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Discussion in 'PVP Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Mary the Prophetess, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Mary the Prophetess Guest

    Character transfer tokens are now available on Station Cash for 2,500 ($25).
    Does this apply for transfers from [PvE to PvP] servers as well as transfers from [PvP to PvE] servers?
    Or is it only from [PvE to PvE] servers?
  2. ARCHIVED-Khonann Guest

    Its the same old service just automated with coins now and cheaper... if you couldnt do it before, you cant do it now... etc.
  3. ARCHIVED-Mary the Prophetess Guest

    I'm not sure Kiara ever gave a definitive ruling on transfers when the servers merge. It was only a:
    "(probably) no transfers to or from PvP servers"
    Kiara is there any further info concerning this yet?
  4. ARCHIVED-Khonann Guest

    Mary the Prophetess wrote:
    Kiara wrote:
    There ya have it
  5. ARCHIVED-Mary the Prophetess Guest

    Thank you Sprinng for finding that, I guess that's as definitive as it gets.
  6. ARCHIVED-Borias Guest

    That's what I don't get. They're the coders. Isn't it their job to, ya know, write the code that would make it possible?
  7. ARCHIVED-Khonann Guest

    Borias@Nagafen wrote:
    You would think they would take the time to do just that, seeing as how they can then charge gobs of money to people who want to do it.
    What is even more confusing is the fact that if you zone into an arena on a PVP server you are magically changed into a PVE toon esentially... seems like it would pretty easy to do
  8. ARCHIVED-SumOldMan Guest

    Borias@Nagafen wrote:
    Not quite, their job is to write the code for features the lord high mucky-mucks have decided they want in the software. In general terms the development staff seldom decides what features are implemented and how they are prioritized.
    In this case, however, Kiara has posted on the merge thread that PVE to PVP transfers are still not being allowed.
  9. ARCHIVED-Khonann Guest

    SumOldMan wrote:
    I imagine here the "Cant be done" is being used interchangable with the "It cant be done currently unless we change stuff around and we aint gonna take the time to do it so stop asking" or just the simple "Wont be done"
  10. ARCHIVED-Borias Guest

    SumOldMan wrote:
    So their job isn't to write the code it's to.... write the code?
    You aren't following it. They're not saying that it's not being allowed, that it's not possible. There's a bit of difference. When it comes to coding a game, there's no such thing as not being able to code something. Who would design a game that can't be changed if needed?
    The real kicker, is they would probably make a ton of money off of people wanting to take bored, stacked out PVE toons to pvp with. And those tired on this server but not wanting to roll a new toon from scratch.
    It's good business.
  11. ARCHIVED-Kiara Guest

    It still isn't a transfer that is going to be allowed at this time.
    Sorry guys.
  12. ARCHIVED-kittenkaboodle Guest

    Kiara wrote:
    holla back
  13. ARCHIVED-Mary the Prophetess Guest

    Kiara, I apologize if this comes across as a personal criticism, it is not meant as such. I am trying not to shoot the messinger, but:
    "Can't" and "Won't" are not synonymous.
    Form my personal point of view, this is a game-breaker for me. I hope that those that made the decision will reconsider.
  14. ARCHIVED-Demon575 Guest


    i know those bannanas.
  15. ARCHIVED-Wilde_Night Guest

    It think is possible... it is just extremely complex for them. I can /testcopy any of my PvP characters to Test Copy server as a PvE character to test out content they are pushing out at any time. But... there are more things that are linked to our characters (especially if you have any pvp rewards anywhere on the account) that they'd have to take into consideration and probably remove.
  16. ARCHIVED-Ahlana Guest

    I am guessing it is a database issue. The PVP servers have more fields for their players for PVP specific stuff. While this will not go gently into a PVE Database (the can't), the vice-versa is not true. The PVE has all the fields needed to goto PVP when they are transfered in they would simply add the additional fields/tables in the import. This is the "won't" for whatever reasons that they have.
    This is a guess but having worked with other game databases that are split similiarly these are the main problems that arise. Moving a database with more fields/tables to one with less is more than just a headache. But the reverse is not true. So if EQ2 is setup like most games then PVP>PVE = PITA and not possible without lots of work, however PVE>PVP = simple task of importing over with empty fields on the PVP side /shrug
  17. ARCHIVED-Khonann Guest

    Mary the Prophetess wrote:
    She said not allowed... of course its possible, if they make it possible, but their team im sure has done cost / benefit analysis of making it possible... if costs outweigh benefits = not gonna happen... so we can assume that they have calculated based on statistics they have crunched, that the costs will outweigh the rewards, so therefore they wont do it.
    Seeing as how they made leveling to 80 about as easy as a walk in the park, just reroll on whatever server you desire and start it over....
  18. ARCHIVED-Kendayar Guest

    Sprinng@Nagafen wrote:
    I would like to know what language actually stores its code inside database fields. Think of how fun that would be to see in runtime.
  19. ARCHIVED-Chaly Guest

    Sprinng@Nagafen wrote:
    I would like to add to Sprinng's suggestion regarding rerolling. Since there is no option A (transfer), and option B is unappealing (staying on Venekor and transferring to Naggy), then option C is cancelling, with option D being a reroll on another server. As stated above, 80 is easy to reach. The hard part is getting established on a new server, although plat isn't as hard to come by as it used to be in lower tiers. Trade your plat once the merge goes through. You should be able to get at least 10% more on a PvE server from somebody PvP-curious. Or maybe someone who plays both PvP and PvE. I don't believe that's against the rules, is it?
  20. ARCHIVED-Neskonlith Guest

    Sprinng@Nagafen wrote:
    I'd imagine that re-rolling is a lemon-sucking solution for characters that rolled at server start - PvP was a whole different and fun game back then. Seems to me that it sure would suck to lose a deeply developed character that was years in maturing and losing all of the coveted no-trade, one-per-account rewards, some of which apparently cost hundreds of dollars on third-party re-seller sites.

    For recent PvP characters who were freshly raised to 80, deletion and re-rolling is comparatively a non-issue... ideally, the best solution would be for the PvP experience being improved from Big Lame status over to a fun system, thus effectively eliminating any desires to escape to a blue server.

    Sure hope not too many ppl get boned over in this deal.

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