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  1. Escape Goat New Member

    I am having a bit of trouble trying to transition from the solo zones to group content. I keep running the solo instances and I don't seem to find any gear that is any better than what I currently have. I would assume that means that I am at least ready to graduate to the next tier of zones...which is what exactly? Heroic instances?

    1) What are the stats that I need to be viable in a group? And how much?

    2) Where is the vendor where I can spend my solo instance tokens? I found one in Saru but the gear didn't seem to have better stats than what I got from the solo instances which seemed to make the vendor pointless. I didn't see any vendor that sold any fabled gear or even legendary gear that had more than 155 resolve.

    3) I came back and started playing my Defiler who was safe at leveling but had TERRIBLE dps. I would be lucky to get through one instance a night. I got so frustrated that I started a new toon. This time I chose to play an archtype that I normally don't - a mage (wizard). I never would have suspected that the wizard would be the EZ Mode character. He can tank just fine with the Celestial shissar healing him well enough. I died more times on my Defiler from running out of mana from power drains than I have on the wizard. I did not expect this. My wizard can tank and dps while my Defiler spins its wheels. Dealing out death by a thousand cuts to each mob. Is this normal? Defilers were never known for their dps but mine hardly seems viable as a solo character.

    Suggestions and advice on how to improve would be appreciated.
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    You need to infuse ALL of your gear with infusers and plat.
    Do the overland quests. The ones that drop from mobs and the ones that are started by clicking objects in the zones. Those will give you some 165 jewelry.

    The currency you get from running solo and heroic zones (they're the same) doesn't buy any gear of value. You can use them to by temp buffs (power links mostly, for heroic content), but that's it.

    For reasons undisclosed to players, each archtype has a different 'max hit' cap in the BoL solo zones. Priests have the lowest so priests WILL take longer, by design.
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  3. Adept Member

    As someone who has only done solos ...
    Solos quickly become an exercise in tedium with no suitable return on time invested. Not sure why they invested so much effort in coming up with hundreds of different names/appearances for 150/155 resolve gear chest rewards that nobody will equip and is just used as fodder to transmute or salvage

    - Do Diaku solo in Wracklands and will earn up to 170 resolve gear pretty quickly
    - Keep doing your overseers to obtain up to 180 resolve gear (and get recipes for your runes)
    - Do weeklies for your ethereal currency .. should be easy to join in a Big Baddies mini raid each week (unlikely anyone will check on quality of your contribution :)
    - Get all your runes. After doing many, many solos never seen destruction drop, in fact exquisite chests are very rare and they always contain nothing exciting anyway (see above comment about solos tedium)
    - Make sure to get at least a fabled familiar from season 7 (do daily familiar wild quest) and feed it up to max level
    - Stat you need is potency, more potency, and even more potency
    - Infuse infuse infuse
    Following this system my main character has 160k potency

    Mentioning the currency you earn doing solo missions - you can buy empyral reward crates for the currency (and also status) which pretty much only ever gives you infusers, though from memory I have been unlucky enough to be rewarded?!? with 150 resolve gear a few times
  4. Raff Well-Known Member

    Level up your spells to at least expert. Be fully red & white rune keep temp adorns on all the time. Infuse, infuse, infuse.... like Mermut says.

    But what you are probably lacking are the blue fervor runes from the last expac. This is biggest gate to to new and returning players. You can't solo can't get them with a single group. You'll need a mostly full raid for the 55 fervor and a full raid for Soren for 80 fervor.

    Many servers have been running older content pick-up raids to get these items for new and returning players. AB has one on Friday evenings and Wednesday afternoons. Look for pug raids on your server or for people recruiting for way to upgrade gear.

    But more than anything else, if you really want improve...join an active guild that plays during your game times. You can only solo so far. You'll need help to get better beyond the initial solo content.
  5. Tajar Well-Known Member

    The 55 Fervor rune is from the CD heroics, got by running all 12 of them. The 70 one requires all T1 raid mobs in CD.
  6. Disrption Member

    To the OP, everything about infusing is true you read above I agree. The major obstacle being the Fervor runes from last xpac. You simply don't have any choice but to do the older content. You can do groups without them but just know you won't have a chance to perform heal or dps well along side someone with 125 more Fervor than you. I would at least try to get the heroic (55 Fervor) version, or you'll be making your fingers bleed trying to keep up with someone pressing half their buttons with more Fervor.

    Personally I haven't been able to get a group for those runes so am hoping they become soloable next xpac so I can group again. Good luck!
  7. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Run Diaku Corral solo. The gear there will get you a leg up to start heroics.

    Open your quest Journal, click the Achievements tab, and look at the various achievements for Blood of Luclin. Several give very nice rewards that you can get solo.
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  8. Raff Well-Known Member

    If the OP can find a small raid force doing them...the rune of embers gotten from short hand flawless completion of the Fire Raid Zones will add / stack with heroic blue rune as well.
  9. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    If you have solid people, you can two-group the old Chaos descending T1 raids, usually. I would start advertising that you will be running a raid to get {name of rune} on whatever the next Saturday is, and ask people to send you tells if they are interested. Keep a list of their names and their classes. Put out your announcement in General and maybe LFG channels once of twice a day.
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