Troub Jesters Cap redundant (ToV)

Discussion in 'Scouts' started by scousetroub, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Toran Member

    I think they should go back to making you twist songs. It took skills to play a bard in EQ back then.

    Hey, you'll be down to the 4 buttons you only wanna press.
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  2. Algid Member

    Ever since reforging came out, the only people I have ever j-capped are myself and the scouts that actually do dps. If a tank needs jcap, they need to go reforge.
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  3. Valcar New Member

    J-cap tanks, said the assassin?!? Now you are just being silly ;)
  4. Mermut Well-Known Member

    It is not (currently) possible to reforge into ability reuse speed. That's why J-Cap is so useful for scouts (and on particular fights) tanks.
  5. Jokirr Member

    Spell reuse effects most tank defensive abilities like a Tsunami or Tower of Stone. That is why they don't need the jcap.

    Currently its a scout buff, yes it should be changed up a little to give it purpose for mages (have no idea where to start but I am in agreement it should be useful to both archtypes), and no it should not become a permanent buff, that's just silly when you consider most of the bard's group wide songs still use up concentration slots and to make Jcap a permanent buff would most likely have it use up a slot and that would cause way more problems than it would solve.
  6. Mermut Well-Known Member

    None of those are spells for guardians, for instance.
    Neither are their taunts considered spells.
    J-Cap isn't something I'd suggest giving tanks on a regular basis, but there are fights were snaps are needed on a frequent and regular basis where having the extra reuse can make a big difference.
    Also, tanks have so many stats to stack (melee stats like the scouts, block, strikethrough, mitigation, etc) I wouldn't expect them to waste reforging on spell reuse which affect such a tiny number of their arts.
  7. Algid Member

    Guardians....Every snap except for sneering assault is capped with spell reuse, every taunt is capped, every stoneskin and temp buff is capped...the only things not effected by spell reuse for ANY class are skills listed under combat arts that inflict damage when cast. My Guardian has max Reuse, Max Strike thru, 100% ae, 900+ slashing in defense stance, 81% accuracy, and Max cast speed...It is really easy for a tank to max the stats they need. This is solo b4 procs and group buffs also....
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  8. Valkysas Member

    Yea playing JC every 15 sec for 3hr raids is really annoying i sure hope they do something with the new heroic skills or something to make them perm or i am gonna go insane having to cast them 500+ times a raid . unattune all my gear then and switch classes or flat out stop casting it seeing how reuse will be reforge-able next expansion and 10 cb = nothing
    such a small gain for such a head ach of a skill
  9. Algid Member

    Yea they could just make it a perma single target buff, just like UT. You can keep it on 2 people now perm anyway
  10. Appak New Member

    << JCap on Valcar >> .... oh sorry. Force of habit ...
  11. scousetroub Active Member

    Ok 1 month down the line ...Do Troubs still think that 10 cb and other fluff that is with cap is not redundant ?

    Procs that hit for over 250 k - 1.5 million makes Ruse a joke
    Re-use.... Every one at cap
    Cast speed

    In heroic gear and mix of raid gear my base stats are 100 % RU and near 600 CB

    Now what do we do ? As we never stood are ground and tried to get it fixed before it was left in this state ...this reminds me bit like are myth buff, I have been pissing in to the wind for years trying to get that fixed

    This class defining spell needs to be looked at and so does are myth
  12. Valkysas Member

    /shrug i don't even care about jc now that its gonna be on items with procs i will now only have 1 jc macro on my hotbar instead of 3 and only click it when ever all other skills are down .. 10cb is a joke might as well remove all the aa from jc to for tov line and 2ed heroic
  13. Uyaem Member

    Got to revive this thread, after experiencing the underwhelming "new old JCap".

    Frankly, I find it odd that you'd want to play a bard without the perks and special buttons that need your active attention.
    If we didn't have RO/VC, we'd now be just a scout with passive buffs, and lower numbers (dps). Where's the special flavour in that?

    JCap needs help, or needs to be replaced by another class defining ability. Everything else is not a solution. Don't let this be another "Open Wounds" (Berserker ability) that remains unadressed, yet somehow on your hotbar for years before it becomes helpful again.

    So what are the options?
    - Beef it up seriously. E.g. a heap of CB/Pot through AAs. Make it a percentage of either a base stat value of the bard, or of the target instead of a flat value, so that it scales.
    - Change it. Off the top of my head without giving it serious thought, make it a Time Warp type buff: Put it on a player, they get a message that they've been jcapped. After some time (so it requires some planning ahead), it becomes active for, say, 15s, and all the spells and abilities they cast within those 15s will be reset after the 15s are over. That would make it desirable both for temp buffs, and for damage spells/skills to be cast in that time, and it would not be just another Time Warp (as you get the benefits after it's elapsed, not during it being active).

    I'm sure people can come up with better ideas.
    Right now, it's become a self buff for the Troub, if he is either lazy or undergeared enough to need the extra reuse.
  14. ZUES Well-Known Member

    What makes EverQuest.... EVERQUEST, is class dependency. We intentionally roll alts to fill in the gaps of groups and raids. This is a huge mistake they are making with EverQuest Next. It's the reason why many of us still pay to play this game. Alts, alts, alts! Things like JCap should be relevant and class specific. The dev team is turning all of us into a uniclass and this is the beginning of the end methinks. If a trouby slot is filled with a DPS or Channeler, you've just put another nail in the "coffin of inevitability".
  15. Rhapsodic1 Active Member

    troub will always have slot in the mage group...
  16. Balbasur Active Member

    Channeler can benefit from it quiet a bit.
  17. Uyaem Member

    Ehm - of course Troub is still needed. Bard group > no bard group, always.
    There is also a lot of class dependency in the game, which you can see by the exploding numbers when your group or raid has a certain setup.

    But this is not what this thread is trying to address. It's about a primary spell/skill becoming obsolete.