Transcript: Kander's Candor Episode 1 - Absolute Kander

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    One of my worst habits.
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    Mostly it comes down to time, I am doing 99% of this myself and doing it from home without access to all the tools I have even with remote desktop. My goal or hope I suppose is the longer we do this the more honed in it becomes. Also and this is purely a thing I have learned from producing and running other podcasts in the past, keep in mind this is mostly anecdotal, occasionally those synopses start to become the main source of information for certain people and that is counterproductive as the goal is to have people listen to the podcast since it goes into much more depth. That's also why things like the transcript are helpful.
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    I am in no way affiliated or paid by DBG to do what I do with the transcripts. While I could do the things suggested like create a bullet list or condense the main stuff down to a few sentences, I choose to listen and write the entire thing for a couple of reasons. One, I created these simply because someone mentioned that there were a few people who simply could not hear the podcasts. These people appreciate conversation, in it's entirety, and lends a bit of insight into our devs' personalities to read a conversation in it's whole. These folks are accustomed to reading things, and too often I feel are slighted by not getting the whole thing. And two, providing a complete transcript, as verbatim as possible (for I am human, and as infallible as any when it comes to a word or two I may not hear clearly, and use a "best guess", which I always mark with unintelligible), disallows the idea that I may have missed an important point somewhere, and gives the community a chance to read everything and draw their own conclusions. I do my best to avoid my own personal bias when directly writing anything by writing it as completely as possible. I simply love the game, and wish everything to be the best for it, and for everyone involved. <3
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    Thanks Mercychalice for transcribing for our HI & deaf players! I'm one of those players who cant hear :)

    /Paw salute
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    You're very welcome! I'm glad they're helpful! :cool:
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