TSO Berserker Issue List (updated april-3-2009)

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  1. ARCHIVED-RazeltheRogue Guest

    I wonder if everyone understands how the crit mods work.
    simple math follows....
    base crit mod is 30% or 1.30 which means when you crit the base bonus dmg is 30% of normal damage. ex. 100 dmg normal hit would become 130 dmg on a crit.
    now as far as crit mods. I am sure everyone has noticed items that increase "crit bonus dmg" and a number ex. being Zerker TSO bracer which does + 2 melee crit bonus. 2 does mean 2%. If you examine your skill with only the TSO bracer on and no AA to increase crit damage it would read 1.32 which translates to bonus 32% damage on criticals. Thus 100 dmg hit would hit for 132 dmg.
    I only post this because I am sure some zerkers reading the posts dont understand how bonus crit damage is calculated. I should have probably posted this as a stand alone.
  2. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Samous@Crushbone wrote:
    I sometimes suspect most people don't.
    But I went ahead and tested Juggernaut's crit bonus anyway, just to make absolutely sure.
    Now on the other hand it's possible there's a stacking issue with Juggernaut and some other buff we don't know about...but if that's the case then it hasn't been publically reported as far as I know.
  3. ARCHIVED-Hardkatt Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    Thanks Xalmat for the response. I believe I can find better use of 5 aa's then that. Maybe if the mod was 50% with 5 aa's, but I can always dream.
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  5. ARCHIVED-tojejedno Guest

    This thread looks dead, but, well.
    With recent SF changes.
    Juggernat: One of our calssdefining abilities. Now everyone can easily get to 100% crit, that is enough.
    Suggestion: Change it to crit bonus

    And one ol' song:
    Open wounds: Mythical is now solo/group.
    Suggestion: Make 100%+ AE attack means something usefull (It could also theoretically makes agi line usefull for zerks). IE for every 25% "can double attack one more target". So 200% with 100 DA means 100% DA AE.
    Or change OW completely ie to some AE proc like rampage + can proc on multiple targets.
  6. ARCHIVED-altuslumen Guest

    My bias is towards raiding, it is what I do with most of my time in EQ2. Except for the proposed changed to Insolent Cry I've tried to stay inside of stuff I know exist in EQ2 to avoid new mechanics. No real order other than I tried to group them by category.

    SF AA Issues
    1. Battle Frenzy (endline)
    Problem: Lacks usefulness in raiding situations. OT'ing the Gynok adds this will provide about a 25% damage reduction.
    Proposed Change: Add a 1% power regeneration to each hit, thus even if mobs are eating through the heal berserkers are still gaining a benefit.
    2. Insolent Cry
    Problem: This buff increases the damage and hate component, both are pretty irrelevant given that Insolent also has a 5 hate position increase. Maybe it would have worked in T8 but in T9 the myth buff can be gained through heroic content, essentially making so every berserker can/will have the 5 hate position increase.
    Proposed Change: 3% block per rank while wielding a weapon in the offhand (dual wielding). Allow it to act as a shield and as a result be buffed by +block and trigger other effects that depend on a shield.
    3. Loss of Adrenaline (after affect of Adrenaline)
    Problem: No other class stifles a class feature while using another class feature. Adrenaline is already the most expensive ability in game besides Mana Burn and Mana Ward, it doesn't need the additional cost. Berserkers can spend 48 AA on rage related things, the cost seems to high to invalidate those AA.
    EoF: Berserker Tree
    Enhance: Berserk Rage = 5
    Enhance: War Cry = 3
    Enhance: Juggernaut = 4
    Berserk = 1
    Enhance: Unyielding Will = 5
    Enhance: Vision of Madness = 5
    TSO: Shadows Tree
    Unstoppable Will = 5
    Adrenaline Rush = 5
    SF: Berserker Tree
    Ward of Rage = 5
    Total Madness = 5
    Shot of Adrenaline = 5
    On top of all that is the TSO 2-piece raid bonus and a red adornment.
    Proposed Change #1: Allow Rank 5 of Shot of Adrenaline to remove the Loss of Adrenaline penalty.
    Proposed Change #2: Change Loss of Adrenaline to be a -30 attack speed and -30 DPS to cancel the buff from raging.
    Problem #2: Interrupts the berserker every three seconds for 30 seconds.
    Proposed Change #1: Remove the interrupt.
    Proposed Change #2: Document the interrupt in the spell's description.
    4. Total Madness
    Problem: Vision of Madness does not prevent death, the initial heal is too small. Thus, even a longer HoT will still result in a dead berserker while raiding.
    Proposed Change: Instead of adding more ticks to the HoT, allow the additional five ticks to be front loaded. Thus, the first tick with be the the value of six ticks.
    5. Ward of Rage
    Problem: A 300 point ward is near useless in raiding, this AA does not scale well between content.
    Proposed Change: Proc two triggers of 3% incoming damage reduction per rank. Thus, at rank 5 it would proc two triggers of 15% incoming damage reduction. This will allow the AA to scale between content.

    TSO AA, Shadows Tree Issues
    6. Wall of Force (endline)
    Problem #1: 10 seconds isn't long enough to get hit twice for 30%+ damage. It is very easy to miss an AE if the timing is just a little off.
    Proposed Change #1: Increase the duration to 15 seconds.
    Problem #2: Only blocks physical damage.
    Proposed Change #2: Allow it to block all types of damage.

    EoF AA, Berserker Tree Issues
    7. Debilitation line
    Problem: The whole EoF tree is underwhelming, but the Debilitation line is by far the worst of the tree. The debuffs add very little if anything, especially in a raid.
    Proposed Change: Add a 3% damage increase to each rank of:
    Enhance: Maul
    Enhance: Body Check
    Enhance: Mutilate
    Enhance: Head Crush
    Enhance: Demolish
    This will also go a long way to close the gap in the damage value of berserker CAs compared to other fighters.
    8. Enhance: Unyielding Will
    Problem: Guardians can spend 5 AA to boost this ability to avoid the Death's Door and increase the amount of the heal. We can spend 5 AA and have to time Berserk (rage clicky) to avoid death without any additional health.
    Proposed Change: If we have this AA it should go back to the 'bugged' version, that it removes the Death's Door penalty. Leave it as a lower heal amount since the AA is accessible early in progression and we have Vision of Madness we can stack on top of it.
    9. Perseverance (endline)
    Problem: The heal does not scale through play styles, it is near worthless in a raiding situation.
    Proposed Change: Proc two stoneskins.

    CA Issues
    10. Adrenaline (Level 80 ancient CA)
    Problem: The text is wrong. Gynok's death touch for example will bypass Adrenaline.
    Proposed Change #1: Fix Adrenaline so that it works as described.
    Proposed Change #2: Describe Adrenaline as it works.
    11. Aggressive Defense
    Problem: Only triggers off of melee attacks, which reduces it effectiveness against caster mobs.
    Proposed Change: Allow it to trigger off of any attack.
    12. Blood Rage
    Problem: The heal is too small to be viable in raid content.
    Proposed Change: Change the heal to be based on the hit that triggers it. 50% of the damage taken with a floor value of the current value (around 300 HP before AA) and a ceiling of 1000 HP (around 5% of the berserker's health). I originally said just had a percentage, but since this spell upgrades each tier there needs to be a value instead of a moving scale.
    So on an incoming hit there would be a 33% chance the berserker would heal for 50% of the incoming damage or 1000 HP, whichever is less. Not to be lower than 300 HP. The lower limit and upper limit would still be effected by AA.
    13. Bloodlust
    Problem: Used to buff both fighters and scouts.
    Proposed Change: Add AGI to the buff.
    14. Open Wounds (DoF ancient CA)
    Problem: Sometimes the attack speed is nice, but not often. Since AE A-A targets is capped at 4, the buff becomes pretty obsolete with the mythical buff.
    Proposed Change: Add a melee weapon reach increase to the buff similar to what swashbucklers get in their AA, Reach. This will add a little more versatility to the buff and while pulling mobs or when an add engages allows berserkers to hit the mob without hitting a CA if the buff is up.

    Red Adornments
    15. Focus: Destructive Rage VI
    Problem: DPS is easy to max, why would any raiding berserker want to add 5 more DPS to the raid.
    Proposed Change: Make the focus like it has been on VP and TSO legs, +Power Regen for the raid.
    16. Focus: Jeering Onslaught
    Problem: Jeering Onslaught is a snap aggro tool (3 hate positions), not a DPS ability.
    Proposed Change: Add one hate position to Jeering Onslaught.
    17. Focus: Berserk
    Problem: Provides less +skills than the TSO two set bonus by about half.
    Proposed Change: Make it at least +21 (same as a greater adornment).
  7. ARCHIVED-Domingo Guest

    Could you change "Enhance: Head Crush" AA, please?
    At the moment it improves the reuse speed of "Head Crush" ability, which makes "Head Crush" an issue in the CA chain due to different recast time from the similar abilities (Mutilate, Maul, Enrage) which used to have the same recast time.
    Oh, and I am all up for changing Open Wounds. Perhaps the Mythical effect should be modifying the ability in some way, adding a damage and threat proc, for example, or perhaps adding accuracy or strikethrough (it goes in line with the name).
    Juggernaut adding crit bonus instead of crit chance is a great idea.
  8. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    Juggernaut is fine... it has 5 crit bonus on AA. and if you read the buff it adds around 10% ca dmg aswell.
    Open wound aye its meh now. but they should have added it as a perm buff with the myth from the first place... that way none would complain about it now. If anything need to be done to it... Da in aoe is way to OP to even ask for imo... Add a taunt effect on it... that will make it even better on lower lvls and worth using mythed.
    Other than that i really think we are fine atm. some small stuff can be made aye.. but nothing is really broken with the zerk class.
  9. ARCHIVED-yadlajoi Guest

    NO juggernaut is NOT Fine, 100 crit chance was doable in TSO already, now crit bonus is on every treasured gear. no other class has as many useless class defining ability. juggernaught need to add crit bonus not crit chance now that it s too easy to cap crip at lvl 80 when max level is 90. open wounds need to be revamp entierly make it a temp buff that has a 5 ~ 10% to flurry with a 1% chance increase per AA debiliation line need to increase our CA wich are the lowest damaging CA of all the fighter.
  10. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    yadlajoi wrote:
    You have 5% crit bonus with AA still and 10% potency on it. Dont ask for it to be made in to something to OP...
    open wound is fine aswell if you change it to flurry you will remove something that are very useful for lower lvl zerks. What they can do here is add a taunt proc... 5-10% flurry thats to much not sure why you even think its something we need. Your ideas are way out of line if you want some kind of balance vs the fighters ever to happen.
  11. ARCHIVED-yadlajoi Guest

    screenshot of the 10% potency, it s not showing up in any tooltip anywhere. flurry ro open wound is usefull at every lvl and would be even more usefull due to the fact that lvl 58 to 80 where you can get your myth takes a sheer 3 to 5 days. we dont need another taunt added to our attack we have adrenaline and insight. and compared to how overpowered crusader are those suggestion wouldnt even close the gap.
  12. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    yadlajoi wrote:
    read the spell... check a ca use it and look? to hard for you? It adds 10% to your combat arts so you wont see it in your persona window. A zerk having 5-10 flurry on a buff is OP end of story.
  13. ARCHIVED-nannahee Guest

    As far as I can tell it is just a 75% chance to strike through an opponents block/parry for 30 seconds. It does mean that you probably take a bit less riposte dmg for that period as well as doing a bit more dps, but honestly I don't think it gives us that much benefit when the recast time is more than 4 minutes...

    Oh yeah you also get some taunt effect that you don't really need either.

    I would suggest they make it 50% strikethrough with a recast timer of 2 min instead. In that way you could time it with the other effects that we got going so that you could use it in the windows where you take more dmg (i.e. when adrenaline is down or when other wards are down). Maybe put some 5% crit bonus on it rather than the extra taunt effect.

    In other words: Make it useful!!
  14. ARCHIVED-nannahee Guest

    Adding 10% to combat arts is not the same as adding 10% potency. If it had 10% potency you would be able to hit Battle Frenzy same time as Juggernaut and see a significant difference.
    Adding to CA is at its best inferior to adding to potency like suggested.
  15. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    nannahee wrote:
    Its potency on CA:s... thats the new name for it. And been doing some more testing i was wrong its not 10% its more like 20%

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