Tyranny Of Status Points

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Drona, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. Drona Well-Known Member

    Why does many items you unlock cost millions of status points to buy? I am sure there is a cash shop item for sale but it seems really counter productive.

    I am at a point in this expansion cycle where there is nothing for me to do other than raid on my main as I don't need anything from heroics. So I go and level an alt and find that I need 20 million SP to buy the celestial cloak which I already unlocked. I need 14 million for rune, 2 million for armour pattern etc. This creates a very negative impression so I give up and go do something else like play another game. If this wasn't the case, the chances are I would have paid real money upgrading ascension for my alts which won't be happening now....

    My point is, you can only milk the cow so much...
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  2. Marranda Active Member

    I agree seems if u want to play an alt and u don't have millions of status. There isn't a way to get the status to gear up, Unless your willing to spend CASH on status items! I have ran pqs trying to get a green adornment yet none drop, so went to look on the npc only to find they want almost 30mil for one and almost 40mil for the other! LOL that would cost 100mil for 3 green adorns. The game is no longer alt friendly sadly. Most people get bored about now in the xpacs and this is where alts come in. Until you see that the status needed and the status u have isn't gonna make that alt the way you want it. And I would have spent cash to upgrade ascensions but wont now. o_O
  3. Feara Well-Known Member

    It feels like hitting a brick wall no matter which direction you turn.
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  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I just grumble about it with regards to Guild Halls; I had to abandon one I'd "inherited" because even if I'd pared all the amenities down to nothing, there still wasn't any way my mid-level toons were going to be able to keep the doors open, even if I just focused on nothing but that server. :-/

    My question is: where the heck are people getting these millions upon millions of status points that the Powers think we'll be able to afford this stuff? Are there actual items on the Marketplace you can buy and turn in to an NPC merchant in exchange for status? And if so, isn't that Pay-To-Win? >:-/

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  5. Tajar Well-Known Member

    My former main character had 200mill status at the start of this expansion, which she had accrued mostly from raiding and heroics and stuff in PoP. I always did weeklies and dailies etc, and nothing really cost too much status so it just accrued. Now she is down to under 100Mill from having to spend some it this expansion.

    I understand that they want to make us burn through some status, and honestly it's not a big deal for my toon that had it all. But I changed toon, and the new one struggles. I spend status a lot faster than I earn it. For raiding I am supposed to use the best powerlinks and potions etc, but the recipes are 370k EACH to make 3 powerlinks... Her armour upgrades are at a tier now that cost nearly 2 million and will go up more yet (I think Myth T4 cost 3mill?)

    If we're paying out of our nose to unlock it on our mains, it should cost much less to unlock it for alts/switching mains.
  6. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    Probably the same place where they think we can get the millions of plat to buy a krono off the broker... I'm sure that via PvE it would take what... a year of straight farming to earn that much? I'm not talkin about selling a rare shiny to another person..I'm talkin about earning plat from the game itself (not another player)....
    I've come to farming old raid zones / etc... to find doodads to sell for status... even then its only a drop in the 30 million status bucket.
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  7. MightyMeaghan Member

    Um... Don't players set the prices of Krono, not Daybreak?
  8. Drona Well-Known Member

    Yes but daybreak can influence it since it.
  9. GrunEQ Well-Known Member

    I think they want you to buy mercs and sell them back for status.
  10. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    ohh, my sweet summer child..
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  11. Drona Well-Known Member

    Yes pretty much. Mercs are pretty useless for the most part so they don't really make much money by selling them so this is just another way to make money.
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  12. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    What crazy superstition is this? In-game economies are player-driven! (Don't believe me? There is quite a lot of scholarship out there derived from studying game economies, including EQ2, because economists and sociologists are looking at how in-game economies mirror the real world outside of games).

    One Krono is about US$15 to purchase with a RMT, a steady price that has not been changed. But the price of Krono has varied from a couple of hundred plat (on Fallen Gate) to the millions of plat you now see (on Maj'Dul and elsewhere). That's because inflationary economies in-game (largely due to plat exploits flooding the economy and inadequate cash sinks taking plat out of the economy) lower the actual purchasing power of plat/gold. The Krono is always worth $15, but we as players decide how many plat we're willing to exchange for that $15-worth of Krono.

    It makes you go do daily and weekly heroics to get status, for one thing. That keeps the heroic content populated and fun for the people who aren't elite raiders.
  13. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I just pray for double status weekends and then pull lots of someones out of mothballs and get those BIG Three guide quests done. Whenever I know they are offering those quests, everybody gets logged in and the spreadsheets come out and its verified that everybody has those quests so I am ready to go at a moment's notice that a double status weekend is occurring. If you cannot do the CD guide quest yet, even two of the BIG Three can really stock that door with status!!!

    I keep a T4 open by myself, the status is almost 850K per week. And I only have one character that is 110 Adventure/110 Crafting. If I can do it Uwk, with my stable that is half as big as yours, you can do it too!!!! I have faith in you!!!
  14. Beanno New Member

    Ah there's the rub. DB moves Krono to USD$30 or USD$10 and plat will fluctuate up or down. Like a Central Bank raising or lowering interest rates and credit tightens or loosens. DB can influence the economy in that and other ways. But many of those ways to benefit players will cost DB cash.
    Running dailysssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  15. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately they've done a really bad job of incentivizing the heroics this expac..
    1) There is nothing to do with the piles of extra gems we get
    2) the meta collections are uninspiring compared to the amount of effort needed to obtain them
    3) no-trade, no-value nature of the armor that we have to DELETE (not sell, not transmute, not salvage)
    There is nothing very interesting as drops in the zone and nothing we need to save up tokens to buy.

    Heroics (and PQs) tend to be busy right after and right before the celestial quests reset and much quieter between as a result.
  16. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Shoot I have a Tier 4 too and it's over a million status, can't remember exactly what it is now I'm not logged in. But yea I wait for the double status weekends, a save all my status loot until then and then sell it. I used to do although I've gotten lazy lately 7 tradeskill rush orders a day, takes about 15 - 20 minutes and that covered it with doing nothing else. I have probably 30 million status on the door, and almost all of my girls have 30+ million status on them. It isn't that hard at all. Shoot if you don't want to do the ts writs the daily harvesting gives some too do that on 4 or 5 and your covered, not even that if you have a tier 1 or tier 2. The harvesting takes longer though than the writs do.
  17. Drona Well-Known Member

    crazy superstition? nah, its called economics and more precisely monetary policy :) What do you think central banks in real world does? Daybreak has control over the supply of plat in game (same as central bank printing money) given this they can influence the in game price of Krono. Its that simple. All they had to do was to create an item which sells for 100 million plat to an NPC and give it out to all the players. What do you think will now happen to the price of Krono?

    There is sweet spot for everything. I think they have overshot the mark here. I see an item which is 30 million status and I will say screw that and don't even bother.

    Now imagine if you are new or returning player.... How many 1000s of heroics they need to run to make 30 million status? :)

    The carrot has to dangle just in front of you to give the illusion that its within reach.
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  18. Rhodris Well-Known Member

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  19. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    No, they can't move the price of Kronos, because from the start they made it equivalent to the price of a one month subscription. In order to control inflation using Krono, they'd have to raise the cost of a one month subscription, which would cause massive revolts.

    The only workable tool DBG has to control inflation is to keep introducing plat sinks. At the start of the game, house rents and repairs worked well enough. I remember a scandal back on Lucan D'Lere server that involved somebody gifting someone else with 84p... the reason it was talked about was not the salacious elements of the tale (which were pretty entertaining), but wondering how the heck anyone had such a massive amount of cash such that they could GIVE AWAY 84 whole plat!

    But after a number of plat exploits, waaayyy too much money got introduced into the economy. The old plat sinks weren't enough, and repair costs had even been lowered. And of course, a savvy house decorator can offset both money and status rent on a house with careful selection of high RSR items and the Loyalty Treasure Hoards.

    Mercenaries helped a tiny bit, because people tend to keep them up all the time, but they don't cost enough per hour to make them a good plat sink. Plat imbuing, however, can eat tens of thousands of plat very quickly, so it's helping. My gut feel, however, is that money is not being removed fast enough from the economy still.

    It's HARD to reduce inflation. Merchants (that's us, selling stuff on the broker) are highly resistant to lowering prices (you can, however, see that broker prices are slowly coming down on a lot of things). People who have been used to getting 100plat for a shiny in Auction are reluctant to drop their prices too (where people used to ask for 100Kp, now they're asking for 50Kp). The cash supply has to drop enough that people can't easily buy things at the high pricing levels. Consumers (again, that's players) have to stop spending money on frivolous purchases in-game in high enough numbers that sellers on the broker and Auction finally start dropping their prices.

    The belt-tightening aspect of inflation reduction is aggravating to consumers, who feel that they can't afford anything. It's aggravating to sellers, who feel they need to get more money for what they're selling. This does make players cranky: if DBG is successful in adding enough plat sinks to bring inflation down, it's going to feel to us a lot like the Real World Great Recession for a bit. So DBG has to balance the need to control inflation with pitchfork-and-torch-waving mobs of cranky players.

    If DBG wanted to instantly control the inflation, they could just strip everybody of all in-game currency at once. This would be unfair to a lot of people, but it would force an economy reset. However, this would tend to upset players way more than more gradual means.
  20. Lateana Well-Known Member

    When all of your characters have done the Big Three Guide quests, there really isn't anyway to get a large enough influx of status for alts. Especially if you have been spending it bit by bit this expansion and you have virtually nothing left.

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