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Discussion in 'General Mage Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-DanaDark, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-DanaDark Guest

    Hello there everyone...
    I am a returning player and am wanting to play a mage class with good solo ability. I will spend 90% of my time soloing and would enjoy a good mage class that can handle themselves well in dungeons alone.
    I am mostly torn between Conjuror, Illusionist, and Coercer. I definitely want to be able to take on named mobs in dungeons.
    I know conjurors are pet focused and can do pretty well solo, but I am unsure about the enchanters. I would really like to know some more on their soloing abilities. I hear the illusionist is more DPS oriented, which I like the idea of a personae, mezzes, and DPS.
    I do not want to play a class that takes forever to solo something... but I don't really know the damage potential of the enchanters in relation to a conjuror.
    I have no interest in raiding, and am only curious on the leveling aspect... so I don't really care too much about max level + max AAs as I am more about the journey.
    ANyway, some advice would be fantastic!!
  2. ARCHIVED-Eugam Guest

    Your best bet is on a summoner.
    Dont know about the Coercer, but the Illu takes time and a lot of patience. There is no heal. Means its all root, nuke and mezz. Mezz is basically your heal, which is slow while in combat. It takes forever to regain 50% HP while in combat. If you have patience, then an enchanter is capable of a lot. The illu maybe a bit more then the coercer, since he has more mezzes.
    Past KoS or maybe RoK the mezzes may not land everywehre. Gave up on the Illu at 74. Summoner seemt to be the best choice.
  3. ARCHIVED-romulis Guest

    after my son was born i was in the same situation, cant be tied down just wannna solo. well i started a necro.. at lower levels you can blow thru dungeons solo. i did it till about 81 then betrayed to conj lots of fun <3

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