much more straightforward and easier to do high DPS on than either Sorcerer class. I can take my Conj or Necro and tank zones, heal people, have stoneskins, necro has res, conj has COH, that allows for a lot of flexibility/utility. Sorcerers have zero utility, are fairly difficult to play well and require a lot of luck with resets/things lining up perfectly to parse properly.

    I understand wanting to preserve your class being at the top of the parse, it's what we all want, to look like we're successful and doing our roles in raid well. Try to look at it from an outside perspective for other people who also try hard, and because of the mechanics of their class, often fall short/look like they're not trying. I can talk about the issue from the standpoint of playing all 4 classes in both archetypes for some years now. The Summoners on this thread got frustrated because their DPS was impacted/more even with others for a month, try having that be the case for 2-3 years with nothing ever being done to fix the issue.
  17. Caith Developer

    It was a 30% reduction.
  18. Veta Well-Known Member

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  19. Veta Well-Known Member

    When asked what percentage they were sharing you stated,
    From the reading it made it seem like they were only receiving 30% of the stats. So he was asking if it is now sharing 42% (30% +12%) or the other alternative 33.6% (30% * 1.12), instead of 30%.
  20. Stimps Member

    Thanks Veta,

    So if it was 100% then dropped 30 and now is back up 12%

    It should be at 82% share?
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