Two Players Looking for Raid Guild, Willing to Transfer

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  1. Koko Well-Known Member

    About Us
    We are two members of “Koko & Friends,” and are very accustomed to playing together. We have played MMOs together for over five years, across a variety of games. We are both competitive and loyal players, and are skillful mechanically and conceptually in the games that we play.

    • 2 players
      • Freeport server
      • Reliable (95 to 100% attendance)
      • Thick skinned
      • Knowledgeable
        • Game mechanics
        • Class abilities/roles/capabilities
        • Timers
        • ACT
        • Excel
        • VBA
      • Apt in communication based software (Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Skype, EQII client)
        • Admin experience (Ventrilo 2007-2011, Teamspeak 2005-2007)
        • Mics
    We are open to compromise. A guild does not need all the following requirements; however a guild that aligns will most or all will be more readily considered. Server is not an issue, but we would like to listen in to a few raids before transferring if you are located on another server (general feel/impression).

    Guild Requirements
    • Website
      • Non stenciled (not guild launch, guild portal, or other EQII targeted hosting service)
    • General impression
      • Short, recognizable, name
      • Not “dark,” “cliché,” or “emo-y” in décor, website, or themes
        • HKSA > Hello Kitty Sunshine Adventures >> Holy Fury > Dark Fury
      • Guild points upkeep in game rather than external source
    • Voice software
      • Ventrilo or Teamspeak preferred
      • Channels, phantoms, and binds utilized effectively
        • Group
        • Global
        • Chatter (stuff we don’t need to hear)
    • Raid for 9-13 hours/week
      • Includes form up/disband time
      • Preferably weekends
    • Skillful & reliable peers
      • Know class abilities/roles/capabilities
      • Know game mechanics
      • 3 groups of 18 consistent people >> 4 groups of 30+ people
      • Same people, same groups
    • Not ‘family friendly’
      • We have found this term synonymous to “we can be disrespectful/unreliable"
      • We have a family, we don’t need a replacement ‘family’
    Leadership Requirements
    • Enforce (static) rules
      • We dislike exceptions
    • Be respectful
      • Communication goes two way
      • Great listeners can be poor leaders, great leaders cannot be poor listeners
      • Accept when you are wrong, it will happen, and when it does take it in stride
        • A man who admits his mistakes is much more admirable in our eyes than one who never makes them
    • Be innovative
      • There are problems* regarding the traditional DKP system (‘fighter DKP OP’, ‘this is an item for XX class’, etc.) show us how your system corrects these problems compared to traditional systems
    • Take initiative
      • Find out how the fight works before the raid gets there (research things ahead of time)
    • Don’t be stupid
      • Most of our players still have heroic (or worse) in most slots and 380CC, but we’re going to red/yellow adorn for 450 and do ‘progression’
    Feel free to ask questions (pertaining to this topic) in private conversations or in this thread. If multiple persons ask the same question, I will ask the first if I may make the conversation non private (and post a generic answer). If they disagree, I will honor their request, and continue to the next first person.

    We look forward to raiding with you,
    -Koko & Artea
  2. Jolemai Active Member

    What timezone are you?
  3. Koko Well-Known Member

    Koko - CMT ( -6)
    Artea - EST (-5)
  4. Koko Well-Known Member

    Sadly the times. We get back from work rather late, and leave early. We may be able to stretch a bit more within the weekends, but that's about it.
  5. Thalk New Member

    If you're still looking, please feel free to check out We would have space for both of you and can assist with server transfers.

    -Thalk, Officer of Reaver.
  6. Lambtron New Member

    Sorry, you didn't read the instructions.
  7. Koko Well-Known Member

    We are indeed still looking, thank you for your interest!
    While we would like all of the requirements met, that is likely an impracticality. The requirements serve to determine if guild staff are significantly invested in a guild before we invest in them. There is obviously ambiguity to both metrics, therefore the requirements fulfill a role closer to 'guidelines' rather than 'rules' - which is why the compromise clause is there.
  8. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's some specific demands
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  9. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    I had a good laugh.
  10. Celidur Member

    • Very well written
    • You definitely know what you want
    • Very demanding
    • Sounds like you could be easy dismayed with the slightest hiccup
    Additionally to back up these requirements you deem necessary for a guild, you really should be geared better
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