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  1. Deathpoke Member

    Hello Norrath,
    Dentedhelm here, from the guild Warbound (Qeynos) on the Nagafen server. I wanted to create a post about lower level twinks and some of the tips that may or may not be well known when locking at this level for PvP. I had a run in with a couple of people from the Guardians (Freeport) that was essentially a 2 v 1 as my groupmate ran straight into a Freeport guard, lol. I don't recall the names or levels of the 2 players from The Guardians but they conned yellow and orange to my lvl 10 Brigand. The fight was over quickly and very 1 sided...Did I dance on their corpses and shout insults across the zone about my superior PvP skills or their lack there of??....No because I realize that those statements aren't true and the only reason I held an advantage over them was because of some basic "twink" tips I've learned in the course of getting slayed over and over. The saying is true, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Myself and others from my guild sought out these tips/tricks/advantages because we wanted to lock low lvl for PvP and kept getting wasted by others from evil Twink guilds. In the interest of leveling the playing field I want to share these tips for those who may not know them because for me it isn't fun to have a huge advantage over other players. The following are the advantages I've learned and copied in order to compete with 20s twinks running around slaying everyone. So in the effort of leveling the playing field...

    1. AA- AA is very important in fact necessary if you want to compete as a low level Twink PvP player. With the new changes you can achieve and spend max AA at level 10. Trust me when I say that the "serious" low lvl PvPers will have 300+ AA. You can purchase the bauble from marketplace for $20 USD/Stationcash if you don't want to grind it out. Do I think that this many AA should be available at such a low level???No, but as long as they are available...

    2. Level 100 Food/Drink- This one I just recently discovered. Using level 100 food/drink is possible at any adventuring level. It is scaled to level so the advantages given are lower than those gained by a level 100 player but at level 20 the advantages are ridiculously good. It is expensive on the broker but can be crafted with regular ingredients by a max level provisioner. Do I think that this food/drink should be available at such a low level???No, but as long as they are available...

    3. Gear- At lower levels the PvP gear seems useless and we've had the best luck using a combination of MC Fabled (reactant) armor, PvP armor, MC Fabled Jewelry, and DF jewelry (green adorn pieces). The procs don't work of course in PvP but the stats are so much better it has been our choice to use this equipment.

    4. Grandmaster Spells- At level 20 it is pretty easy to attain all grandmaster level spells as they can be researched through your knowledge book (K) and each upgrade is less than a days time research at that level.

    5. Totems of the Succulent- These are high level totems that proc heals and damage to anyone who melee's you. They are super OP at low level and can be used. Do I think that these should be available at such a low level???No, but as long as they are available...

    6. Level Tradeskilling for Maximum Race Traits- This one has been around and is only a small advantage but it is an advantage.

    I've heard people hate on low level Twinks and blame them for ruining the game, causing the population issue, and even global warming...But the fact of the matter is that lower level PvP is fun and it seems to be picking back up again. I have seen an influx of level 20s being created on the Qeynos side and talk of interest in locking at this level. We need more evil/exile players to show up so spread the word. If it's not your thing then that's fine but don't hate on something that is growing and stirring up new excitement and possibly new/returning players. Maybe this will help to revive open world PvP. I choose to believe that it can and will be revived. If you have any tips to add please do so. Otherwise I hope to see you on the battlefield.

    Death to Freeport,
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  2. redindus Active Member

    Don't think you going to see many players trying this, most would be unsub members. I may sub the game later on, but I still need to buy the expansion. But what bother me is that hardly anyone playing this and cant make profit on brokers, less players making this game less interesting.

    Me and my GF tried something different, we were having a blast on our own. It took me awhile and finally get her to play on pvp. So I wanted her to make neutral or good align character while I play evil. When we hit lvl 14, I had her to meet me in Darklight woods and we dance lol. Of course I beat her few times and she was having fun, so I told her you need to upgrade your gears. Unfort she on bronze account and I am on silver, we both didn't thing this is worth 14.99 a month to play. But we have a lot of fun messing around.

    I did see some few players or new players once in awhile, but they don't stick around for long. Either they got bored or distracted by something else. The rough parts is those exiled players is going to harass any players come along, they just got nothing else to do but killing every players in sight. Just wish it was set up as good and evil sides during pvp.

    Now I am not sure how they going to bring back the players or new players, not going to be easy due to greedy, the money they want up front to play unless you want to be weaker than they are. Since there are so many MMO games out there, just not going to work out well. Esp DDOS attacks.
  3. Deathpoke Member

    -Thank you for this prime example of naysaying :D Keep the negative comments to yourself. This thread is for those interested in low level PvP.
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  4. Thetmes Active Member

    Not to be thrown in with the naysayers but why lv 20? Why not show up in tranq or phant seas on lv 100 toons and fight the us there? There are at least 10 or so ( using the numbers that were mentioned in another thread about the number of Qey avail ) FP out in those zones headed to heroic zones or doing daily quests out there. I am sure if a full group of Qey were spotted out there during prime time you would get the fights you are looking for.
  5. Driskell Active Member

    My guild has 2 new people to eq2 and they are working on getting to 100..but we have them each with a 20 locked toon for pvp until they hit 100...we raided lastnight with 3 full grps 60 lvl content and are moving to 70 lvl today.. I forgot how this is not an easy game for new people..combat/crafting, etc. and 20 lvl pvp is allot easier then 100 lvl for new people to the game..Another reason my guild likes 20 lvl is that if other people from other servers want to roll a toon on naggy for pvp its allot easier to get a 20 lvl rdy for pvp then a 100 lvl..
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  6. Creasote Well-Known Member

    I think low level lock pvp is great if and only if 1) the population exists and people can jump right in and be competitive with relatively no grind.

    340 AA is the obstacle here. You can't compete if you don't have it and its a grind (unless you are willing to pay $) to get it.

    As posted above the gear shouldn't be bad to get as pvp gear is somewhat useless now.

    Level 100 is a grind to be competitive. Is not impossible but it takes too long to get elite level gear.
  7. Driskell Active Member

    I think If you have at least 200 you could hold your own.
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  8. Creasote Well-Known Member

    It probably would be good to know what the AA caps are. I don't know so if someone could research and post that would be helpful.
  9. Fetish Well-Known Member

    No caps anymore. If you have it, you can use it.
  10. Deathpoke Member

    My wife and I are the leaders of Warbound. We are returning players and thought it'd be fun to start over on new accounts, to make the game fresh. We are both working on lvl 100 and have some guildies doing the same. We are interested in max lvl PvP but it takes awhile to get the gear. We're in dreadnaught gear and that doesn't hold up by any means to the 100 stuff. So we're working on it but 20s is here and now and we've seen others interested. My feeling is anything that awakens open world PvP is a positive thing no matter what the level. It's been exciting and may bring back some of the pride that used to come with being part of Qeynos or Freeportscum.
  11. Thetmes Active Member

    All fair and valid points I guess. The only problem I see is what happens every time. People will lv up to say 27-28 still in range of the lv 20 PvP players. Happened at 39 with people bringing 40's and again at 30 with people bringing 38's. I wish you all well with this and hope that it works for ya. I will be out and about on my max level toons that have zero PvP gear this expansion cause I refuse to grind BG's.
  12. Deathpoke Member

    Well hope to see ya out there. We haven't gotten into the new questlines and such but will. Don't lose hope. We are interested in reviving max lvl PvP as well just not personally there yet so hard to get behind. We'll get there eventually. Until then....Death to Freeport!
  13. redindus Active Member

    Level twenty seem to be good range for low level pvping, that remind me of playing Diablo II Ironman awhile back. The problems is that it going to take awhile for players to max out their AAs.
  14. Trasor Active Member

    100 PvP is just not playable right now with the gear grind, experience grind, as well as the fact that if you get there it is virtually impossible to heal effectively. Every fight is temp up and hit the hardest hitters for like 10 seconds, dispell a stoneskin, and that is it. I hope that the developers go the route of fixing lower level PvP as it (currently) happens to be more fun and actually playable.
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  15. Thetmes Active Member

    :rolleyes: Actually end game open world PvP is nothing like that here lately. It was the first couple weeks after AoM release due to people having gear or not having gear now the everyone is in about same same gear its nothing like that from the fights I have had in the past couple months out in TS and PS.
  16. Trasor Active Member

    I understand that Khaf but I have heard from a ton of your guildies that there is absolutely no one to fight. I haven't seen so much of the population give it up so fast since Displaced made the original procs in ToV get removed from PvP.
  17. Thetmes Active Member

    Oh I agree there are not many to fight at all not disputing that at all.
    Hell we are lucky to get in 1 fight a day and we are out there prime time for a bit every night.
    Just saying the fights that are taking place are not the 1-2 shot rinse repeat as mentioned above
  18. Drew575 Active Member

    so let me ask...did they bring back locking only if you sub? because last time I played my lvl 20 twink 27 twink yada yada....they were getting xp from kills and i couldnt move my AA xp bar past 50 %
  19. Drew575 Active Member

    let me know please.
  20. Thetmes Active Member

    Still need to sub if you want to move the slider

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