Uber Summoner DPS

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  1. Xellium Active Member

    As stated before these changes did not only effect summoners.
    I posted evidence that there was a 60% nerf to Protoflame.
    Also pre buff Protoflame was the 3d most efficient single target spell for me.
    Post Buff it was #1.
    Post nerf it is now #12 in my rotation just above Glacial Wind (Encounter Spell).
    Am I Lying? No... No I am not.

    Apparently I am the only wizard left that even cares or even noticed.
    Everyone else just rolled a BL.

    It pretty annoying to be a good Wizard but have 0 chance of competing with any other good player on other T1 classes.

    The real problem is that damage was not adjusted on a per spell basis by adjusting base damage.
    Instead we got a blanket (Unknown) adjustment to how all dumbfires share with player stats.
    Poor game design, and 16 pages of you fanboys saying how great this stupid change is doesn't make me feel any better about it.
  2. Mrmacky Active Member

    They are crushing the parse everytjme that it matters? Lol we have some of the fastest kill times we also so yes they are crushing it. They were doing equal dps to summoners pre nerf. So yes they are crushing it. I would post a weapon of war parse a parse that's longer than 30 seconds but we'd probably get banned #insidejoke
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  3. Rondo9 Active Member

    That doesn't sound right, It was never top parser for me when they were broken or after the first fix.
  4. Xellium Active Member

    I'm talking top efficiency not top parser.
    I'm not including Frozen Rain.
  5. Ratitz Active Member

    Well then, why don't we use on of the other extremely good summoners out there, in comparison to the other tier 1 dps in their raid. This example is from the #1 raiding guild worldwide, according to the progression site.
    (00:21) Ojuti the Vile: 6177351343 Daray-Fiery Blast-3,107,320,387
    Daray | 888390017 wizard
    Vetax | 727840500 necro with hammer
    Facer | 713516935 warlock with hammer
    Pyrro | 500312816 conj without hammer
    Ilyri | 483746493 illy
    Exart | 401931865 necro without hammer
    Linku | 306084988 coercer
    Lyncd | 302919909 wizard
    Neilo | 297798895 ranger with hammer
    Death | 284748100 assassin

    Lets look at the breakdowns of all the summoners, for reference points to swarm pets dps.
    I see this parse riddled with swarm pets. you have undead horde, if you combine the damage of all the pets, was your hardest hitting ability, if not very close. Since you can cast it every 30 seconds (give or take 5s for procs), I expect this to be true on longer fights as well. Even blighted horde did 65m dps!! This is still very good for the ability. Now for conj. Pyrro is even more geared, and uses the same preclickies that I do, so his breakdown should be similar to mine.

    Oh, would you look at that. Communion doing a whopping 39% of his parse!! if that doesn't say "swarm pets are still useful", then I don't know what does.
    Granted, this is a spike fight, so that's a variable you have to consider. I guess we can debate this by using a separate, longer fight.
    Now, this is one example that I do not have a breakdown for, because it was sent to me. But I guess we can still use it, because its the best single target parser in the game.
    Summoner OP.
    Wow look at all those scouts, lacking in dps because of bad conversions, lag problems, death, and other variables that I don't know happened, or don't have time to explain.
    Scouts clearly need help on the parse, because they cant beat nerfed classes.
    Moving on to another fight that I do have a breakdown for.
    (01:12) Captain Graybeard: 5158444111 Vetaxz-Searing Passion-2,552,253,074
    Facer | 637037394
    Vetax | 488036350
    Daray | 472081525
    Pyrro | 394471945
    Ilyri | 394225124
    Death | 326039181
    Exart | 283872721
    Linku | 222457136
    Lyncd | 220435839
    Sykle | 207684282 << Hey look, theres me!!
    This supports my argument that I am in fact not the only summoner who is actively competing on parses in the top 10 guilds. While you are behind the warlock by a significant amount, I think the hammer works better for the warlock than it does a necro at this point, with the exception of undead horde.
    To prove this, lets look at a comparison of abilities.
    As you can see, having 2 reset items on a warlock benefits them in the following ways: they can get 3 full increment spikes in a matter of 50 seconds, because of the nature of dark siphoning. Plaguebringer and apocalypse do more damage than the necro ""equivalents"" i:e: Rot Flesh and Soulrot (taking into account that Veta had a 1/3 rot flesh fabled, and yards didn't have any lucky crits).
    Conj time!!! (same fight, equal gear with the exception of a hammer)
    If you add up the 3 damage sources from communion, it does roughly 7.5-8% of his parse, compared to 6% of the next highest ability. Communion is still the highest parsing ability that conjurors have, despite the recent summoner nerf.

    Everyone was complaining about me boasting. Everyone was asking for other summoners compared to other comparable tier 1 dpsers. Well....
    There you go.
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  6. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    I got a feeling they just copied and pasted the RTT and Event servers swarm pet code on to the live servers what I don't understand is why they didn't adjust the fervor sharing value down why smash all stats that really hurts solo heroic values ,raids is also down on what it was originally.Does any one know if the new way scales as things go on?
  7. Ratitz Active Member

    also... whut.
  8. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    They changed the damage amount down on those servers at the start they were smashing stuff.
  9. Ratitz Active Member

    Oh ok.
  10. Kham Active Member

    R E K T
  11. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    I am worried when I see that parse the necros is 20% down on the warlock/wiz, the conj with out a hammer has no chance . Can't see what's going on in the weapon of war parse there's no break down. What classes are the scouts?
  12. Entropy Well-Known Member

    Al I can see from those Rev parses is: NERF SORCERERS.

    (Just kidding, obviously. I just wanted to get in on this nerf parade. Sponsor for the Nerf Day Parade? Morton's, of course.)
  13. Veta Well-Known Member

    And it is still lower than your ranger and beastlord, so scouts don't need help. You've posted some of my lower parses on some of these fights, congratz. I was hoping you would show off my 1.2bil captains, guess I am not always lucky (you seem upset so I did not really expect you to), which your t1 scouts have destroyed. Difference is that I am respectul enough of other guilds that I don't show their parses that are linked to me or post any of them. Maybe I'll turn this thread into a "what does veta parse thread" and post my breakdowns.
  14. Yards Well-Known Member

    incoming nerf veta thread.
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  15. Gawronich Member

    "Searing Passion"-What is this skill ?
  16. Rondo9 Active Member

    Nothing move along
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  18. Veta Well-Known Member

    You won't see breakdowns of it unless someone from Rev posts it. He left the guild saying he was in school and grades were important to him a week ago. He then put an alt in Rawr, named it Sykle, then transferred his main dirge to SN and named it Pitta, rather than leaving on a good note. Sovin Nai's raids start and end 30minutes later.

    His clear objective, which can be seen by the 2nd statement, was mostly to insult. He broke down a hammer necro parse over 20seconds, rather than where Undead Horde would be on a 5minute parse, without reset. As you can see, he won't post breakdowns from his guild in the last week, which is understandable (I know the reasoning behind it). That guild has 2 amazing scouts who are ripping parses, yet, scouts need those conversions.
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  19. Kham Active Member

    actually veta, he posted what he had, and it wasnt to insult, it was to show that summoners are in a good spot. its not like your near the bottom of those parses...
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  20. Kham Active Member

    and just 2?