Two Requests for Petamorphs

Discussion in 'Look and Feel' started by ARCHIVED-Ykiphia1, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Ykiphia1 Guest

    1. The baby dragon petamorph is one of my favorites, I love its waddling, fire-breathing animation as it races after monsters--especially huge raid mobs. May we please have more colors? Green, blue, silver, a spirit version, maybe?
    2. Two petamorphs have very insistent sound effects. Both the frog and the sheep create enormous ill-will when I show up to raids with them. Please, please reduce the frequency with which they baaah and ribbit. It makes me sad when I receive tells informing me that my pet is giving people migranes. The Golden Monkey chitters but it is much quiter and less frequent, perhaps you could use that as a baseline for the others.
  2. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    Edith@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Yes please to both. I don't have the frog or sheep, but I most definately have heard them in action! Their noise makes me not want to buy them. And I've got 3 mystics and a defiler. I know about noisy chatty pets. (though I don't even notice them anymore, maybe they quieted the dogs?).
  3. ARCHIVED-Cloudrat Guest

    I want a refund for all the wands I bought for necromancer cloudrats because the illusion wont stick on then master tank pet if i leave the ground for even a second .
  4. ARCHIVED-Leawyn Guest

    Edith@Lucan DLere wrote:
    1. I love the baby dragons too =)
    2. As long as they don't nerf the cow in the process... because the epic mooing is awesome.

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