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Discussion in 'Conjuror' started by ARCHIVED-Seidhkona, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    I am looking for advice on improving my raid DPS as a conjuror. I welcome any constructive criticisms and suggestions for upping DPS.
    What I've done thus far:
    • Epic Weapon and Epic Repercussions
    • All Spells Fully Mastered
    • Custom Pet Window ( so I can see and heal arcane and elemental DOTS on the pet.

    • [IMG]

    • Strength
      • Possess Minion (1)
      • Animated Dagger (4)
      • Theurgic Prowess (5)
      • Wild Channeling (10)
    • Agility
      • Transference (4)
      • Cabalist's Cover (10)
    • Stamina
      • Shockwave (4)
      • Perceptor's Parry (4)
      • Perceptor's Bodyguard (4)
    • Wisdom
      • Magic Leash (4)
      • Minion's Attention (4)
    • Intelligence
      • Shadowstep (4)
      • Minion's Uproar (10)
      • Arcane Minion (10)
      • Reanimate (1)
    • Sentinel's Fate
      • Aptitude of the Theurgist (8)
      • Magician's Aptitude (8)
      • Elemental Toxicity (2)

    • Conjuror
      • Enhance Summon Spells (5)
      • Enhance Heal Servant (5)
      • Enhance Ice Storm (5)
      • Enhance Crystal Blast (5)
      • Enhance Summoning (5)
      • Cure Elemental (1)
      • Enhance Geotic Rune (5)
      • Enhance Firey Annihilation (5)
      • Enhance Stoneskin (3)
      • Enhance Petrify (5)
      • Enhance Earthquake (5)
      • Enhance Shattered Earth (5)
      • Enhance Plane Shift (5)
      • Enhance Vehement Skin (5)
      • Enhance Elemental Unity (2)
    • Expertise
      • Hydromancer (1)
      • Stoneskins (1)
      • Unabate (1)
    • Sentinel's Fate
      • Runes of Geomancy (5)
      • Strength of the Elements (5)
      • Fury of the Elements (1)
      • Servant's Aid (4)
      • Elemental Blast (1)
    • General
      • Hearty Constitution (5)
      • Enhanced Mind (5)
    • Mage
      • Runic Protection (5)
      • Strike of the Mage (5)
      • Enhance Masters Strike (5)
      • Arcane Barrier (5)
      • Arcane Bewilderment (1)
    • Summoner
      • Minion's Constitution (5)
      • Minion's Critical Strike (5)
      • Pet Weapon Mastery (1)
      • Summoner's Soothing (5)
      • Minion's Mark (1)
    • Conjuror
      • Elemental Pact (5)
      • Blaze of Ro (5)
      • Offensive Onslaught (4)
      • Magic Mastery (1)
      • Blazing Conjuration (1)

    • Ability Aptitude (5)
    • Spirit and Body (5)
    • Critical Genius (10)
    • Lightning Reflexes (10)
    • Enhance Elemental Toxicity (10)
    • Minion's Power (8)
    • Energy Clash (1)


    • [IMG]Fiery Magician VI
    • [IMG]Defensive Haven VII
    • [IMG]Shrink Servant

    • [IMG]Magi's Shielding
    • [IMG]Elemental Aspect VII
    • [IMG]Geotic Rune VII
    • [IMG]Conjuror's Pact VII
    • [IMG]Flameshield VI (on tank)
    • [IMG]Fire Seed VI (on troub and healer in my group)

    • [IMG]Pre-cast Blazing Avatar IV just before the pull
    • [IMG]Arcane Augur
    • [IMG]Elemental Toxicity
    • [IMG]Fiery Annihilation VIII
    • [IMG]Crystal Blast IX (Grandmaster)
    • [IMG]Vampire Bats V
    • [IMG]Winds of Velious III

    I alternate these as they're up:
    • [IMG]Elemental Blast
    • [IMG]Planeshift

    Repeat, throwing in AOEs and other spells when I am waiting for the above to be ready:
    • [IMG]Elemental Unity III
    • [IMG]Petrify VI
    • [IMG]Master Strike

    • [IMG]Pre-cast Blazing Avatar IV just before the pull
    • [IMG]Pre-cast Elemental Unity III just before the pull
    • [IMG]Arcane Augur
    • [IMG]Elemental Toxicity
    • [IMG]Earthquake VI
    • [IMG]Ice Storm VIII
    • [IMG]Shattered Earth VI

    Then follow with the Single Target Cast order, setting off the AOEs whenever they're up.

  2. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

    Your AA's are a mess. Try this instead.
    Learn to use and love Oonej's Cast Order Generator. It's not going to give you a true cast order, but it will tell you which spells are more important.
    Elemental Unity. Every. Single. Time. It's. Up. It generates nearly as much damage as Blazing Avatar for it's cast time, even against a single target. Against a linked encounter it's murder.
    Soulburn macro: /cancel_maintained Plane Shift: Fire, /usea Soulburn
    Single target pwnage:
    Pre pull: Plane Shift, Blazing Avatar, Elemental Unity, Elemental Toxicity. Those casts should end right as the pull happens.
    Pull: WoV, Bats, Fiery Ann, EB (with TW if applicable), Soulburn (with macro). Etc.

    Linked target pwnage:
    Pre-pull: Blazing Avatar, Elemental Unity, Elemental Toxicity. Those should end as mobs arrive.
    Pull: Shattered Earth, Earthquake, Detonate, Ice Storm, etc
  3. ARCHIVED-magibalthar Guest

    if you goto eq2 wire you can look up my aa and adorns on magibalthazar. In raid I'm normally near 200k. Still working on fine tuning some things and looking at that spell weapon stuff. I'm one of the few congy's that doesn' t spec soul burn, but that is a personal preference. I find it more helpfull to drop my pets aggro than to drop it's health and spend time recasting it.
  4. ARCHIVED-Orz Guest

    The guy's aa should be figured out by 3 months u think?
    U should spec SOULBURN. Its a beasty spell. And when you say 'i should drop my pets agro instead of dropping its hp and then waste time rehealing it', you are plain wrong. Soulburn is pne of the summoners best source of dps, some peoples reaching 1mil dmg.
    Few tips for u magi, reforge all your spell weapon crap into ablilty mod/hp. That will definetely boost ur deeps even higher.
    Your aa's are ok, but can still be improved.
    Summoner line: get rid of magicians aptidude and spend it else where. Teamwork is bugged, you can get rid of the agi line and go down the sta line for the 10% hp.
    Conjuror line: get rid of the hydromancer, its useless and put the point into stoneskin enhance. Get rid of the fire seed stikethrough thing and use the points in buble and cure elemental.
    Shadows: get rid of the master strike recast (its hardly used) and one point from elemental pact to get dimensional storage.
    Heroic: get abilty mod instead of the int. (1300 abilty mod is not good enough) it will benifit u the most. Get rid of energy clash get soulburn. You are crippling your dps without SB.
    Your casting speed is overkill... Get crit chance adorns instead, you will need cc when the mobs disarm you with their curse.
    And i dont think u understand difference between ability reuse and spell reuse because i saw u reforged 3.1 ability reuse for 1.7 spell reuse.
    Ability reuse affects everything.
    Spell reuse affects spells only.
    Think u shouls reconsider your reforging.

    I notice that you all had no aa's in heal servant or servants aid. Do you not solo? I maxed mine and since I do solo, not raid, found it extremely useful in keeping my pets up. Also, would these builds work good for one who groups but does mostly solo?
  6. ARCHIVED-Solarax Guest

    AOE wrote:
    title of thread is improving raid dps
  7. ARCHIVED-Fairin Guest

    drop the Defensive haven VII in favor of Defensive haven(Grandmaster) lv 14 spell

    good tip on the soulburn macro above need to try that to see if i can use planeshift now

    fireseed works well on yourself and pet and troub, you can safely drop Elemental Aspect for another concentration slot

    i never had the casttime in sequence for vampire bats, and i try not to cast blazing avatar as a prebuff simply because i enjoy backtoback elemental blasts. hopefully your troub is spec'd for abhorrent verse. and you can do SB EB BA -15% EB again and transfer all that threat to the tank (or the person that the troub (me) is irritated at >:) )
    Masterstrike should be on cooldown. always, Petrifiy only if the mob needs stunned, as the new pristege for the crystals doublecasting is more "fun" i probably tend to overcast it

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