Tryng login server #1------Login rejected

Discussion in 'Players Supporting Players' started by jbc1948, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Suraklin Member

    Evidently the time gates they've implemented aren't slowing people down enough so they're having to be sure people can't log in at all.
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  2. Strings Well-Known Member

    They should at least extend E-day for this, since this is the first day.
  3. dale New Member

    never had these problems when SOE ran EQ, am getting sick of not being able to play, good thing that i am not trying to get in to make a raid...... all these problems are making me thing of swiching to WOW, may not be as good, but at least can log in when you want to play
  4. Assissi New Member

    I have been trying to login for more than 3 hrs....This is the most lost time I have ever had in years !!!
    Anyone know when we will get an answer on the problem ??
    Most annoying day in years !!! DBG Please fix this for your paid customers.
  5. Xiea New Member

    Ok I'm ready for stormhold to be back up . super excited to have erollisi day on it for the first time! ETA??
  6. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    Still can't get my main account logged on.......but the character I am trying to play can't get into Arcanna'se Spire: Revealed as the zone is not available at this time even though that is the step required for her quest.........<sigh>
  7. Yachiru-san Well-Known Member

    Well, I was able to bypass the launchpad and now I'm in the game... Only problem so far that I've noticed is I can't go to homes through the leaderboards, I can't zone in though home doors, call to GH doesn't work (Spits me out with a "This zone is currently unavailable) And it says "I'm busy and can't use broker, banker or other sells people" When I have nothing up. I have logged to character select and completely out of the game and back in... still no fix to it.

    I agree though with Strings and with anyone else who says there should be some kind of compensation. I mean, things happen that you can't control... but this is almost every day now. o_O
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  8. dale New Member

    Every day is ridiculous cant even get into original EQ, been playing on main since 2000, we pay for playing there should be some compensation, at the very least,
  9. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    Another tweet! Sadly intermittent is hardly the word I would use for it!

    While there are intermittent logins for some (not all) games, we're continuing to investigate & work on continued issues across the board.
  10. Yachiru-san Well-Known Member

    Even if you don't pay to play there should be some kind of compensation for the everyday issues. I'm a free to play that's been playing for almost 10 years, with occasional Krono when they aren't stupidly priced (There were a few days that my Krono kind of went down the drain because of the downtimes and server issues, but the clock kept ticking for it *sad face*).
  11. Yachiru-san Well-Known Member

    @Katzandra Wait, are they trying to fix the game with everyone logged in... again?
  12. dale New Member

    it may be time to swich back to free play...
  13. dale New Member

    am sick of waiting downloading WOW
  14. Kurisutaru Active Member

    Well, launchpad is "working" for me. Stormhold is down for the merge. So I thought I'd play my Maj'dul characters... wrong!? My toons were parked in instances such as the guildhall. And these zones are "temporarily unavailable", therefor the characters won't load. :oops:
  15. Temerenon New Member

    My main on Maj'dul is now, unavailable, but I can play my alts. I was on this morning with my main but logged to character screen while I was doing morning chores. I came back to play and "that zone is unavailable" but all my alts can enter the game. No guild hall and cant zone to my mains house either where I store harvest and collectibles...I hope this get fixed soon. Must be a bear when things go wrong.. find that little piece of code that makes the world go round....
  16. Temerenon New Member

    Oh, and I am not a new member.. been here for years... LOL
  17. MBCanadian New Member

    It looks like Stormhold will be down for 27 hours according to the last Tweet by Daybreak. Excellent notice :-( No raiding tonight I guess.
  18. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    Yes -- I almost wish they would just take the game down until its fixed but then I couldn't be playing the character from the account that is logged on............ A friend that isn't having log on issues at all suggested that I restart the game on that account as well but I fear that then I wouldn't be able to get on at all............
  19. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Well, I appreciate being told there are launchpad issues, but it's not just getting INTO the game that is an issue currently. We're seeing across the board issues with zones, instances, getting in and out of housing, guild halls and you name it--it's borked. This is way beyond "launcher" issues anymore. Think I'm done for the time being and I think a lot of people are simply getting fed up with the inability to actually play this game. Right now, there's more warts showing up than an old witch on Halloween.
  20. Buggabug Active Member

    Well, my paid account can't log in; but both free accounts can. :eek: