traumatic swipe necessary?

Discussion in 'Swashbuckler' started by ARCHIVED-Vieray, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Vieray Guest

    Don't really know how to frame my question but because I'm just reaching 90 and don't have all the shiny equipment with dps mod on it I am considering the following aa spec in the rogue tree to try and stack all the damage enhancing stuff I can.;i02s1...@144a@11@388@32
    Basically I've sacraficed Traumatic Swipe and Coule to get the dps enchancement from the sta tree. I am wondering if this is worth it or if I will be expected it have traumatic swipe as it may be helpful for any of the group content I'd like to start running in Velious. I know dps is the main reason to have a swash in the group so I figure the more of that I can do the better.
  2. ARCHIVED-Synj Guest

    For solo and heroic content Traumatic Swipe and Coule really are not necessary for the debuffs.
  3. ARCHIVED-OutcastBlade Guest

    With Traumatic Swipe(5% potency debuff) and our epic buff(10% spell damage debuff on one of our CAs), we can reduce the spell damage of a mob by 15%. Nice for dem hard hitting AEs.
  4. ARCHIVED-RingleToo Guest

    Rather late posting to this, but I don't read the Swashy forums much anymore. Just hasn't been anything going on with the swash class worth writing home about, so to speak. Anyway, I've been thinking about this, and a couple of things occured to me.
    One, the reason most think that the "main reason to have a swash in the group" is dps is because most probably don't really understand/appreciate the debuffs the swashy brings to a fight I've always thought that the real value of the swash is not dps (which can be significant) but the offensive debuffs not to mention some decent defensive debuffs.
    Two, Kanolith's post makes me wish there were a way, like w/dps, to calculate debuffs during a fight. It would be very interesting to see exactly how debuffs affected how much damage a mob did - or rather, how much less damage. I wondered if a generic chart showing percentages for different CA's, like Kanolith calculated, might be nice. But then it ocurred to me the chart probably wouldn't be all that useful - or maybe even feasible - because there are just too many variables that would affect how effective (or not) the debuffs would be.
    Still, it's a nice day dream. Then, instead,of people trying to top the dps chart, everyone would want to be the best at debuffs lol

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