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    Trick Shot is terrible.
    • First you have to be lucky enough for the enemy in question to actually hit the intended tank. This can be sidetracked by the mob changing targets for the myriad of possible reasons or if your tank is a brawler who's entire job is to be an avoidance tank and not get hit by the mob, making this effect much harder to apply.
    • Second even IF you get past these problems, the effect it applies is roughly a 10 second hate gain buff you can't even maintain, it has to be repeatedly applied, and thus repeatedly getting through the problems listed before.
    • Third "Hate Gain" buff. Hate gain is OFTEN capped by tanks, making this effect useless in such cases.
    So, you get it to actually apply, you stay on top of it so it's on MAYBE half the time, and it can still be a COMPLETE waste outside of the damage the attack itself does.
    I propose the following changes to "Trick Shot":
    • First the effect should apply immediately to your target's target. E.G. I shoot an enemy with trick shot, and the enemies targeted player immediately gets the 'Blamed' buff, if fighter.
    • Second, keep the 10 second temporary nature of the buff, explained next.
    • Third change the hate gain buff to a hate transfer. This would keep in line with the intent of the overall hate effect the original Trick Shot and circumvent any 'hate gain' cap problems.
    The hate transfer would only be up for 10 seconds when trick shot reuse is much higher (21 seconds with 42% reuse), is applied in an atypical manner (through target of target) and would need to be repeatedly applied. This opposed to a 'set it and forget it' typical hate transfer. For these reasons I think it is entirely reasonable the transfer amount be quite high. Possibly even approaching 50% if highest tier (level 87 version) and master quality.
    IF all this is too problematic for whatever reason, I would AT LEAST like to see the way it is applied changed (as laid out before) and the hate 'Blamed' applies be exempt from any statistical caps.
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    I like the idea
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