Uber Summoner DPS

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Vogie, Aug 8, 2016.

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    Are you going for the irony here, where this is like dumb Trump supporters being somehow convinced that America isn't great, even though it's never been better and has been on par with the other "T1 nations" for years?

    Because if so, and I hope this is the case, I appreciate your wit and complex humor, good sir!

    If I just killed your joke by explaining it then I humbly apologize and I owe you a beer.

    (Edit: the only reason I really posted this was because, of the first two people to Like your post, one of them clearly gets it and the other one is an arrogant fool. The comparison to our election woes added yet another layer of irony and I got a ton of satisfaction out of your single-hashtag post.... probably way more than you intended.)
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    Our summoner is still doing quite well without a hammer and scouts are capable of topping the parse despite the lack of conversions.
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    Well first of all, i've always had that toon. it just wasn't in rawr. I renamed my dirge to Pitta when I switched because on that server sykle was taken. Everyone knows my dirges name was Pitta before I got drundered. (also why my vent handle was pitta in every vent I go into)
    I went to sovin nai because I had about 9 friends who recently started raiding there, and if I am going to part-time raid anywhere, I want it to be with people who I have known for years, and with a guild where all of its members actually try to do their jobs.
    I will admit, posting the parse you sent me wasn't very nice, but it was the only parse I had where you topped the parse, because I moved to college that week and lost all of my previous logs.
    So I apologize for any confusion as to my motives for posting such things.
    You had asked for other summoners, so I tried to fill your request to the best of my ability.
    But anyway.
    #Makesummonersevenwithalltheothertieronesagain #ohwaititalreadyhappened
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    I usually beat summoners, i'm not entirely sure what this thread is all about. (I'm a Scout)
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    Correction: that would be 50% even (wheres the math police when u need them)

    Who asked for that? certainly not me

    No..There you go "again"..

    Posting parses of other guilds (#1 WW) summoners, after you've posted your own isn't boasting? Even though you are not on it? c'mon...

    Because relevant data they provide not.

    a 21 sec (raid) parse to show how good dumbfires still are?? what the...

    This "discussion" thread isn't an actual discussion anymore...

    I've made my arguments and despite that some of the so called community authorities choose to completely ignore them but instead bury them under pages and pages of irrelevant and skewed data i can can only hope some dev will take the time to dig trough it all because i refuse to believe that i have to repeat myself every page in order to be heard.

    Have a nice day

  9. Yards Well-Known Member

    Why not provide some " relevant, unskewed data ".
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    Right. If you aren't actually going to provide the data, don't say that everything that everyone else puts in is invalid and skewed. I have yet to see any actual parses from you. And when I do, I expect that they will be completely unskewed of all variables, where everyone is on equal footing in terms of gear, skill levels, etc. because that's all you seem to be focused on.
    I await your next post.
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  11. Mrmacky Active Member

    I was going to post something but black eyed peas started playing on the radio so instead I will give you my Microsoft word template... ctrl v 20 second parse I used erillisieoai god spell... got myth crits and everyone else was afk... look nerf me ..parse followed by shallow information followed by passive aggressiveed-ness
    then you have other people post the opposite and all of it will be ignored by devs because none of it matters
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  12. Easiette Member

    Buried under several pages

    raw data with as little differences in stats as possible

    no procs, single target

    Just for you Rat, because at least you don't make 1 sentence posts poking ppl with a stick
  13. Yards Well-Known Member

    I posted that because you were ragging on someone who was actually posting parses, info, etc. While on the other hand you were giving no information but then come back with this comparing your temp pets to your own spells like what kind of substance does that bring to the table. The debate on this thread is if summoner dps is still comparable to other t1's, not what their temp pets do compared to their other spells.
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    Bless you Sykle, making friends in the new guild I see <3
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  15. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Just there's 18 pages of summoners saying this isn't a good thing and there's one an alt saying yes this is great woot we come in behind other competent t1 now.
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  16. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Easiette did no buffs no clickies a raw break up of what's doing what now.
  17. Easiette Member

    That decides who? you?
    The thread is about summoner dps, with reference to the recent adjustments, to our class defining abilities: dumbfire's..should i have made a new topic instead for you to poke at?
    But i can understand that you couldn't care less about how summoners are played and do their damage.

    All those raid parses that you find so informative are skewed by a lot of variables, pre-clicks, class mechanics, skill, diety use, etc its not just me saying that.
    They look different in each guild, each encounter, each fight duration, lag, etc etc etc (well u did it, u made me repeat myself, grats)

    I give you relevant (at least for summoners) and unskewed data about our class defining abilities and you say it brings no substance to the table, despite that they are the most exact numbers you will find in this thread
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  18. Yards Well-Known Member

    It's not a question of what ability is doing what dps, its if you can compete with other t1 dps. If I break down my parse there is like 2 actual class spells that are in my top 10 all the rest are either aa abilities, diety spells, or buffs from other classes. My point is I'm not entirely sure what comparing necro abilities to other necro abilities is really providing. I understand that well played scouts are pretty much dominating parses right now and mages can't keep up, however if you compare t1 mage classes I would say they are pretty balanced at the moment. There is a little bit of a difference in max dps potential between some but nothing catastrophic.
  19. Yards Well-Known Member

    Ok, I understand now, you want to hit a few temp pets and go afk and top the parse. You should have said that to begin with instead of beating around the bush.
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  20. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    My argument is that the temp pets are doing less damage now then when they changed the coding for swarms its like they said well to fix this ferv thing is too hard so we will copy and paste the code we used for the progression server swarms .swarm damage was set at the right level for ages it's just that ferv thing and then the added group buffs to swarms was the breaker.