TSO Berserker Issue List (updated april-3-2009)

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-victer, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-LtColWulff Guest

    Victer@Oasis wrote:
    in regards to the defensive/offensive stance penalties, Stance Mastery is your friend. Also, you piercing,crushing,slashing skill's should be maxed if you want a good hit rate, otherwise, you WILL miss a at a high rate , so, if you are a zerker, and NOT using this AA line , and your melee attack skills are not maxxed for your level, then you are EPIC FAIL.
    I and several other zerkers that I have talked to in group's and raids use this ( Stance mastery, bottom of STA line warrior tree ) to get rid of all penalties associated with the stances. and most of us if not all, have our skill's maxed.
    While soloing I use Offensive stance, and when I am grouped I switch back and forth as needed. I alway's see a 95%-99% hit rate in defensive stance. so if you are seeing a high miss rate, then you are obviously NOT using stance mastery. suck it up and learn your tree.
  2. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Stance Mastery means giving up points from either INT, STA, or STR tree, all of which contribute just as much, if not more, aggro than a piddly +20 slashing will. Which is something that can easily be made up by the right group combination anyway (if you're MTing on a raid, you have this group makeup).
    Besides, it's barely possible to get 90% hit rates in Offense stance, much less Defense stance.
    You have to keep in mind, the difference between Offense and Defense stance, as far as +Slashing goes, is well over 60 points. Even with Stance Mastery, we're still talking at least a 40 point difference.
  3. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    you also have to keep in mind that even a 10% aggro reduction from changing from int line to wisdom can put you below your needed aggro range. some tanks like to use a sword and board, some like to tank in defensive and skirt the necessary aggro to be able to survive and others are required to be as maximized in hate as possible in order to maintain aggro.
    the deeper you get into raiding you will see the last example is the most true for endgame zerks and is why that point is prominently listed as one of our weaknesses.
    i have switched from int line to wisdom, it only lasted one raid night for me on my spec because the aggro loss was quite noticable and the difference switching to defensive stance(aggro wise) over the int spec was hardly noticable for me. it's just old getting shoehorned into the offensive role all the time, in some cases forced to dual wield to maintain aggro as a zerker which makes us squishy and gives us the appearance of being weak tanks comparably sometimes, all when it is not even our choice most of the time. some zerks do not see the problem and possibly never will but that doesn't mean it isn't there.
  4. ARCHIVED-victer Guest

    LtColWulff wrote:
    Bottom of sta line is pwr reducer. You are thinking of the bottom of wis line.
    LtColWulff wrote:
    By the way... please try and give back only constructive feedback or your future posts will be ignored by myself and the rest of the respectable players. There is no need to try and make fun of the people trying to help our class.
  5. ARCHIVED-Necodemus Guest

    LtColWulff wrote:
    Epic lols.
  6. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Victer@Oasis wrote:
    That's OK, they stealth-fixed that too apparently. Woot. Your edited post currently says it all very well, IMO.
  7. ARCHIVED-GrandMasterUb Guest

    Lyger@Mistmoore wrote:
    I'm confused? what do you mean by this. are you talking about the 25% of damage received proc? I kinda find that useful, although I'm not sure what you mean by a stance proc so perhaps what you're proposing is more useful.
  8. ARCHIVED-victer Guest

    i dont think we need to adjust the mythical at all other then changing the heat proc into a melee damage proc because heat is just stupid to have as a warrior... since when do we use spell type effects? Our mythical is one of the better looking tank weapons and we shouldnt expect for them to make it all that much better.
    What im scared of tho is that next tier when we are level 90 and this weapon is obsolete we will have alot less tools to make us a proper AOE tank. Especially the 5 hate positions on gibe. The 100% aoe attack all the time i could live without during raids because we only ever really needed the 30 secs we got from open wounds for raiding... heroic instances will be not as fun tho. Thats the problem i see with the weapon is that it is the real reason why we are even capable of being called an "aoe tank"... without it we are missing alot of the biggest tools that make us a viable aoe tank.
    At level 90 we'll be a **** gaurdian that turns into 4 mob maximum aoe tank for 30 seconds every 2.5 minutes. More then 4 mobs attacking your party? lets hope you gibe them before they generate more then 2k hate on whatever they are attacking. I'm really gonna miss those 5 positions at lvl 90.
  9. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    You'll still be able to swap in your mythical just long enough to Gibe, then switch back to whatever other weapon you are using at the time. But yes I agree, when the level cap is increased things are going to look pretty bleak again for those with Mythical.
  10. ARCHIVED-GrandMasterUb Guest

    I could honestly see them not raising the level cap again, and just ninja nerfing classes each xpac so that they have to reprogress.

    BUT if they do raise the level cap to 90, then I would expect to see some sort of raid questline to "upgrade" your mythical to level 90 with an appropriate damage rating and perhaps another or enhanced/different effects.
  11. ARCHIVED-fbitt Guest

    Ah ... no way to segue to this, but a minor bug since LU51:
    Guarded Vehemance needs to be recast every time you zone.
    I've /bugged it in game.
  12. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    things i would like to see next expansion:
    vision of madness and unyieldwing will- double the heal amounts and make the recast 3 minutes
    gut roar- 5 hit stoneskin
    juggernaut- increases crit amount by 100%
    turmoil- proc damage increased by 75%
    open wounds- flurries all enemies in surrounding area(ie triple attack)
    mitigation boost from wisdom tree upped to 2k at 5 points
    more melee attack proc gear usable by warriors
    remove hate amount on the mythical and add a proc that makes caster immune to all control effects that procs 5 times per minute and has a 55.9 second duration

    that is all.
  13. ARCHIVED-skycruise Guest



    EDIT : I will *IF* you stay here.
  14. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    omg, go back to your SK forum!

  15. ARCHIVED-victer Guest

    Lyger@Mistmoore wrote:
  16. ARCHIVED-GrandMasterUb Guest

    Lyger@Mistmoore wrote:
    that was a good laugh haha
  17. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    lol, and i meant to say melee crit bonus,

    oh yes and add in a 1 minute evac and 20 second FD.
  18. ARCHIVED-Hardkatt Guest

    The AA Unstoppable Will that grants 5% melee crit bonus does not actually raise our melee or combat art damage. I have 100% melee crit before juggernaut is cast, but testing with 5 AA's in Unstoppable Will and without it shows my melee hits and combat arts unchanged by the supposed 5% Melee Crit Bonus. Anyone else experiencing this?
  19. ARCHIVED-Nero Guest

    What if Berserker can use 2hand weapon in one hand?
    That is to say, dual wield of 2hand weapons, or a 2hand weapon and a shield.
    And what if Berserker has an ability about hate like Moderate of Guardian?
  20. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Hardkatt wrote:
    I'll re-test this later today.
    *edit* Tested, and it's working properly. Here's my results with auto-attack only, and with only the O stance proc Furious Assault:
    Weapon damage: 280-1588 non-crit. 1.33 worn crit mod before Juggernaut.
    Theoretical max hit: 2112 (1588 x 1.33)
    Actual parsed max hit: 2105
    Furious Assault damage: 382-637
    Theoretical max hit: 847 (637 x 1.33)
    Actual parsed max hit: 857
    With juggernaut, crit mod 1.38
    Theoretical max hit: 2191 (1588 x 1.38)
    Actual parsed max hit: 2183
    Furious Assault damage (with Juggernaut going): 447-745
    Theoretical max hit (with juggernaut going): 1028 (745 x 1.38)
    Actual parsed max hit: 1076
    I can't explain why the O stance is hitting slightly harder than the theoretical max (and I checked all my gear and procs), but I'm not gonna complain!
    Remember that crit mods only increase the likelihood of hitting for more than Max + 1, and only increase the top end damage of crits by a little bit.

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