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Discussion in 'PVP Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-EQ2Player, Jul 23, 2010.

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    This topic continues to come up in threads that discuss other topics. Many of us on Nagafen want off. Whether we've grown tired of the PVP scene, or we just prefer PVE, we should be allowed to tranfer off and retain the investments we've placed in our characters
    The reason fed us in the past for disallowing such a move was Gear differences between PVE and PVP. Now all servers have BGs and PVP gear. So let us go... Earn some bucks on the Marketplace, and LET US GO...
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    I'm pretty sure I recall a game mechanics issue with transfering off pvp and onto pve as well... not just a gear thing.
    Obviously if they can implement race changes i'm sure this could be overcome as well.
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    uhhmmm heard this elsewhere...
    "Afterward Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and said, "Thus says The Lord, the God of Israel, 'Let My people go, that they may hold a Feast to Me in the wilderness."

    ...but where?

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    TheSpin wrote:
    "Game mechanics" excuse is sorta BS. Everyone knows of toons that have either transfered on or off Naggy. IE the Ripe / Qwasix situation, Or the few who managed to use transfer tokens inside BGs to get off. Obviously SoE has better things to worry about like new furniture & backpacks.
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    EQ2Player wrote:
    Technically not true. Please refer to "PVP raid armor" thread in BG area. PVP set armor isn't available to PvE servers, even through BGs or raiding.
    According to Ralphmet, and I use his quote from that forum, "Do what the rest of the people have done and start over." I personally think thats a load of crap and you should be able to transfer off the server... I would have no problem people wanting off Naggy.. +1 for my vote.
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    I personally really don't understand the "mechanics" argument either and would fully support anyone wanting to transfer off the PvP server to somewhere else. It isn't like your character would have any advantage (that I can think of) on the new server compared with just leveling there. You might have to leave behind the PvP armor that is simply not available on PvE servers but that seems a small sacrifice.
    On the other hand, if you really want to get off the server badly, just start over. It really doesn't take long to level up unless you almost intentionally do things to draw it out. If you got even one or two friends to start over with you the levels would just fly by. I do know it is hard to think about starting from scratch again and giving up support but you would have to do the exact same thing if you went to a new game. At least staying with EQ2 you would know the ropes and be more efficient about it. Might even be interesting to see how fast you can get reestablished.
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    Skywarrior wrote:
    Well for one the Databases are different in their setup. As we would have more tables and fields to account for PVP specific things like PVP Kills.. PVP Deaths... ect..
    So either a script to trim the excess or a script to add the fields to PVE databases and just ignore them would be required when moving characters over. But if people did manage to transfer from BGs to PVE then I would assume the tables are set to auto trim the useless data. /shrug Since we don't work on or see the back end of things one would never know. I suggest just starting over... EQ1 has been going how long? And still no transfers from PVP to PVE
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    I will add my voice to the others asking SOE to open up PvP to PvE transfers.
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    I know I and my guild would transfer off of naggy. PvP is no longer the thrill it once was. It is nothing more then a gear grind. At one time it was the fluff if you will to the games pve. The only thing keeping me logging in are the people I have been friends with for years now. To some degree I would have no problem starting over provided I got all my one time clames back for my account. There is also someting about playing my main. I have lots of memories with that toon. From raids and other progressions I have done. Some not even in the game anymore. Simply put there are to many memories and good times to just be forgotten/shelved. Simply because SOE won't let me transfer. Darksavanna deathknight of freeport shadowknight of Voices Within
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    +1 for transfers off. Please ! PLEASE ?
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    Ahlana wrote:
    i don't buy it. they can import blue toons to a pvp server (bg) and back. i can't see any reason it wouldn't work for nagafen to blue.
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    Tenka@Nagafen wrote:
    BGs aren't the same as a PVP server. Also, as everyone saw with all the exploitability when BGs came out, the you on your home server and the you in BG is not necessarily the same character, but rather seems to be done transactionally (what changed in BG and needs to be updated on the home server, rather than copy --> BG, copy --> home).
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    Complete server upgrade for nagafen and possibly pvp<>PVE server transfers like woah.
    If they also allow Live gamer transfers from/to a LG server to a standard server it would be pretty cool. While technically allowing all servers to be live gamer it could breathe new life to the game and honestly who cares if someone purchased a toon on a livegamer server and trasnfered it to a regular server. SOE should also make a few dollars from this change as well which is also cool.
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    All hail the red name /bow
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    Hahahaha oh that is just great! All those <expletive> players who have been screaming for casual players to ditch their toons and roll on a bluebie server so they can have Nagafen to their holy arses and l33t pvp are going to be biteing their tongues once the server population drops by half. Oh wells, I have been shouting it for awhile now, don't alienate the casual player or you will really be frustrated with trying to find kills open world.
    Maybe I am wrong though.
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    Joemommaa@Venekor wrote:
    I actually dont think it will matter much. I expect the oppposite to happen moreso. Bluebie raiders who are getting bored with the game moving thier mains to nagafen.
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    Darksavanna@Venekor wrote:
    You really hit the nail on the head with that statement. I'd never thought I'd say this but I'm looking forward to any news relating to transferring off naggy.

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